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Found 10 results

  1. Lazy_Joe

    I have fun

    You will not believe it! I uploaded another replay commentary vid. Two in two days, I am going mental here, I tell ya. But this time I just want to have fun, like girls. If you don't get that reference to some 80's song just watch the video as the song has nothing to do with it. All others watch the video as it might actually be nice to watch and if you don't watch you don't know what you are misssing. Ah, btw, it features the Iowa. You like Iowa, don't you? https://youtu.be/SaO45IljCHg
  2. Read somewhere in the American Battleship Subforum section, that the Iowa class battleships can historically turn quicker and faster than a average destroyer in its era, thanks to its extremely good twin rudders and skegs that enable that ability to make tight turns even at full speed? Is this true? Someone confirm it please?
  3. I remember the Iowa and Montana from long ago on the public test servers... and I mean like oh, 1 1/2 years ago... they were spectacularly accurate, just super nice ships. After a lot of other grinds I went back to the USN BB line. I'm in the Iowa and I can't make her work. I have these upgrades: AAM1 , DCS1, AAGM2, DCS2, Conceal and AAGM3 on C hull. Yes, AA is 100. I'm on my second or third reset of commander skills: PM(1), EM(2), AR(2), BFT(3), SUPER(3), AFT(4) and CE(4) for a 19pt cmdr. So those of you good in an Iowa - what tips can you suggest on her and her commander? tiafyc Edit: Feel free to share your winning play style/methods too!
  4. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    Iowa.... please send help

