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Found 18 results

  1. Add More ships, More History

    Truly there are many ships that where clad in real metal that could be added to this game that in history all have or should have been added by now in my thinking. 1st we have the ship of mystery and yet battle proven and could be used to fill the US and Greece line if Greece was ever added. The U.S. Navy destroyer escort USS Eldridge (DE-173) of the Philadelphia experiment latter sold to Hellenic Navy (Greece) and became the LEON D-54 (1951–1992) 2nd The USS Franklin (CV/CVA/CVS-13, AVT-8), nicknamed "Big Ben," in all of WWII there is no greater Essex-class aircraft carriers in historical standing. Why this one has not been added is almost disgraceful. 3rd is add the aircraft carriers in to the Italian. now the Italian did have them but there are some key aircraft carriers /ships that could Bering some unique fun to the game. 3a Italian aircraft carriers: Regia Marina Ship Aquila. Worl a good look based on its build plans and history before it was scraped. - Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italian_aircraft_carrier_Aquila 3b Italian seaplane carrier: Giuseppe Miraglia, Now truly this could be a very fun ship to see in the game if done right. - Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italian_seaplane_carrier_Giuseppe_Miraglia 4th French, not clear why there is no integration of a French aircraft carrier perhaps based on the very real " Béarn" Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_aircraft_carrier_Béarn In ending it would be nice to see the lines that could be fill out with some aircraft carrier.
  2. Italian Tier X Cruiser

    So I know there are two options for the Tier X Italian cruiser -the Spanish cruiser MK2 A standard tier X cruiser with 4x3 203mm guns -the other is a unique Cruiser with 4x2 11in guns so I would like to know what are the Pros and Cons of each design i'm sure @Phoenix_jz could fill me in
  3. GC OP - nah, no way

    If I can manage this imagine what the really good players can do with this ship. I read somewhere, once, folks were calling her OP... overpowered... well... in the right circumstances I suppose you could call her that... but she's just about the perfect BB currently in the game, imho... she's great fun to play. So if you are wanting a premium BB for fun now and future assists in grinding later... the GC is one heckuva ship, highly recommended.
  4. Roma - the new GC?

    So after Roma has been out for a few days, a quick survey of her stats (on both sites) shows her at a whopping 55% WR, handily beating out the previous holder of the T8 WR trophy (Alabama), dealing the highest damage in-tier at 69K (10K more damage than Monarch, with her HE spam!), and scoring the highest MBH rate in-tier at a huge 32% (even when adjusted for all-time). She also has the highest K/D ratio of all time, and is tied for highest survivability with Amagi. And this is with the ship only being a few days old - imagine what her stats will be a month from now, once her players know her better. Given these rather amazing results, especially the damage and MBH stats (which suggest that complaints of her wonky gunnery and overpens are more psychological than real), it really looks to me that Roma might be the Giulio of her tier - an amalgamation of seemingly lackluster components that create a monster when viewed as a whole. My guess is that the key for both ships is their combination of maneuverability and stealth. GC can out-run and out-fight anything in her tier, and can hide easily from bigger threats. Meanwhile, Roma not only has the ability to hide, but also to choose targets of opportunity pretty much at will with her traverse - a player doesn't have to choose between keeping a proper angle on the BB off their bow and hitting the exposed broadside of a CA that just appeared 90 degrees off to the side. Roma can swing her guns around and fire at a target of opportunity without touching the rudder, something even US BBs struggle to do. Incidentally, the pastabotes' performance is giving me more reason to think that concealment (and the inflation thereof, such as in the PA DDs) is becoming the new dominant mechanic for the meta - stealth builds (and ships with higher stealth) crush all. Granted, there is historical basis for the notion that first spotted = first dead, but I'm concerned that a single criterion seems to be emerging as the key to victory, to the detriment of other qualities.
  5. Hello guys! In the spirit of pastabotes, I have an artifact that is quite interesting: a bronze plaque for (supposedly) a WW2 Italian battleship. It's definitely a nice-looking piece...and its a decent-sized item (27 x 20 cm). Two questions: -Are there any references to Regia Marina officers receiving a bronze plaque as a commemorative item or memento of their time in the navy? I wonder if this item could be related to ship-launching because this is quite a nice item - nice enough that faking it could be more work than its worth. I have tried to find out more about these sorts of items, but the Internet is quite scant on Regia Marina militaria. -The owner has mentioned that he doesn't know which ship this is from. I'm asking the forum for a bit of help, but I kinda think this ship looks like an Andrea Doria-class battleship post-reconstruction. I'm going by the fact that it has that Littorio-like tower, which kicks it out of WW1. Thanks to all who can help me with this!
  6. The ship's elegant, fast, and did I mention elegant? But something just feels so horrifically odd. The spotter plane's CD is bloody almost 4 min, so superintendent is a complete waste on the ship. The base range of the ship is ok because speed is her shield. But the guns are just ... Feels like playing Akizuki without IFHE. This cruiser needs at least a 14 point captain, and probably 16 points to make it truly on par with other things. The torpedoes are great, not because of the range, but due to the firing angle; 16000 base torp damage also packs a mighty punch.
  7. http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1100000011000010000000100010000119 Skill's Selected Priority Target1 Point After this skill is mastered, the Situation Awareness (DETECTED) indicator will show the number of your opponents in the enemy team that are currently aiming at your ship with main battery guns. Preventive Maintenance1 Point Reduces the risk of ship modules becoming incapacitated -30% to the risk of incapacitation of modules High Alert2 Points Reduces reload time of Damage Control Party -10% to reload time of the Damage Control Party consumable Jack of All Trades2 Points Reduces reload time of consumables -5% to reload time of all mounted consumables Adrenaline Rush2 Points Increases reload speed of all armament as the ship HP is reduced 0.2% to reload time of all types of armament for each 1% of lost HP Demolition Expert3 Points Increase the chance to set the enemy ship on fire +2% to chance of fire on target caused by a main caliber shell, a secondary battery shell, or a bomb Inertia Fuse for HE Shells4 Points Increases the armor penetration capacity of HE shell fired from both main and secondary battery guns at the expense of decreasing the chance of setting the enemy ship on fire +30% to the armor penetration capacity of HE shell -3% to chance of fire on target caused by HE shell Concealment Expert4 Points Reduces ship detectabilty range -10% to detectability of destroyers -12% to detectability of cruisers -14% to detectability of battleships -16% to detectability of aircraft carriers Got the cruiser from santa crates played one game in it and really like the ship's handling. The guns do feel really meh. What do you guys think of the captain skills above for the Duca? The most upvoted build on shipscomrade has no camo skill and it seems to be a oversight because the cruiser's camo value is pretty insane.
