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Found 1 result

  1. As I've stated before the post was taken over by people trying to drive the conversation any where else but on the post's actual topic, and were trying to make sure no one would talk about the issue. So I'm reposting it here, and letting the anti-cv crew go nuts in the other topic, which if the mods could please delete that one instead of this one I would be grateful. testing on the PTS with the new rocket planes. This was done by a different tester, I didn't assist in this test by any stretch of the imagination. CV Prep Time Attack Delay Lexinton HVAR 3.0s 4.0s Lexington TinyTims 3.0s 6.0s Midway HVAR 3.0s 4.0s Midway TinyTims 3.0s 6.0s Shokaku 2.0s 4.0s Hakuryu 2.0s 4.0s Implacable 3.0s 3.0s Audacious 3.0s 3.0s Parseval 2.5s 2.0s Richthofen 2.5s 1.5s As you can see from this list, this shows that rocket attacks that are being tested on the PTS are increasing the attack setup time needed for CV rocket planes from 1.5 to 6 sec on top of the 2.5-3sec that is currently there for no other reason then apparently we hurt DD's. That ship class would be the only ship class that would benefit from this as it's the hardest ship class to maintain sight and contact with while setting up a attack run. As it stands now with the 3 second setup we typically will lose contact with our targeted DD and have to guess how he's reacted to being spotted, usually we are able to get a strike or two off. depending on surrounding AAA fire. Now with this setup our attack runs will have to look something like this with the added timer. find target. Click to start the setup for attack 3 sec prep starts after that 4.5 sec attack window ( better have guessed and aimed right while keeping the tightest reticle as you can as to where that DD went in that time period.) then you have to wait ANOTHER 1.5 sec (for KM) to 6 sec (for US CV's) before your rockets leave the rails. You have to do this while maneuvering, the planes flying ahead avoiding AAA, because they don't just stop to keep your target in the reticle. All the while depending on the AAA environment your having planes fall out of the sky. All the while some charming folks here with "but muh unicum stats" will be saying it's fine etc, etc. This is not equivalent to turret rotation this is attack. Turret rotation would be the planes getting to the target. This would be like a Atlanta having a firing chain like this. click to fire. 3 sec prep, you now have 4.5 sec to aim and fire, if you do not fire in that time you have to wait 5 seconds before you can fire again. once you've clicked to fire you now have to wait a additional 4 seconds before your guns will shoot. reload time, rinse repeat. Now if you think this is fine applied to your favorite ships on top of what you have to do now to fire. Then please support this addition to cv's and Your ships as well. Everyone deserves this kind of special attention. I mean it's only fair right?