    So it’s been awhile since we’ve had someone complain about the Iowa but here I am. I know the Iowa is good. I know the Iowa is a popular ship. And yet I have no idea how to play her. So to get started I have the B hull and propulsion modules. As for upgrades I have Mandatory armaments, damage con, AA mod, damage con 2, concealment, artillery plotting room 2. For my captain skills I have PT, EM, SI, CE, FP, and am working on BOS, and AR. So here’s my conundrum. I usually go about 3/4 speed to let my DD’s get to the battle and keep pace with my fellow BBs and CAs. This sorta works but my issues begin when I start trying to shoot. I can’t hit a damn thing! In my NC with slower velocity I was able to nuke many ships, and yet in this ship with supposedly better velocity I can’t get shots on target. I give lead and often times my shells are on target in terms of horizontal leading. And yet vertically they are awful. I tend to miss shells that either go over or under the target and they usually disperse like a German BB. Hell, it feels like my Bismarck is more accurate. This naturally leads me to want to help my team out and get within 15km of a target. And naturally this leads me to get burnt to a crisp. I have most of my Fire Fighting skills and mods but even so I burn to death. And I can’t dodge like I could in the NC due to that turning speed.... yikes! I’m not bold enough to switch damage con 2 with rudder shift but I might need to so I can stop getting torped as my DDs and CAs flee leaving me to die. Staying bow on is fine and works well enough, but the Iowa cannot for the life of it stay up close for long. Georgia’s, Jean Barts, DDs, you name it and it will send you to the bottom. And yet while the defensive capabilities are somewhat tolerable the offensive capabilities are where I struggle with this ship. It wants me to stay at range or so it feels like it, but with my laughable dispersion and lack of accuracy with these guns I just get subpar damage games around the 30k mark which is abysmal for me. The Iowa is a tier above the NC and feels like a step down. I’m not sure where to even begin to adjust my play style in this brick but when the guns don’t perform as I would hope they would (which is 90% of the time) I can’t seem to get any type of reliable results. Over pens, over pens, and more over pens. I’m not sure if my aim needs to be adjusted vertically more so than NC or if it’s just constant bad RNG, but whatever the cause I can’t seem to hit much of anything. Fire ahead and the shells barely hit the bow. Slightly compensate for shell speed and the shells plummet behind the opponent. Aim fairly on target and the shells dance around the target harmlessly. I’m at the end of my own ability to figure out this ship as I have not had the misfortune to play such a wonky ship in my career of this game. Say what you want about Izumo but at least she could hit her shots. Iowa is one frustrating ship to play and even more so a frustrating ship to learn. I sincerely hope I can learn to like this ship like most others who complain about it on the forums of years past. But until then I fear I might hate this ship as I lack some of the masochist cravings of many Iowa captains. Maybe the Georgia just spoils me, but the Iowa is my mountain to conquer and I fear I’ll be nothing but a husk of my former self by the time I get Montana. If anyone knows how to make this seemingly abysmal ship even work to an average degree then please send advice my way and I will be ever grateful.
  5. I recently took a trip to Japan and thanks to time zones I had the opportunity to visit both the first and last preserved battleships on the "same" day. So here are some pics (Mikasa first, then Iowa): The weather was very poor in Yokosuka... I was almost not going to go, but I came here specifically to see the ship, so I'll be damned if I let some water stop me. Hard to actually get a good shot from the front, just stuff in the way... probably why all the usual pics are from the back But muh secondaries I enjoyed seeing the juxtaposition of the old secondary battery to the modern ships in port. Looking back from the forward superstructure... it was so windy at times it felt almost dangerous to go up onto the open decks. Looking forward from the same place... too bad you couldn't go inside the turrets. One of the lower secondary guns. Part of the admiral's quarters at the back of the ship... the door goes to the little deck at the rear. Just so you can compare with the Iowa later... Love the contrast between this secondary battery and the carpet. Unfortunate that you could only tour one deck. I wish I had taken a photo of the equivalent diagram on the Iowa, but it was very big and digital and hard to get a picture of. Oh hai, what's this? Yes. Yesssssssssssss. YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! Weebgasm aside, this was actually my favorite display. They had models of pretty much every IJN class (and almost every individual ship) up to WWII. All the weird flavors of Kuma too. And a B65! Now for the Iowa. Also very hard to get a single short of the whole ship, though more so from the back on this one. Trying to show pictures from the outside in, though this is not how the guided path goes The very back. One thing I noticed is that the deck planking is in much worse shape than that of the Mikasa Bow "This is where a 6" shell made a tiny dent in the turret". 5" battery This was my other favorite part of the display... looking at the mechanism inside the 5" turret. Ammo hoists directly below the turret. On the right is where it comes out of the magazine. Sadly we couldn't see the inside of the main turrets again. 5" battery director Looking up at the superstructure A CIWS mount, but it's fake! A Tomahawk launcher... I don't think it's fake. Harpoon launchers Chaff launchers... these were a lot smaller than I'd have thought. View of the stern from the back of the superstructure View of the bow from the front of the superstructure Command bridge One floor of the conning tower (which is actually very tall in this ship) Galley (one of several though!) A period vending machine! A not-so-period officer cabin. Bathroom More officer quarters... all the doors that look like wood actually appear to be metal with wood paint. Crew bunks I really enjoy looking down the long hallways like this. Some shells I did not know that the powder bags were full of pellets like that This was one of my favorite graphics showing all of the places the Iowa went during all three of her services. Another display I really liked: scale models of the Iowa and Yamato side by side. WoWS has great models of the ships, but makes it difficult for us to view them next to one another. Bonus: I drove by the Queen Mary as well, but did not have time to tour it. Hope y'all enjoy, peace out.