  8. With all of the talk of the Roma and my assumption that it will be released Soon™, I would like to highlight another Italian Admiral who had seen the Roma in it's last moments. Carlo Bergamini was born on October 24, 1888. 20 years later he would be given the rank Guardiamarina and serve aboard the Vittor Pisani, an armoured cruiser during the Italian-Turkish war. During WW1, he would receive a silver medal for valor for his actions during the bombardment of Durres, Albania, whilst serving as the Chief of Artillery on the Pisa. It is of high interest to note that Bergamini was quite the mathematician. Because of his mathematical abilities and his specialization in artillery, he, together with the firm Galileo of Florence, would create a new anti ship-anti aircraft firing system, which was quite fast and accurate. During his career, he would command on two famous ships, the Vittorio Venete and the Caio Duilio. He would then command the whole Italian Battle Fleet in 1943 and fly his colors on the Littorio, Vittorio Veneto, and finally, the Roma. He was the last commander of the Roma. He learned of the Armistice as he was preparing to combat Allied forces landing in Salerno. He would turn and head towards Tunisia after learning that La Maddalena was in control of the Germans. On September 9, 1943, his fleet was attacked by German bombers armed with a weapon that the Italians had not yet discovered, the Fritz X guided bomb. The Roma would be hit by two bombs, the latter sinking the Roma and killing Bergamini and 1,350 other men. Bergamini would be given the rank of Ammiraglio d'Armata, or Full Admiral posthumously. In 1960 the Frigate Carlo Bergamini was created in his honor, as well as in 2013, FREMM (Fregata Multi Missione) Bergamini class frigates was named in his honor. The following are the Awards and Medals he received in life and death: Ordine di Savoia Silver Medal (WW I) Silver Medal (WW II) Croce di Guerra (3 of them) Iron Cross of II Class (German) Gold Medal (posthumously with proportion to the rank of Admiral of Army) You can read more about him in the following link: http://www.regiamarina.net/detail_text_with_list.asp?nid=123&lid=1 Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlo_Bergamini_(admiral) http://www.regiamarina.net/detail_text_with_list.asp?nid=123&lid=1 Picture Sources: https://www.pinterest.com/lucafregoni/regia-marina/ https://thaimilitaryandasianregion.wordpress.com/2015/11/19/fremm-multipurpose-frigate-french-specific/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlo_Bergamini_(admiral)
  9. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    The following is a review of Roma, a ship kindly provided to me by Wargaming. As far as I am aware, this is the release version of the vessel and these stats are current as of January 12th, 2018. However, things may change before release. GARBAGE - The boat is unbalanced, not fun to play and weak. The ship desperately needs some buffs or some quality of life changes. Mehbote - An average ship. Has strengths and weaknesses. Doesn't need buffs to be viable however she's not going to be considered optimal. Gudbote - A powerful ship, often one of the best ships at a given role within its tier. Usually considered optimal for a given task. OVERPOWERED - The boat is unbalanced and powerful. Typically she's either horrible to play against or she redefines the meta entirely. Quick Summary: A fast, sneaky battleship with excellent gun handling on its nine 381mm rifles. Cost: Undisclosed at the time of publishing. Patch & Date Written: Patch to January 1st through 12th, 2018. PROs Has an extended belt which reaches halfway up the prow. Excellent gun handling with fast turret traverse. Phenomenal muzzle velocity and energy retention, giving her fast shell flight times over distance. Great AP penetration power over range. Good concealment with a 14.9km surface detection range which can be reduced down to 11.2km. CONs Citadel sits well above the waterline. Short ranged for a tier VIII battleship at 18.1km. Her guns misbehave, with poor dispersion values, overmatch problems and overpenetration after overpenetration. Awful HE performance with low alpha strike, poor fire chance and mediocre module damage. Anti-aircraft firepower is short ranged with only modest DPS. Large turning radius, mediocre ship rotation rate. Overview Skill Floor: Simple / Casual / Challenging / Difficult Skill Ceiling: Low / Moderate / High / Extreme The ease of her game play is facilitated by her excellent gun handling and good concealment values which will make her more forgiving to novice players. However, her raised citadel and gun accuracy will cause them problems. The combination of high concealment, speed and firepower will be of interest to Veterans and the power of these traits must not be overlooked. Roma's citadel and her smaller-caliber AP shells will hold her back from being a true monster, though. Roma is not a complicated battleship to play. She has no gimmicks to espouse. The summation of her various traits is as follows, with a more thorough breakdown found below in the larger sections. GARBAGE - One of, if not the worst at its tier. This is a pronounced weakness. MEH - Middle of the pack at its tier. Not terrible, but not terribly good either.GUD - Has a significant advantage over her tier mates. A solid, competitive performer.BEST - No other ship at its tier does this as well as this ship. Roma is no up-scaled Giulio Cesare. Her guns are average and she has mediocre durability and agility. She has no gimmicks to speak of. The only thing she does well is hide and her AA power is hot garbage With all of these disparate traits, she probably doesn't look very appealing. So how the heck did I reach a "Gudbote" conclusion? Well, let's look into that... Options Like the Japanese premium battleships Kii and Ashitaka, Roma is receiving a special camouflage designed by Makoto Kobayashi. This is not just a skin, but a full on geometry change for the ship, including the infamous "beer can" where her rangefinders would be. It will likely be available through the larger bundle packages when you buy the ship through the online store. Consumables: Roma's Damage Control Party is standard for a non-American / Japanese battleship with a 15s active period and a 120s / 80s reset timer depending on which version you purchase. Her Repair Party is also standard, healing back 14% of her maximum health over 28s. Finally, her Spotter Aircraft is normal. You can swap this out for a Float Plane Fighter which provides 57 DPS and boasts 1,590hp. She has higher DPS than Japanese or American float plane fighters and more hit points than Japanese, American or British fighters. Premium Camouflage: There are two available: The default, Standard Type 10 camouflage provides 50% bonus experience gains, a 10% reduction to maintenance costs, 3% reduction in surface detection and 4% reduction in enemy accuracy. The Makoto Kobayashi - Roma camouflage provides 100% bonus experience gains, -50% to the post-battle service costs, +20% bonus credit earning, 3% reduction in surface detection and 4% reduction in enemy accuracy. When I first saw this alternative camouflage scheme, I thought it looked ridiculous. However it has really grown on me. The amount of small detail is spectacular. Plus, it looks like Roma is wearing a hat. I like it when not-people things wear hats. Ergo, I like this camo. Module Upgrades: Five slots, standard battleship options. In your first slot, take Main Armaments Modification 1. Next, take Damage Control Modification 1. In your third slot, Aiming Systems Modification 1 is optimal. It's not worth trying to upgrade her AA Guns or Secondaries. Damage Control Modification 2 is optimal for her fourth slot. You may be tempted to take Steering Gears Modification 2 but this will not significantly improve her agility . Finally, take Concealment Modification 1 in your final slot. This will reduce her surface detection down to 13.04km with camouflage before Commander Skills or 11.22km with camouflage and Concealment Expert Firepower Primary Battery: Nine 381mm rifles in three turrets in an A-B-Y superfiring configuration. Secondary Battery: Twelve 152mm rifles in four turrets, Twelve dual-purpose 90mm rifles in single turrets. Roma's main battery guns will deceive you. You're going to imagine them as being far more effective than they truly are. The deceptive veil she'll cast over your eyes has three layers; namely gun handling, shell flight time and penetration. They will cloud your vision and make you less aware of two flaws -- one minor but one pronounced -- the latter of which has the potential to greatly sour your enjoyment of this ship, no matter how comfortable her earlier lies may have felt. Beautiful Lie #1: Gun Handling The first beauty-mark you'll note is Roma's turret traverse rate and she may win you over with just this aspect. Her gun handling is simply gorgeous with her turrets rotating at 6º per second (a mere 30 seconds for 180º). This is 50% faster than the 4º per second rotation of ships like Kii, North Carolina and Monarch and a whole degree per second faster than Bismarck and Tirpitz. Thanks to this, laying her guns on target is a breeze and there's no chance of her aim slipping off target even while under heavy manoeuvres. In brawls, Roma can easily track enemies even on close approaches. Her forward fire angles are similarly wonderful. They almost hit the highly sought after (but so seldom realized) 30º-off-the-bow benchmark which defines truly excellent fire arcs. Her X-turret can engage enemies 31º off her forward centerline, allowing Roma to take very aggressive bow-on attack angles and necessitating only the slightest touches of a rudder to unload all nine guns. In short, Roma's gun handling is fun. You will never feel like you're fighting with this ship to bring your weapons to bear. Beautiful Lie #2: Shell Flight