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Found 2 results

  1. This rare matchmaking (MM) event is possible by the new CV rework going on with World of Warships. In this example, the MM is putting 6 carriers together for this battle. This is a random battle in playing the tier 4 Iwaki Alpha cruiser on the Archipelago map. I was going to make sure no one was going to flank us in the East. I tried a few tactics, however I was not always successful as you can see in the video. In the end an enemy dive bomber group took me out. I lost track due to the carrier kill blood lust going on at the time. However despite my sinking, the team came away with a win. I wonder if the CV players have a replay too? This must have been crazy on their side of the battle.
  2. I am in search of other iwaki alphas to play in a division with, I haven't ran into another iwaki in several months and think it would be fun to do a division with some other iwakis.