  6. *Gasp* Clickbait!! I know I know, yet another Iowa vs. Yamato thread? But this time, it's not your typical 1v1 **** measuring contest. I have some interesting historical context that can hopefully spur some useful discussion, and perhaps even replicate it in training room since in this particular scenario I believe the game has all the requisite ships. What I'm talking about is "Bull's Run" during the Battle of Leyte Gulf on October 25-26, 1944, where upon realizing that he had left the San Bernadino Strait unguarded, Admiral Halsey belatedly dispatched Task Force 34, and more specifically formed Task Group 34.5 lead by Rear Admiral Badger centered around the Iowa and New Jersey back to the San Bernadino Strait in a belated attempt to protect the American beachhead and relieve Taffy 3, which had slugged it out with Admiral Kurita's Center Force. Note that TG 34.5 was only dispatched on 1622 on October 25, 1944, well after the surface action between Taffy 3 and Center Force had concluded. Had Admiral Kurita loitered around the San Bernadino Strait for a few more hours before withdrawing, it's possible or even likely that what remains of the Center Force would have clashed with TG 34.5 in the morning hours of October 26, 1944. Navweaps has the order of battle which lists the ship composition of each force. TG 34.5 Battleships: 2 Iowa-class (Iowa, New Jersey) Cruisers: 3 Cleveland-class (Biloxi, Vincennes, Miami) Destroyers: 8 Fletcher-class (Owen, Miller, The Sullivans, Tingey, Hickox, Hunt, Marshall, Lewis Hancock) Total: 2 battleships, 3 cruisers, 8 destroyers Center Force (as of Oct. 26, 1944) Battleships: 1 Yamato-class (Yamato), 1 Nagato-class (Nagato), 2 Kongo-class (Kongo, Haruna) Cruisers: 1 Myoko-class (Haguro), 1 Mogami-class (Kumano), 1 Tone-class (Tone), 2 Agano-class (Yahagi, Noshiro) Destroyers: 1 Shimakaze-class (Shimakaze), 6 Yugumo-class (Hayashimo, Akishimo, Kishinami, Okinami, Hamanami, Fujinami), 4 Kagero-class (Nowaki, Urakaze, Isokaze, Yukikaze) Total: 4 battleships, 5 cruisers, 11 destroyers Note that by the morning of Oct. 26, Center Force had already lost Suzuya, Chokai, and Chikuma, hence their absence from the list above, while Kumano was heavily damaged with a blown-off bow, so realistically you could count Kumano out of the battle. Yahagiand Noshiro were Agano-class light cruisers that mount 3x2 152 mm guns with a rather slow rate of fire of 6 RPM, making their value as surface combatants questionable. In fact, they fill the roles of destroyer flotilla leader. Finally, it's unclear how many Japanese destroyers had already expended their torpedoes during the Battle off Samar, but at least some of them did. With these composition of forces in mind, how do you think the battle would have turned out? Personally, despite the numerical disadvantage, I consider the American force as the likely victor. But before you start leveling accusations of American bias at me, let me explain my reasoning. Center Force had expended a considerable amount of ammunition, both shells and torpedoes, against Taffy 3 during the Battle of Samar the day before. Furthermore, the Japanese crew would no doubt have been very fatigued from a day of relentless combat, whereas the American crew of TG 34.5 would be comparatively well-rested and probably have a full stock of ammunition. Furthermore, the American force would have approached the San Bernadino Strait from the east, thus having the sun to their advantage. Now, the fire control and automatic gunlaying of the American ships have been often-cited advantages (both Iowa and New Jersey were equipped with the Mark 8 FCR), and I think when all these operational factors are taken into account, the American force would more likely emerge as the victors. However, I won't deny some of the advantages that the Japanese would have in this battle; numerical superiority isn't something that can be easily written off especially in capital ships, and I believe there was still an ample supply of torpedoes. Speaking of which, aside from Tone and the Aganos, I believe you can replicate this scenario in a training room, though the number of destroyers would likely have to be cut down (and can you imagine 10 Yugumo/Kagero all running torpedo reload mod?) If someone want to try and set a scenario like this up it can be a fun little exercise, especially when Cleveland finally moves to T8. Some pictures of the two forces on Oct. 25-26, 1944. The New Jersey (BB-62) prepares to turn to port, following the Iowa (BB-61) on 26 October 1944 Yamato and a heavy cruiser, possibly Tone or Chikuma, in action in the battle off Samar Content Moderated by HeadlockMvnky
  7. Hello friends, I recently got the iowa after a long grind, and the first thing I did was install the artillery plotting room 2 modules for that -11% bonus. However playing it in the past few games has been anything but accurate. I constantly struggle to get past 40k damage on average for a game with this ship. First I thought I was just bad, but I do very well with cruisers and even when I took out the New Mexico again for a spin. I've seen videos from Noster, etc. on youtube playing with the Iowa and their shot groupings are very tight, however when I shoot most of the time my shots end up all over the place. I try to limit my engagement range between 13 to 16km so I should not be having these problems. Did something change in recent updates, why is the Iowa so bad?
  8. I just bought the Iowa, and when I try to sell the A and B hulls in the inventory, it says "unable to sell for technical reasons". How do I fix this?
  9. After a bit of a spending spree, I have officially got enough credits and free XP to buy the Iowa with all the upgrades researched. When I do, she will be my first tier 9 and I'm very much looking forward to seeing how she performs. However, herein lies the rub: I've crunched the numbers and I've found that after I sell the NC with all its modules and upgrades, purchasing the Iowa will leave me with exactly 8,859,553 credits. Is this enough to buy and equip all her upgrades, fill all of her equipment modules, and retrain my 19 point captain for her without having to buy any more gold or credits from the premium shop? I would figure this out myself, but I can't see the costs of her upgrades without actually buying the ship. Thank you in advance, 1Sherman.
  10. KingCakeBaby

    HMCS Vancouver - Fleet Week 2018

    Here are the promised pictures from the HMCS Vancouver. It's a frigate so there's not as many as the Hornet and Iowa, which can be viewed here and here if you're interested. The pictures of the air show didn't turn out as well as I hope so I'll probably be keeping those to myself. Enjoy! A few things of particular interest are the large metal tubes on the deck. These are apparently so new that the majority of the crew had no idea what they were and what they did. They're a radar, torpedo and missile countermeasure that launches an inflatable that acts as a decoy. Also those sleek black boats are actually target drones for gunnery practice.