Time Roma has one of the fastest muzzle velocities of any tier VIII battleship, making gunnery a delight. What's more, her shells preserve this energy beautifully over distance which in turn leads to lower shell flight times. She can put a shell out to 10km in less than five seconds and one out to 15km in less then eight. This is something which Bismarck, Amagi, Monarch and North Carolina cannot boast. In the time it takes North Carolina to throw a shell out to 17km, Roma can bullseye a target at 20km. Her short lead times greatly cuts into the reaction time enemy ships have to evade your shells, even at range. Beautiful Lie #3: Penetration The high velocity of Roma's shells translates to great kinetic energy. It's the preservation of said energy over distance which makes Roma's penetration values so frightening. She doesn't have the same raw penetration power at point blank ranges of the Japanese 410mm shells. However, at ranges greater than 10km, Roma takes primacy, outstripping every other battleship with her energy retention. She has comparable and better penetration at 20km than Bismarck and Monarch (respectively) have at 15km. Roma is thus a threat at all ranges, capable of stacking damage even against thick hided battleships within reach of her weapons. These three traits will deceive you into thinking she's well set up to land damaging hits against enemy vessels. Her guns can snap onto a target quickly. Her muzzle velocity makes leading said targets easy, allowing you to catch targets before they're able to dodge or angle. Her penetration power all but guarantees that any hits you land will be damaging ones. That's all well and fine in theory, but in practice, problems arise. Roma boasts good fire arcs forward thanks to the excellent sweep of her X-turret. Her rearward arcs are terrible, forcing you to expose far too much of your broadside. Anytime you fire to your rear, you risk taking catastrophic damage. Harsh Truths No one can take away the awesomeness that is Roma's turret traverse rate and shell flight time. Let me be clear: few battleships have as smooth and comfortable a rotation and short lead times of their main battery as this Italian beauty. However, not everything about her guns lends to good performance. Roma's fire angles are the first let down. It's true, her forward fire angles are wonderful. However, rearward, it's a completely different story. Firing from A or B turret while on the retreat will get you sunk in a hurry. This isn't a problem unique to Roma, but few battleships can be punished as readily as Roma when they over angle due to her high water citadel (more on that later). I've found it preferable to use (and abuse) Roma's concealment if forced to retreat. At close range, her high muzzle velocity can also be a detriment. With the standard 0.033s fuse timer, Roma's shells risk blowing clean through more lightly armoured cruisers, especially at short ranges. To test this, I used a Reference-Omaha™ and found that Roma must be at least 13.3km out in order to land citadel hits on a target showing her flat broadside, provided the shells didn't strike water first. North Carolina can manage the same at 5.0km, owing to her lower muzzle velocity and steeper angle of her shell fall. This is a problem that extends beyond Reference-Omaha™ and it can be infuriating to catch a cruiser broadside with perfectly aimed (and dispersing) AP shells only to watch them all over penetrate a Chapayev or Edinburgh. Being unable to overmatch the bows of select cruisers just exacerbates matters. This leads me to stare down the problems Roma has with AP penetration with her 381mm rifles. She cannot overmatch the 27mm extremities found on many heavy cruisers at tier VIII+. It's surprising how much of an issue this causes. A properly angled American or Japanese heavy cruiser can simply bounce her AP shells for days with the appropriate stance. When combined with the fuse problems mentioned above, Roma must juggle different optimal fire ranges when engaging different targets. To penetrate small, lightly armoured vessels like Nurnberg-class, French or Royal Navy light cruisers you need distance. You may have to wait until the target angles slightly before sending your shells off. For tier VIII+ heavy cruisers, you need to catch them broadside or risk seeing your volleys bounce ineffectively. Roma's dispersion with Aiming Systems Modification 1 installed. 180 shells fired, salvo by salvo at 15km, locked onto a stationary Fuso. One of Roma's more pronounced gunnery weaknesses is her poor dispersion. This isn't so much a trait of her 1.8 sigma, but more of her long vertical dispersion axis which you can see here causing tremendous levels of overshooting and undershooting the target by a whole ship length to either side. This is approximately 50% larger than comparable area of battleship Alabama and Massachusetts which cannot mount any dispersion modification. The Big Fail: Dispersion and HE. Roma's most telling flaw with her guns is her dispersion. The Italian battleships of the Regia Marina use German dispersion patterns. In this regard, Roma's gunnery is most akin to Bismarck with one extra gun barrel and 4 seconds longer on her reload. The high velocity of her guns causes many shots to land long or short. Couple this with the wider base horizontal dispersion than any other battleship group in the game, and Roma's German dispersion leads to a lot of wonky shell groupings. It's not like Roma can simply reach for HE and solve her penetration issues either. Roma's HE shells deal a low amount of damage at 5,100 maximum per shell. That's 1,683 per penetrating hit and 852 damage per saturated penetrating hit. These values do not compare well to the 1,200 damage done by one of Roma's over penetrating AP shells. Her fire chance is abysmal at a mere 24%. She doesn't even have an especially large module-damage radius. For all this lackluster performance, she doesn't even get to enjoy the German bonus HE penetration. You largely want to avoid having to resort to these shells unless circumstance deem it necessary. Relying on Roma's HE shells too often will see her damage potential plummet. In summary Roma's gunnery is inconsistent -- more so than many other battleships. While it is easy to bring her guns on target with her fast traverse and anticipate their manoeuvres with her high muzzle velocity, Roma is unreliable at landing solid, damaging hits. This is very frustrating for a ship where the gunnery otherwise feels very comfortable. Her dispersion forces you suffer the whims of RNG. Even when you line up the perfect shot, over penetrations and ricochets will abound and her HE shells are downright anemic. Roma has two secondary gun types and neither is effective. They lack range, with a 5.0km base reach. In addition, one mount does not fire fast enough and the other is too small in caliber. The most dramatic of the pair are her 152mm rifles, mounted in triple gun turrets, two per side flanking B and X turret respectively. They are incredibly slow firing with a horrendous 12.0 second reload and they use AP ammunition. The best thing that could be said about this particular mount is that the muzzle blast is enormous and your opponents may mistake it for you firing your main battery guns in a brawl and expose their sides, thinking themselves safe to fire back. Roma's 90mm guns fire much more quickly with a 4.0s reload. Though they fire HE, their fire chance isn't particularly good. What's more, their small gun caliber makes them ineffective at dealing direct damage enemy ships. Even most destroyers in her matchmaking spread can boast enough armour to foil the penetration value of her HE shells. Short of peppering superstructures, these guns aren't going to do much in the way of direct damage themselves. Taking Inertial Fuse for HE Shells will increase her penetration enough to allow her to directly damage destroyers and some light cruisers with these guns, but that's a heavy investment for questionable gains. In general, it is not worth sinking upgrades, consumables or skills into Roma's secondaries. Conclusions It's hard to call any of Roma's weapon systems "good". Roma's 381mm guns do not enjoy the rate of fire bonus found on Monarch, Tirpitz and Bismarck. Maybe if she had that phenomenal rate of fire or some accuracy tweak, I could shower them with praise with good conscience. However, with a piss-poor HE shell and forgettable secondaries, Roma is reliant upon her main battery AP shells to carry the day. Fortunately, they're sufficient to the task. And maybe that's the best way to define Roma's AP gunnery: It's comfortable and it's sufficient. She won't win any prizes but she'll hold her own. Summary: Roma's gunnery feels so comfortable. Her gunnery performance is spotty. They seem to do really well against battleships (up until they angle) but against cruisers, it's a lot more inconsistent depending on angle, ship type and range. Her secondaries aren't worth specializing into. Evaluation: MEH What it would have needed to be GUD: Roma's dispersion can be very unkind. A buff to her sigma value would alleviate this. An alternative solution would be shaving a second or two off her reload time. With so many misunderstandings about the reload time of the Littorio-class, I suppose we should be glad that Wargaming kept it to a mere 30 seconds. Manoeuvrability Top Speed: 30.0 knotsTurning Radius: 810mRudder Shift: 15.6s Maximum Turn Rate: 4.2º/s Tier 8 Battleship speed, turning radius and rate of turn. Roma doesn't excel in any one area nor does she have any glaring weaknesses. Roma is on the good-side of average for manoevrability for a tier VIII battleship. Her top speed is okay but there are faster ships. Her rate of turn is alright, but she's not exactly agile like the South Dakota-class sisters. Her turning circle isn't terrible, though its certainly not great. Overall, her handling is best compared to Bismarck -- a ship that isn't lacking overall in comparable agility but not a ship anyone would dare say has "good" manoeuvrability. The reason Roma feels so agile is probably due to her gun traverse. At 6º per second, it's rare that you ever need to use your rudder to accelerate bringing your guns to bear onto a new target. It's impossible for this ship to out turn her turrets, so there's little strain on her handling to keep her weapons singing. The best trait about her here is her top speed. 