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Found 11 results

  1. Just wanted to remind everybody to remember to equip the top end modules on their Italian cruisers. While they come fully upgraded with all modules bought, it is the stock ones that are equipped. @Femennenly This seems to be a poor design decision as it arbitrarily disadvantages players who don't know the stock modules are equipped by default. In future such events it would be nice to not have this "gotcha" mechanic.
  2. I’m very excited for the new Italian cruiser line, but I was looking at reviews and saw that the 2 main things that's going for them besides speed are SAP shells (which can bounce, can’t set fires and only do 10% of their possible damage to dds!) and fuel smoke which seems good but you only get 1-3 which to me doesn’t seem like enough. Are these 2 traits really gonna help these cruisers or will they come out bad and just get power creeped? Thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :)
  3. I’m kind and a noob so this may sound arrogant, but where’s all the excitement for the Italian cruisers? Usually when a new line comes out everyone’s talking about it but the last thing posted about the new line was done so like a week ago. I know that the introduction of submarines is big news, but still.... Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)
  4. Shannon_Lindsey

    Upcoming ship lines

    There seems to be a lot of confusion about when things are coming out. Let's clear this up. Italian cruisers are the next line to enter the game, and they will be in early release starting in about 2 1/2 Weeks. Even though submarines are in testing and videos are being posted about them, they are still far from ready for release. Most likely, the next line after the Italians will be the British heavy cruisers, which were teased during the anniversary events. Expect them sometime early next year. After that by a few months, you can finally expect the US and German submarines to arrive simultaneously, but in their own game mode at first. As much as people want to talk about submarines, many forget that they are going to have their own types of consumable that haven't even entered the testing yet, as well as many of the ship interactions needing a lot of adjustment.
  5. Does anyone know what kind of effect, if any, smoke generator modification 1 will have on the Italian cruisers? I would like to know if I need to start picking these up from the armory as I consider them a must have on the Commonwealth rolling smoke ships.
  6. Hey there. As an owner of both Italian premium cruisers (and, shamefully, the very balanced Cesare), I can't help but notice the discrepancy between the Aotsa and the Abruzzi when it comes the the artillery. First of all, I think the HE on both of these ships, while not particularly good, is fine as is. That's not what I'm here to talk about. Let's begin with some values. Pay attention to the blue and yellow lines. These are the penetration values for the Italian 152mm 1929 (Aosta - Blue) and the Italian 152mm 1934 (Abruzzi - Yellow) (1). The values for the armor piercing velocity are backed by historical figures (as per NavWeaps). The Abruzzi, having slower shells, lags behind the Aosta along the entire spread of ranges despite having a newer model. For real life, this was probably sufficient. In game, however, the armor of t7 ships often defeats the AP of the Abruzzi, resulting in standard penetrations at ranges upwards of 8-9km when it feels like there should be citadels. On top of this, the Abruzzi loses 100 alpha per shell (for what reason?) (2). According to Navweaps both models of 6" gun use the 50kg shell. This is reflected in game with shell weights. Looking at the Italian cruisers in the late 2018 perspective, they aren't very good at shooting HE. They aren't particuarly good at shooting AP. The hydro and DFAA was stolen by the US light cruisers, meaning the Italian gimmick of a "utility" cruiser is no longer unique (and used by an arguably much better line). The armor is unique and works well in most situations, but is by no means turning these into tanks. The torpedoes are surprising when you launch them and four weeks later you get a letter in the post informing you you've sunk something. The last thing these ships have is concealment, which is where I think the potential strength of the ship lies. Duca D'Aosta reaches 10.5km spotting range (taking into account the concealment expert normalizaton). Abruzzi, however, reaches an even more impressive 9.7km spotting range. I'm fairly certain this is among (if not) the best cruiser concealment at t7. Going back to the penetration graph, however, 100mm of penetration at 10km for the AP shells on the Abruzzi means you aren't going to inflict any lasting damage out of stealth. Changing Abruzzi AP to match Duca AP is probably off the table. Whether Wargaming feels Abruzzi with 1k/s AP will be too strong, or the 100 damage is going to make the AP too powerful (really tho?) it certainly leaves the Abruzzi feeling a little outclassed at anything but point blank (3), where other ships still offer more. Giving the Abruzzi (and future Italian ships) AP that rewards smart ammunition and target selection to punish broadsides from stealth would be rewarding for both good players and teach good habits for learning players, marking the difference between those who only use the lacklustre IFHE guns, and those big brain 400 IQ gods who smash AP into broadsides. The ships are fun. The heal on Abruzzi provides massive staying power, but as damage dealers or ship killers there are definitely much better choices. What do you think? Should Abruzzi be tweaked in some way to make the AP shells usable outside of 8-9km, or do you think she is fine as is? 1.) Armor penetration values 2.) 3.)
  7. TheGreatBlasto

    Best ships for dieters?

    Need to shed a few extra pounds? Hate gyms? The solution is playing the Duca Abruzzi and Duca d Aosta. No ships above t3 make you work harder to rack up 40k damage. If you are lucky enough to hit that target, you will have lost a couple of pounds.
  8. Let’s talk. Watch my review and let’s discuss the Abruzzi.