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Found 3 results

  1. I've almost made this post several times over the past few days, and I know that a lot of people are just going to come in here and give me a hard time, but I have to get this off of my chest before I uninstall this game. Over the past two weeks I have lost 11 points of karma for playing carriers. For winning in carriers. For scoring in the top three on my team in carriers. If "Karma" (which is even named as some sort of point of worthiness) is supposed to be a measure of one's good conduct, and one conducts themselves well, helping the team, spotting, providing fighter cover, and getting important kills, then why the hell is it even possible to lose it when playing well? Why is my reputation at the mercy of morons that YOLO and team kill and then get salty? I know that karma is "meaningless," except that it isn't, and constantly getting crapped on by salty losers has really brought me to the point where I'm about to quit this game. Wargaming, do you want the money that I was planning on giving you for new ships? Because if you do, you will take this archaic, asinine system out of your game and stop letting trolls avenge their profound shortcomings on people who are just trying to play your freaking game and be decent members of your community. And no, I didn't shoot my mouth off in any of these games. I was congratulatory to my teammates and to my opponents when the situation warranted it. As someone who has been trying to make an effort to be a model citizen, getting dumped on for -11 "karma" is beyond insulting. Take it out of the game, automate for people that score particularly high or low compared to the match average, or hell, just remove downvoting. The system that exists now is pure trash, and only serves to make people feel like crap.
  2. I noticed a slight discrepancy between the Petropavlovsk and the Petropavlovsk modeled in-game. For starters, the superstructure looks a little too tall and the guns look a little big.
  3. Rabbitt81

    Hall of fame points

    The top player as of this posting has 8000-8 frikin thousand-points in the hall of fame for the British DD event. I have been playing off and on throughout the day and have 1600 points. How in all that is holy do you get 8000 points in one day? The skill level must be really really high for this game or something is fishy.