30 knots, while unremarkable at high tiers, is the benchmark I want to see. Anything less is an obvious flaw. Roma has the flexibility to go where she's needed and she's fast enough to make pursuit and escape possible when required. This also allows her to make better use of her concealment to better position herself. Most important of all, Roma's manoeuvrability is sufficient to protect her vulnerable citadel while still maintaining a steady rate of fire with all nine of her guns. Evaluation: MEH What it would have needed to be GUD: Roma already sits on the cusp of being 'GUD', she would just need a little help. An extra knot of speed, getting her turning radius below 800m or increasing her rotation rate by another two tenths of a degree per second would each tip her over the edge to something quite remarkable. Fortunately, you can pull this off yourself with the use of a Sierra Mike signal. Rate of Turn There are several factors which affect how quickly a ship comes about. The most significant are the ship's forward momentum and the size of her turning radius. As a ship slows down, their turning radius changes, but not always for the better. To make things more complicated, different ships also preserve speed better in a turn. When it comes to changing your heading, maintain speed whenever possible. If you want a tighter turning circle, slow down to 3/4 engine power -- but be aware that your ship will not manoeuvre as quickly. Steering Gears Modification 2 reduces Roma's rudder shift time from 15.6s down to 12.5s. However, this does not appreciably affect her turning values. This upgrade can be seen as more of a placebo than a practical bonus. When attempting to measure the gains made, some of the results fell within the margin of error of my own reaction time -- meaning that a good night's sleep or a cup of tea had more effect on the timed rate of turn than whether or not Roma had this module installed. With torpedo and shell reaction times often being less than 8 to 10 seconds, having this module installed will not help you. You would be better served by having a cup of coffee. Thus, I strongly recommend installing Damage Control Modification 2 in your fourth upgrade slot instead. None of the values found on Roma were far from what was expected. Her measured turning radius was slightly higher than that found in port and she bled the usual 25% maximum speed with her rudder hard over. 360º Rotation Rate (Ship Maximums): 1/4 speed (7.3 knots): 1.0º/s rotation, ~1099m turning radius 1/2 speed (13.8 knots): 2.5º/s rotation, ~851m turning radius 3/4 speed (18.6 knots): 3.6º/s rotation, ~800m turning radius 4/4 speed (22.4 knots): 4.2º/s rotation, ~829m turning radius 90º Rotation Rate (Stock): 1/4 speed: 1.0º/s rotation for 90.7s 1/2 speed: 2.3º/s rotation for 39.0s 3/4 speed: 3.2º/s rotation for 28.5s 4/4 speed: 3.6/s rotation for 25.0s 90º Rotation Rate (Steering Gears Modification 2) 1/4 speed: 1.0/s rotation for 90.6s 1/2 speed: 2.4º/s rotation for 38.4s 3/4 speed: 3.3º/s rotation for 27.4s 4/4 speed: 3.7º/s rotation for 24.2s Roma sits upon the cusp of greatness where her agility is concerned, but she falls short. You're not likely to notice though -- you'll be too enamored with how well her turrets traverse. DurabilityHit Points: 65,400 Maximum Citadel Protection: 375mm + 40mm Min Bow & Deck Armour: 32mmTorpedo Damage Reduction: 38% Let's start with the bad news: Roma wears a really short skirt. While I appreciate that she wants to show off her lines, her citadel is left exposed over the water's surface by a not-insignificant margin. The exact height of her citadel is easy to see: it's directly behind her 375mm armoured belt. Veterans of the American battleship line that played the ships before the citadels were lowered in early 2017 will remember well what this entails. Roma can and will suddenly explode in a horrendous space-kablooie when she's caught broadside. There's nothing you can do about it but [edited]. There's another piece of not-so-great news. Her A-Turret barbette also seems to be part of the citadel, comprising a rounded 210mm bulge to her transverse bulkhead. This gives shells that might have skipped over a flat surface another bite at the apple if they catch this rounded surface. It's just another little quibble to sour Roma's armour protection. Alright, with that out of the way, let's talk about the good stuff: Her main deck is 45mm thick. This is proof against 152mm HE spam. Hooray! She has a 130mm extended forward armoured belt. When she angles, can foil even 460mm shells. Rejoice! Her upper hull is 70mm thick. This is proof against HE from 420mm or smaller unless it's British BB or German BB & CA thrown. This will also provide you with some very comfortable bounces when you angle just right. Her torpedo damage reduction is pretty darned good, so to speak. At tier VIII, torpedo defenses are either amazaballs (Amagi, South Dakota sisters) or they suck moose balls (everyone else). Roma's in the good half of the dichotomy. Her deck armour profile is a bit of a mixed blessing when it comes to armour piercing bombs, however. In testing, American AP bombs just didn't seem to be able to stack damage quickly. Without heals, it took over 20 bomb hits to sink her from American planes. Graf Zeppelin's (admittedly still in testing) bombs weren't automatic world-enders, but she could reliably sink Roma with two squadrons. On the whole, if it weren't for Roma's citadel situation, she'd have a great armour profile. As it is, it's only okay. Roma face tanks like a boss, particularly at medium ranges (between 8km and 14km) but when things go wrong, she comes apart in a hurry. Roma's armour, including details of her citadel. Evaluation: MEH What it would have needed to be GUD: Lower her bloody citadel. Anti-Aircraft Defense AA Battery Calibers: 90mm / 37mm / 20mmAA Umbrella Ranges: 4.0km / 3.5km / 2.0kmAA DPS per Aura: 114 / 128.4 / 54.4 The graph on the left shows the raw AA values per aura range of the AA mounts of tier 8 Battleships. The graph on the right applies a formula {AA DPS x ( Range - 1.0km )} to calculate the overall effectiveness of the ship's AA power. This weights longer ranged weapons as being much more valuable as planes will linger within their effect longer. Weapons with less than a 2km range are only really effective if the enemy aircraft carrier parks planes on top of you. If there's one good thing you could say about Roma's anti-aircraft firepower, it would be that it's at least better than that found on Tirpitz. Roma's AA rating sits squarely in between the German premium and Amagi, and this isn't a good place to be. Worse, it's not like Roma's anti-aircraft guns are a straight up improvement over the performance of the German premium -- she just has more of them. Roma's large caliber, 90mm guns are hands down inferior to the 105s that Tirpitz uses. They have 500m less range and they do less DPS over all, which makes the effective AA defense worse were it not for Roma's 37mm autocannons and Tirpitz's near lack of medium caliber guns. It takes a rather heavy investment to get Roma's anti-aircraft firepower anywhere near effective in terms of range, and it's downright impossible to make it effective in terms of damage done. With Advanced Fire Training and AA Guns Modification 2, you can increase the reach fo her 90mm guns from 4.0km up to 5.76km but they'll never have the punch to make anything but a stock tier VI aircraft carrier balk. Taking a Float Plane Fighter can add a very helpful disruption effect to an incoming wave which can save your ship, but it's so short lived and difficult to rely upon. Roma doesn't have the agility to easily dodge air dropped torpedoes, nor does she have the armour profile to spare her the nightmare of being one-shot by German AP dive bombers. Roma, when isolated from allies, is easy prey for an enemy aircraft carrier and she must be played with this weakness in mind. Evaluation: GARBAGE What it would have needed to be MEH: Roma really needs more range. The 4.0km reach of her large caliber, dual purpose guns does her no favours. Alternatively, it would take a huge DPS boost to make her AA power competitive which is a much more significant change. None of Roma's AA mounts are especially durable. Even her dual purpose AA guns can only boast 800hp with her 37mm and 20mm guns having only 200. A few HE hits will strip her of most of her AA power. Vision Control Base Surface Detection Range: 14.94km Air Detection Range: 13.35km Minimum Surface Detection Range: 11.22km Detection Range when Firing from Smoke: 13.68km Main Battery Firing Range: 18.12km Detection Consumables: Spotter Aircraft / Float Plane Fighter Short of the famous and historical HMS Monarch, Roma is the stealthiest battleship within her matchmaking spread. What's perhaps more frightening is that she's stealthier than almost half the cruisers she faces, even when they're rigged for full concealment. Tier VI and VII cruisers are especially vulnerable with 11 out of 24 ships unable to hide from Roma and another 7 unable to hide if they don't have a full concealment build. When top tier, especially against inexperienced commanders, Roma becomes truly a monster. Without spotting aircraft or a destroyer screen, she can move about the battlefield at will, confident she can outfight anything that detects her. Let me stress this: Without aircraft or