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Found 1 result

  1. Because this is a free-to-play game. What does that have to do with frustrating players you may be wondering? A majority of free-to-play games are designed around level progression. A player levels up until the grind becomes too hard to get the next freebie, so they go to the premium store and purchase a booster pack or points to level up faster. This game doesn't use levels in the traditional sense and although there are a few booster packs in the premium shop, most revenue is created by selling premium ships. Here's how it works: player gets gradually placed on potato teams over time to the point that they then purchase a premium ship hoping to get an advantage in battle. When a player complains about MM placing them on a low-skilled team, it's working as intended. This is also what creates the cyclic win/loss streaks we all have to suffer through. The game intentionally lacking a tutorial adds to the frustration level of newer players. There is no logical reason for this game to not have a tutorial at this point other than to cause frustration. The tiering system causes frustration when a new player leaves the protected lower tiers at tier 5 and is now facing tier 7 ships. All of these major game issues are frustrating by design. MM IS the revenue model. We need to accept that and move on. There will never be a skill-based MM, period. Any drastic changes to MM would require a complete rework of the game. Yes, players will still complain on here about MM and always will. That's the design of MM, to make and keep you frustrated. So let's end the silly straw man arguments and either learn to live with MM or don't. WG needs to make an official statement on why MM is fine in their eyes and end the MM debate once and for all.