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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone I am falling back on the forum for advice since player support is totally incompetent. I think it is just a robot that sends out stock solutions. When it feels like it. Here is my situation. I have a new Dell Inspiron laptop. It has a Ryzen 7 processor and Radeon Graphics. 512 GB hard drive, 8 Ram plus I have 100 mbps internet with a 15ms ping. Since I installed WOW, it has been nothing but problems. Frozen screens, blank screens during a battle. The armory is all screwed up. Can't see the signals just the box. No time or distance data for my aiming crosshairs, can't use priority targeting for my secondary armaments, no HP bar to see what my damage is and so on. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 2x with the same result. Plus I can't even run check and repair because it locks up when checking integrity. Or I get updates not available. FYI WG is unblocked in the firewall. My old laptop is a Dell 3000 Inspiron with a i5 processor and 256 hard drive which I installed myself because the OEM was too small. WOW works like a charm. Has anyone else out there experienced similar? I am beginning to think the Ryzen 7 and the Radeon Graphics card architecture is incompatible with WOW. All the research I did on Cnet and others indicated that the R7 was a better processor than the Intel i7. I had a similar experience when I first installed WOW on an i3 Dell desktop.
  2. Recently I downloaded a camo mod in a PnF format (a folder with main.py and files in a subdirectory, just like the DamageMeter mod). I tried to paste the folder under game path \res_mods\PnFMods but it doesn't work... when I tried to look at the ship preview, it is loading forever and sometimes errors pump up...so I guess I did something wrong/forgot to do something? Alternatively, is there a way to convert this PnF mod into a regular format that I can put under the content\gameplay folder? Thanks a lot for any help!