destroyers, Roma is quite capable of being the stealthiest ship on the playing field. Unlike the famous and historical HMS Monarch, Roma has the speed to better exploit this concealment. And it's here, with this combination of speed and concealment where Roma becomes a truly frightening vessel. Novice players take note: these are traits that expert players exploit to win matches. The longer a match goes on, the more powerful this advantage of speed and stealth becomes. It gives Roma time to heal, to flank, to secure objectives or escape. She can dictate engagement distances, abuse cover and surprise enemies. This is the game changer for this ship. This is what glosses over all of her other mediocre ratings and propels her towards excellence. Now this all said, this is a very difficult advantage to exploit properly and it can be outright negated by aircraft (especially given Roma's poor AA rating) and destroyers. Proper use of her aircraft consumable (with the skills to support it) will help her control vision and make lurking around islands less dangerous. But, it's knowing when to keep her guns singing and when it's best to hold your fire that really defines Roma's use and abuse of her concealment. Evaluation: GUD What it would have needed to be BEST : Monarch has a smaller surface detection range and similar consumable options. The alternative to making her sneakier than Monarch would have been to provide her with some detection consumable like Hydroacoustic Search or Surveillance Radar which is bloody unlikely. I think we can all be happy that Roma's concealment is as amazing as it is. Nursing the Twins For Roma, a survivability build is best after grabbing your concealment skills. Start with Priority Target unless you've seen the oracle and you already know the future. Then you can go for skills like Direction Center for Catapult Aircraft instead for your first choice. Next up, we want Adrenaline Rush to increase her sluggish rate of fire. After that, you have your choice of Basics of Survivability or Superintendent depending on how much you hate fire damage. Finally, grab Concealment Expert to level up Roma to her final form. For your next 9pts, I strongly recommend Fire Prevention, whichever tier 3 skill you skipped and your choice of Expert Marksman (cause why not?), Jack of All Trades or High Alert. Now get out there and murder your brother. Tier for tier, Giulio Cesare is the better of the two Italian Battleships. However, the Makoto Kobayashi: Roma camouflage combined with Roma's higher tier will make her the better potential earner. Final Evaluation Mouse's Summary: Concealment and comfort define this ship. I stress that Roma's high water citadel will be a deal breaker for some. As cool as Roma's secondaries and AA batteries look, they're pretty darned useless. Roma's scorecard looks a little better than my first evaluation once you peel back the layers and take a closer look. Her great concealment might functionally be the best within her Matchmaking spread thanks to her speed. Similarly, her agility is also reasonably good, just not quite enough to make her remarkable. This synergy between speed, gun handling and concealment has all the hallmarks of a competitive ship. Her gunnery and durability are the let downs, though. Her weapons are inconsistent -- prone to bouts of greatness and then some frustrating droughts of non-performance until you figure out her penetration. Knowing what ships you can and cannot handle at which ranges mitigates some of this lack, but only just. Contrarily, her secondaries, like her AA guns are garbage no matter what you do.. Then there's that citadel of hers -- that fly in the ointment that will preclude her from ever being the darling of the competitive scene. In Randoms, with proper positioning, it's not really a big deal, but when it lets you down, it lets you down hard. Roma is so much fun to drive it's hard to dismiss her out of hand, even despite these setbacks. My own experiences in Roma were decidedly mixed. It took me a while to figure her out. Once I accepted I was throwing around what amounted to a squishy, nine-gun Bismarck with no secondaries, things got a little better. To say my performance in her was inconsistent would be an understatement. The number of losses I suffered during the latter half of play testing wasn't fun, however this was broken up by some ridiculously high performing games. Boiled down, Roma is a medium-range brawler. Her gun accuracy and armour profile both excel if she can hold this range -- just on the cusp of her detection radius, and hammer the enemy over and over and over again. Ideally you want to sneak to a vantage where your opponents can't help but give up their side to either you or their allies. If they choose to face you, tank them and do the best you can to hurt them back -- it's not going to be easy with those 381mm guns. If they choose to face your allies, tear them a new one until they smarten up and fall back. The final question is if this is a role that's asked for in the current meta. She's not a brawler like Bismarck or Tirpitz, a DPM juggernaut like Amagi, and she doesn't werf the flammen like the famous, historical battleship Monarch. Roma encroaches upon the flanking meta espoused by the American battleships. She's certainly faster than North Carolina or the South Dakota sisters. She's also more stealthy. However, she lacks the AA power to afford her autonomy when enemy aircraft carriers are in play. -- not that they're out there that often. It's still difficult to call just based on that. Things change when you look at her tiering. Top tier, she's an absolute monster. She would easily hold my pick for one of the best battleships for clubbing lower tiered vessels and this in of itself should say something. That comfort and control pays dividends and her armour maximizes in these encounters where shell penetration may not be enough to seriously threaten Roma's raised citadel. She uptiers alright against tier IX ships, but like all tier VIIIs, she really struggles in tier X matches. If I could guarantee she would never see tier X games, I could slap an "OVERPOWERED" label on her and be done with it, but no such luck. As it is, I'm inclined to say Roma has earned her laurels. Would I Recommend? Some caveats must be exercised here. The Italian Regia Marina is solely comprised of premium ships at the moment. Between the battleships Roma and Giulio Cesare there are also the light cruisers Duca d'Aosta and the upcoming Duca degli Abruzzi. If you had to choose one and only one, Giulio Cesare is still the front runner performance wise, even at tier V. Roma does not displace her. PVE Battles How well does the ship maintain profitability in Co-Op modes and how does she fare against bots? We have no tier VIII scenarios (yet), but Roma's a decent ship to take against bots. Her AP shells struggle a little against cruisers at the point blank ranges which so often result. Her running costs are 35,438 credits including the 10% discount provided by her camouflage (this drops to 19,688 credits with Makoto Kobayashi: Roma camo) while you can make around 100k on a decent win. Skip those premium consumables. Random Battle Grinding:This includes training captains, collecting free experience, earning credits and collecting signal flags from achievements. She's a tier VIII premium, so economy wise, she'll do you just fine. The increased earnings will also make her a wonderful trainer. Note if you have the Makoto Kobayashi: Roma camouflage, her earning dividends just got that much better. For Competitive Gaming:Competitive Gaming includes Ranked Battles and other skill-based tournaments. This also includes stat-padding. I have to give her a firm pass here. Between her high water citadel, 381mm teething issues and poor AA power, she's not ideal. For Collectors:If you enjoy ship history or possessing rare ships, this section is for you. What are you, new? It's not only the first Littorio-class battleships it's Roma. Even as a port queen, she's gorgeous to look at. For Fun Factor: Bottom line: Is the ship fun to play? Hells to the yeah. Roma doesn't always behave, but when she does... In Closing That about wraps it up for Roma -- arguably the most anticipated premium of 2017. Hey, stop looking at your calendar! She's here and she's not terrible; that's a win. I keep a list of premium ships that I enjoy playing; that I reach for whenever I just want to play World of Warships and unplug my brain from all of this analytical nonsense. These are ships that I play simply for the love of the game. I think it's high praise when a new premium ousts one of the old guard and muscles in on this list. Roma isn't there yet -- we're fighting, truth be told. She's got a long ways to go if she thinks she can earn her keep. I'm very happy with the balanced state of Roma. I'm very happy to have this review done. The next review coming up will be Musashi, the tier IX Japanese battleship that's causing all kinds of controversy. Roma and Musashi both came off of the content-embargo on the same date, but I had no warning about the latter. You can expect this next review in about a week's time with an undue level of snark laced throughout. A very special thank you to Lert for his continued editing efforts and to my patrons on Patreon. With as much time and energy I devote to these reviews, I cannot afford to do it alone anymore. Your continued support means the world to me and allows me to keep my head down and working hard with less worry. Thank you for reading and for all of your feedback, criticism and fun gifs too! My current ten favourite ships. Top Row: Fujin, Atlanta, De Grasse, Prinz Eugen, Atago. Bottom Row: Scharnhorst, Nelson, Harekaze, König Albert, Warspite. Will Roma or Musashi earn a spot? Tune in next week! iChase put together a wonderful little history piece for those who want more Roma in your Roma review!
