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Found 1 result

  1. This is an opinion I obviously haven't dealt with it directly yet since its not in game. But I think its a bad idea. I feel like WG is making new currency because they hyper inflated the old stuff. Oil is an example of a short term fun clans had then it simply died hard. No one talks about oil. Anyone who plays a lot, has premium time we can burn silver. theres so much of it. Its like FreeXP to me I just get so much of it but I play a lot. That being said having more and more currently types I do not think is good for the game. Its to much to manage and I think its only in so they can deal with hyper inflation or pay to win/dabloons IF they allowed you to convert for things like black/flint etc. I don't think those ships are OP but I don't like that reward ships are now purchasable. I have seen this type of stuff in other games so I don't feel like its a positive thing. What you guys think?