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Found 3 results

  1. wows: you had this problem solved but its back again..i am running into invisible and disappearing ships that should not be doing this ...and dont tell me thats the way spotting works because its not..but i have noticed every time you post this is" how spotting works" this problem shows up..and as soon as i fire the guns ships disappear and show up on the same line but seem to magically move ahead of the shot .. also i can be headed straight at them and with no shots fired they disappear this is annoying and i didnt pay to shoot at invisible BBs & CLs ships that are doing strange things.. would you put your best man on this...i dont use your camera option and wont be sending or posting videos
  2. So, recently on the Dev Blog it was announced (WiP of course: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/188903-st-12th-ranked-season/) that the upcoming Ranked season would be tier X, would be the first to feature CVs after the rework (hard capped to 1 per team), follow similar rules to the previous Ranked Season ( possibly a shorter duration, irrevocable ranks stop at Rank 12) The number of ranks and steel doesn't change compared to the 11th season. In addition, to give the ability to people without a tier X to play Ranked, rental ships will be provided for those who play battles in tier VIII ships Disclaimer Before we get started, all this is in Development and could very well change; the purpose of the post is to show why if there’s no change this Ranked Season is a pretty bad idea. Obviously this is a subjective opinion. The Less Bad: CVs. Many will disagree on whether CVs are the worst thing or not that could happen for Ranked right now. Personally I don’t think it’s the worst, though still issues remain. Nothing is certain right now on AA balance or the future of CV rework in general. Some DDs in addition are pretty poorly equipped to deal with CVs at that tier (especially Midway) in a mode where objective control is very important. That said the 45 second launch delay that CVs should have by then might improve things. Still, I forsee a pretty “AA-centric” meta, with Grozovoi, Harugumo and Gearing being pretty popular and “safe” choices DD wise for example. That said, WG is with it’s back against the wall on the matter. It’s 3 months after the rework, CVs need to slowly take their spot in competitive modes and stop being the “leper” class. On the other hand, if WG doesn’t include CVs, it’s practically admitting failure with the CV-rework, something which would hurt the company in many ways, not just economically. In addition, due to constant player requests the tier VIII premium CVs became available recently, with quite likely many sales. This in turn leads to the issue of someone without half a clue being able to buy a CV, playing Ranked and potentially dooming his team due to inexperience. Regarding that danger, I don’t know how many such cases exist or how many will try Ranked, though I get the feeling they wouldn’t be that many. The Bad: Ranks If the upcoming Season follows the rules of the previous one, then the last irrevocable rank will be Rank 12. While it was a nuisance last Season, the Arms Race mode and the use for the first time of Tier IXs made it somewhat bearable. But now we also have to deal with CVs and most importantly Rentals as I will touch upon later. There are so many random factors to take into account that this is simply a sink of signals, camos, and credits. Of course this is one of the reasons behind doing a Tier X Ranked Season, yet that doesn’t mean it isn’t unhealthy. The Real Ugly: Rentals Rentals, while good in theory are pretty bad in practice in my opinion. Personally I consider that the worst addition in Ranked. Not only do you get somewhat inferior ships (can’t equip camo), but also if they rotate similarly to how the Clan rentals work, that means you will be having to play ships very ill suited for the current meta. This in turn can lead to a pretty bad experience. In addition this completely trumps the whole “it’s tier X so no player can buy his way in” since you can still buy a premium, play a battle, unlock a tier X rental then play. The way I read this is as an attempt to give new players a dose of tier X and get them hooked onto rushing to get to that tier. If this is combined with a “grind boost” package like the recent one for IJN BBs, even more inexperienced players will try getting at tier X. This will not only further ruin high tiers, but will make tier X more populous on the long run, creating possibly an even worse environment for Tier VIII. The Combo of absolute Bad: The worst to come out of all this however is that this is a combination of “features” for Ranked. You get 3 individually lesser issues and combine into a much bigger one to create a pretty toxic environment for anyone wanting to try his hand at competitive. And because of the Steel prizes, many will try and play Ranked and only end up getting frustrated. P.S As an addendum to the whole section of “Bad”, let’s not forget to mention the danger of players active in CB burning out due to the new Season requiring also tier Xs. Any Good? This is my take on what we know about Ranked, how some issues will arise and why it ain’t such a good idea to go forth as is. In that vein thought of a couple of solutions, nothing groundbreaking really, that could help make 12th Season that bit more bearable. . Do a split Season, with Ranks until 12 using tier VIIIs, then until Rank 1 tier Xs. This has been already done with not much negativity as far as I remember. Ditch the Rentals while at it too. Add one more irrevocable Rank, at 5 or 6. This will make lower ranks feel less stressful by eliminating the danger of finding yourself again at Rank 12 due to silly RNG and Rentals. Try and focus a lot on tuning AA before Ranked begins; Good CV players can avoid most flak damage whereas bad ones have their planes absolutely slaughtered. Anyway, I know this is pretty early to go all about sky falling and apocalyptic posts, yet too many bad foundations can lead to the upcoming Ranked season simply crumbling and earning another round of the playerbase’s ire, deservedly so. Hope we can have a good discussion and thanks for the read .
  3. So that I run into an island in my 'Seattle' on the map 'Loop' at around 6 mins into the battle. And my ship literally refuses to reverse from the island. You can see that i play with the throttle repeatedly to make the ship reverse. At one point it just stuck on -0.1 Knts for couple of seconds (02:31). And maximum moves till -1.4 Knots then goes back to 0. My propeller was not knocked out or perma damaged. Overall this resulted in me getting torped by that Shima even after knowing that torps were incoming.