  10. This week I would like to spotlight another Italian Admiral (Technically Vice Admiral). This one was suggested to me by SparvieroVV. This man has quite an interesting history and there is a lot to read about him. I enjoyed learning about his life during his military years. Giuseppe Fioravanzo was an Italian Admiral born August 1891 near Padua. He entered the Italian Naval Academy in 1909 at the age of 18. He graduated in 1912 at the rank of Guardiamarina. During the Italo-Turkish war (September 1911- October 1912) he was still a Cadet while serving on the Battleship Benedetto Brin. During WW1, he would be stationed in the Raggruppamento Marina where he would distinguish himself while manning a 152mm gun while defending against Austrian-Hungarian forces near the Northern Adriatic Sea. Known as one of the Intellectuals in the Italian Navy, Fioravanzo was a very competent man and quite intelligent. During the time between WW1 and WW2, he was writing articles and publishing books on Naval Theory. In fact, if anyone is interested, you can buy a copy of his "History of Naval Tactical Thought" on amazon. He is also among a group of Naval Officers who supported building and operating Aircraft carriers for the Regia Marina. He would eventually serve for a short time on the Cruiser Trieste and shortly after take command of the Destroyer Freccia and the other 7 boats in the squadron. In 1936 he would take command of the Naval Command School and the Destroyer Aquila. So for all you you DD mains, this is your guy ;). Now let's jump into the WW2 session of the spotlight. He would obtain many different ranks during this time. He was given the rank of Counter Admiral and subsequently Division Admiral. An interesting fact is that Fioravanzo had a lot of insight on the war itself. He had also made plans that would push an assault on Malta and had an important role on the special tactics carried out by the Regia Marina. It was during this time period also that he was given the task of taking a British supply going to Alexandria, Egypt as part of the 9th Naval Division which consisted of LIttorio class battleships (This is where I start breathing heavily and hope to see the Roma asap).The operation was called Operation Vigorous (which was part of a bigger operation called Operation Harpoon) The actions of the 9th, the 3rd and the 8th naval divisions ended the operation without even firing a shot. (The British abandoned the operation altogether). During 1943 he would be given command of the 5th division, which consisted of rebuilt Conte di Cavour and Andrea Class battleships which didn't do too much moving considering they had no fuel to operate with. I know I would love to have that position... (Note the sarcasm). Not too long after he would be going to the 8th division and was ordered to bombard Palermo. This decision consisted of turning back to port after it was reported that a group of unknown ships were heading in their direction. The Emanuele Filiberto Duca d"Aosta and Giuseppe Garibaldi were on their way down to Palermo when Fioravanzo gave the order to return back to port. His foresight may have saved those two ships considering one was having engine troubles and that the USS Savannah, USS Philadelphia and a group of Destroyers were en-route. He would be awarded the Croce di Guerra for this action. This action however would cost him his command, even though at the time, it turns out that he made the best call. Post WW2 he would be involved with Naval History and Naval Theory. A direct quote from Wikipedia- From the doctrinal point of view Fioravanzo was an advocate of naval aviation from very early on. His main work was La guerra sul mare e la guerra integrale (War at sea and combined warfare) in which he arrived as far as predicting a real inter-forces strategy. However, when the book was published in 1931, the time was not ripe yet for the Italian military to adopt such a doctrine. His strategical vision consisted of a defensive-active tactic. A smaller Navy like the Regia Marina should have avoided a resolutive clash, instead trying to keep its own communication lines open. Differently from his colleague Di Giamberardino, Fioravanzo never thought that the major naval battle was the key of the strategy; vice versa, one or more naval battles would be sparked only by contrasts on the respective aims - nothing else than traffic operations. I hope this has peaked more interest for some of you and satisfied others. <0
  11. A look at the Roma. Sleek, Sexy and agile. A lot to like and very little not to.
  12. So, just took her out stock. No upgrades, no enhanced captain. Saw her on sale in the shop (hint: WG, why not let us know with a few announcements when you're releasing these for limited-time sales?). I could have gotten the loaded option for the 2,500 extra doubloons and lots of papa papa flags, but decided against it. So, stock, $24 package, no skill captain. First fight was a win, though I didn't contribute much in the way of kills or damage (only 11k). However, even stock she has some very nice attributes. Speedy as all get out, wonderful maneuverability, soft, but to be expected with cruisers. Plus, even stock her sigma and dispersion is lovely, just lovely. My greatest asset to the team was stifling two enemy destroyers from destroying our own destroyers (there's a joke in there about DDs, but I'll let it go), and holding up the enemy push with my sea mines. I might go with Torpedo Acceleration for the first time with this machine. We'll wait and see. For now, though, I'll have to think on ways to improve some of her other attributes (and no, not with plastic surgery, she's beautiful enough just as she came into my port).
  13. Italian Captain Voices!?

    Did we know that Italian Captain voice lines were coming in the the most recent patch? Was I just the last to know? Took my Duca d'Aosta out of port today and was pleasantly surprised by the new audio.
  14. Here it is guys. Comments are appreciated. I need to git gud and learn to make better videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lwed00v1x3c -Dort
  15. Emanuele Filiberto Duca d'Aosta Victoria nobis vita So, as I’m sure is obvious, I’m excited as hell for Duca d’Aosta, Italy’s first ship to make it to the game – and by extension, anything Italian in WG product (discounting a Ba.27 under Chinese flag in WoWp, and a 20mm cannon in WoT). So, I figured I'd do a full-on examination of this Condottieri-type light cruiser, and how she might shape up as the tier VI cruiser she’ll be. The lead ship of the 4th Condottieri subgroup, her class was an improvement over the preceding 3rd type, also known as the Montecuccoli-class. The Montecuccoli-class was Italy’s first true light cruisers (the di Giussano-class was more meant as smaller scout-cruisers/large destroyer hunters, and the Cadorna-class was only an improvement on them), and its hull is already in the game to a large degree. The hull of the Russian Kirov-class heavy cruisers is the same, with some minor differences, as that of Montecuccoli. The Duca d’Aosta-class improved on their predecessors in many ways, increasing the ship’s armor, engine power, and thus tonnage. Thus, the main belt reached 70mm, with an extra 35mm bulkhead behind that. The deck armor ranged from 30 to 35mm, and the side of the hull above the main belt was 20mm thick. The citadel space was closed off by bulkheads 50mm bulkheads at the waterline, and 30mm below the waterline. The machinery power also increased to 110,000hp, allowing the cruisers to maintain their high top speed of 36.5 knots, although on trials they made over 37 knots. They kept the same main armament of 8x 152mm guns, so overall firepower didn't improve, but the AA as-built was slightly better than the Montecuccoli. Duca d'Aosta was named for Prince Emanuele Filiberto, who was Duke of Aosta. This wasn't simply a nod to the monarchy, however. All of the Condottieri were named after military leaders, and the 4th group was no exception. Her sister, Eugenio di Savoia, was named for the illustrious general, Prince Eugene of Savoy, who had three other ships named after him (from WWI; a British monitor and an Austrian Battleship, and then from WWII the well-known heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen). Emanuele Filiberto, meanwhile, was not just a royal figure, but in fact a military leader, a Field Marshal commanding the Italian Third Army during WWI, for which he became known as "Duca invitto," "Undefeated Duke." This was earned through the army he commanded, known as "Armata invitto" (Undefeated Army), which earned and held that record in the First World War. Duca d'Aosta was laid down on October 29th of 1932, being completed and commissioned on July 13th of 1935. She managed to, despite taking part in numerous major battles, as well as raiding missions and convoy escort missions, not taking a single bit of damage for the whole of the war. So, what would this CL be like in game? Firepower: Her Main Armament consisted of eight 152mm/53 Model 1929 cannons, the most common gun among the Regia Marina's light cruisers. These guns were improved versions of the previous 1926 version, but did lose the hilarious 1000mps velocity. They fired either a 47.5 kg AP shell at 850mps, or a 44.3 kg HE shell with a 2.3 kg bursting charge at 950mps. Relevant formulas tell us the AP should do 3000 damage, and the HE* 1900, with 7% fire chance. The guns could output 8 rpm, giving a 7.5 second reload time, for a total broadside RoF of 64 rounds a minute, 32 a minute in the fore or aft firing arcs. *HE numbers very vulnerable to gimmicks, like in the case of Japan and Germany, so I'm not terribly confident in that. I'm more sure on the fire chance coming in at around 7-8%, though. Speaking of firing arcs, the turrets could rotate at 6º/sec, which gives us a 30 second timespan for the guns to traverse 180º. The turrets themselves had a field of fire of 300º, giving us this image as far as firing arcs of the main guns go; In practice, this should give you very good fields of fire, so you shouldn't have to flash too much broadside to give one. Update - Leaked stats give the following stats for her guns: Secondary Battery/AA: 3x2 100mm/47 Model 1928 (DP) -Fired a 13.8 kg HE shell at 850mps -RoF was 10 rpm, for a 6 second reload time -Asu Range will likely be 4.5 km -Unkown dps - likely better than the Minsini gun present on Krasny Krym through better elevation angles. My guess would be between 20-30 dps for the three mounts combined. -AA range - Likely 4.5 km as well. Update - Leaked stats give the following stats for her DP guns: 4x2 37mm/54 Model 1932 -Workhorse AA gun of the Regia Marina, should tell us an awful lot on how Italy's AA will pan out. -unknown dps - .823 kg HE projectile fired at 800mps, RoF (was selectable) varied from 60 to 120 rpm. -unknown range - extremely likely to be 3.51 km, effectively a given. 6x2 13.2mm/76 Model 1931 -A common MG found on many RM ships, usually swapped out for 20mm cannons during the war (although not in this case). -21 dps - very similar to the 13.2mm MG found on Japanese ships, likely to have the same stats -1.2 km range - It's a heavy MG. They all go out to 1.2 km. Update - Leaked stats give the following stats for her Medium/Light AA guns: Torpedo Armament: 2x3 533mm Si 'M' -270 kg warhead - damage formulas suggest 13112 damage -Range likely to be either 4 km or 8 km -Depending on which version used, speed at 4 km could be either 66 or 68 knots. At 8 km, 55 or 58 knots. Update - Leaked stats give the following stats for her Torpedoes: Maneuverability: -36.5 knot top speed! -This makes it one of the fastest ships at tier VI, tied with Farragut, Hatusharu, and only surpassed by the 38 knot destroyers Gnevny and Anshan. -Extremely powerful machinery (110,000hp) on a light-ish hull, should accelerate fairly well. Turning might be sluggish, but she's shorter than the Molotov, so perhaps a smaller turning radius than that. Update - Leaked stats give the following stats for her Maneuverability and Concealment : Survivability: Health: -10,374 ton full load - at a tier that ranges from 8,900 (Nürnberg) to 13,897 (Cleveland) in terms of tonnage (though Cleveland is an outlier, the next closest ship is Aoba at 11,847 tons). She lands almost exactly squarely between Nürnberg and Aoba, so her Hitpoints will definitely be between 29,000 and 30,000, my guess would be about 29,500-29,600. Armor: This is where it gets interesting. Fortunately, we also have pictures to show off the armor scheme: But that's not all. So, seeing as WG was kind enough to supply us with these images; I decided to overlay the armor to show exactly where all this stuff lines up. So, first, here's simply overlaying the side-on view: Well, most of that view is pretty useless. Well, good thing there's a fix for that. Here's another view of Duca d'Aosta, with only the armored spaces overlaid: So, do you see what I see? Hint; look at the waterline. Aside from the barbettes, which aren't part of the citadel, look at how much of the citadel is underwater, and how little is above it! She won't be a very easy target to citadel, despite the thin armor. Now, the armor pictures I showed off above show the waterline riding much lower on the ship, leaving most of the belt out of the water. My only guess is that such pictures were drawn showing the ship at normal or light load, hence the ship is further out of the water. Her extremity armor will also determine a lot about how the ship takes punishment. Cruisers at tier VI vary in their bow/stern armor, some featuring 13mm, others 16mm. This will have a significant effect on what cruisers she can face. With 13mm of bow armor, she'll be able to autobounce shells from any other light cruiser, 180mm or less. However, heavy cruisers will be able to pen her from the bow at any angle. With 16mm of bow armor, she'll be able to autobounce any shells from heavy cruisers (excluding Spee) as well, up to and including Moskva's 220mm guns. Oddly enough, she does get a little more protection from that strip of armor above her belt, the 20mm thick plating. On most ships of this tier, the armor in this area would range from 13-19mm. Good enough to stop lol-pens from cruiser guns, and defend against low-caliber HE in a few cases. 20mm gets you a bit further. With 20mm of armor, your side is no longer vulnerable to being overmatched by the guns of two of the best cruiser-killers around these tiers - the 11" guns of Graf Spee and Scharnhorst, able to overmatch 19mm plates, but not 20mm plates. This does not mean you can go charging at them angled without fear... all they need to do is aim at your bow otherwise, but this still is useful to have. It also gives some protection against destroyer HE. 20mm armor will prevent the penetration of any HE of 120mm caliber or less - although it can't stop any IFHE shells. Update - Leaked stats give the following stats for her Survivability: Just how Duca d'Aosta shapes up in WoWs will be quite dependent on what WG decides, as many things, as much as this game is based in/on historical events and equipment, are somewhat arbitrarily decided on by WG in the name of balance. For all we know, WG could load her down with gimmicks... or perhaps they've learned from the RN cruisers, and will avoid that stuff. We do have the rumor mill spinning about cruisers with Speed boost abilities, and although that's been more focused on French Cruisers, it's actually more appropriate for the Italian cruisers, as they achieved much higher speeds on their trials than in service (for example, Duca d'Aosta herself made 37.35 knots on trials, with her machinery reaching just short of 128,000hp). And if Molotov can get her trial speeds... Anyways, from what I can see, we're looking at an anti-DD warship, best equipped for hunting down and killing enemy destroyers. Her high speed makes her easily able to keep up, and close the range with most enemy destroyers. Her armor layout makes her oddly resistant to many smaller DD HE shells, although she's still quite vulnerable to them (127mm and 130mm, for example, won't have issues damaging her, nor will any IFHE shell... which is normal for most tier VI cruisers), and her low citadel should make her very difficult for Destroyer AP to citadel her. Her guns fire very rapidly, and the HE, with it's incredible 950 mps velocity, will easily be able to peg enemy destroyers from a distance. Low damage numbers per shell could be an issue for this class, however... but that could be remedied by WG playing mix-and-match with the guns and allowing Duca d'Aosta to use the older ammunition from 1926, 50kg shells (increasing the AP damage to 3100), or pair that and the original muzzle velocity of 1000mps (giving 3300 AP damage). The HE shells... well, they're light and the bursting charge is small. I don't expect, unless WG interferes here, for their damage to be high at all, and 1900-2000 sounds about right. Also, she might be able to equip a spotter (she carried an Ro.43), which would extend her range... and my assumption would be that the Italian ships get very long ranges like Russia or Germany, though that's ultimately up to WG. All I know is, I can't wait for her to arrive! My wallet is ready! *Note - Updated with Preliminary stats
  16. Future BB Schtoff: Lines, Nations, Ships, etc.

    2017's coming up, and with the developments of the past year in World of Warships, we've got an interesting road ahead of us as far as battleships are concerned. Here I'm offering a breakdown of a few key subjects regarding battleships in the game, and where things might (or could) go with them, at least in the next year: (1) FUTURE MAIN LINES I at the very least am satisfied with the way the German BB line turned out, I dunno about y'all. Yes, still bitter about the hulls of Konig and Kaiser, but whatever. They offer their own advantageous and disadvantageous traits, and make for interesting and dynamic gameplay. Hopefully this bodes well for the production of future lines. Crossing my fingers that we don't just get one BB line this year. Given the change in development strategy (at least according to what WG claims they are doing), I'd say there is a chance of maybe having two lines released, or at the very least one new faction line and one new sub-branch. But maybe it's foolish to hope. In any case, I think it's fairly clear that Royal Navy battleships are next in line: if not, French ones, and even if so, France is more or less obviously to follow. When will we see them? I dunno, though given WG's recent pace I'd wager a hopeful guess of February, a less-than-hopeful guess of April. Who knows. To get to the juice, the tech line (as far as many BB-forumers are concerned) is likely to be something like as follows: Dreadnought or Belleraphon or tier III, Orion (maybe Neptune?) at tier IV, Iron Duke at tier V, Queen Elizabeth or Revenge at tier VI, Nelson or King George V or Vanguard somewhere along tiers VII, VIII, and maybe IX (lot of opinions on the preferred tierage of each ship, some jonesing for one of those 3 becoming premium), and Lion or N3 for tiers IX and/or X. Lion might end up being part of a separate BC-themed tech-tree, but who knows. At the very least, Dreadnought, Orion, Iron Duke, Queen Elizabeth/Revenge, Nelson, King George V, Vanguard, and N3 are almost certain to show up in the tree or as a premium depending on the ship. France only has 7 solid battleships or battleship designs to choose from, so there isn't much point discussing the options, since all are shoe-ins and WG will dig up or make up some more paper designs to finish the tree. Though it is interesting that they took the lead ship Dunkerque out of her class to maker her a premium. So obviously there is still some wait-and-see as far as what WG will do with French battleships. (2) FUTURE NATIONS Everyone's favorite topic. Knowing that Britain and France are already guaranteed to be next, who comes afterwards? I'd put my money on the Italians, unless WG decides to "Russian Bias" and throw in Russki/Soviet BBs first. Which isn't too out of the question, especially since they'd need to release Italian cruisers first. Which they will, since Italy had a phenomenal and large-enough cruiser program back in the ol' Kingdom days. As far as the Italians go, they are much like the French, with only 6 or so solid ships and designs to choose from, though this obviously won't stop WG. Nor should it. The question simply becomes, which premium Italian ship will come out first? I'm expecting it to be a cruiser in all honesty, so for this thread that doesn't even matter. Though a premium Regina Elena or Dante Alighieri at tier III may be interesting. I for one do NOT want a premium Roma. No sir. Keep her in the regular tree, please. Though given her status as an upgraded version of her two younger sisters, it's not out of the question... Russian battleships and battlecruisers? I don't want to even get into that. Soooooo many threads about that already, so many theories/wants, and so many designs to choose from. It's a mess trying to figure it out and I don't have the time for that right now (hehe). Though I did churn out this list a while ago in an earlier thread: (3) FUTURE SUB-BRANCHES Ah, yes, the stuff of dreams! Hopefully not for too much longer, of course. This is probably what I'm looking most forward to. Sooooo many directions to go with this! The Brits have a swath of strange or unique battleships they built for foreign navies or themselves, so that'd be one relatively easy option. Another could be to go for a battlecruiser-themed sub-branch, which I'd almost die for. A thread I started a while back had this as the ideal setup: I had something similar for the Germans, who could have a BC sub-branch themselves: Of course, what are we MOST likely to see first? American battleships. Which I would also pretty much die for. Mostly because I am a huge fan of the South Dakota class, especially the USS Massachusetts (WHY THE HELL IS THE ALABAMA PREMIUM AND NOT HER???), and want to play them badly. Also, the earlier South Dakota designs could make a cool new class or two. As could the Lexington or Saratoga battlecruiser designs. Plus the Alaska-class, maybe...point is, lots of options, and probably the most likely one we will see first, given the arrival of the Alabama. That's all for now, folks.
  17. I'm going to compile concepts for consumables that can be either limited to a particular nation or more powerful when used by a particular nation. Each of these consumables goes into the same slot as the repair party on cruisers, or the catapult plane on battleships. I will not be doing custom consumables for destroyers or carriers-- Only cruisers and battleships are considered for these ideas. On with the show! UNITED STATES NAVY Cue-Balling (Cruisers) Radar Guidance (Battleships) Imperial Japanese Navy Type 3 Shell (Cruisers & Battleships) The Royal Navy Give Them What For (Battleships) Cruisers No ideas, currently! Discuss below. Der Kriegsmarine No ideas, currently! Discuss below. The Soviet People's Navy No ideas, currently! Discuss below. The Regina Marina No ideas, currently! Discuss below. The Marina Militare No ideas, currently! Discuss below.
  18. Italian National Flavor?

    So with all this talk about national flavors for US, German, and Japanese ships (etc), and it got me thinking as to what the Italian's ship flavor might be. So here are my ideas... Thinking Italians ships will have the armor structure of linguine, so they will have to really angle well to avoid getting hit in the citadel, but their ships will be angel hair pasta thin so that should help. The Italian Destroyers and Cruisers will have sardines for torpedoes. The fish might be small but they will absolutely reek havoc on the enemy team. The smell alone might drive the Dev's to give other nations the ability for "antipasta". Furthermore Italy's Naval Tree will be the first to have Sub! Though they did not do so well in WWII, game wise they will be deliciously over powered! With those spicy meatball from the deck guns and sardine torps... These ships should be SO much pun and really fit my taste in game play style. Cannot wait!!! All punniness aside. I really cannot wait to see what they are going to do with the Italians. They had some really modern and cool ships for the time period, and while they may have not been used well. Stat wise alone in an arena environment should be pretty good.