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Found 1 result

  1. This post is purely informational, and the statistical odds might be off as much as 1%. That said, here is the breakdown of the progressive chain currently in the armory for doubloons: Item Unit price Sum Cost Rough odds of Premium ship Journey to the West Container 99 99 0.40% 2x Special Bonus Container 88 187 0.40% 2x 24hr Premium Time 1 188 0.40% Rare Bonus container 88 276 0.40% 2k Coal 99 375 0.40% 2x Journey to the West Container 139 514 0.79% 5x All signals 199 713 0.79% Journey to the West Premium Container 259 972 10.79% 2x Rare Bonus Cont 299 1271 10.79% 2M Credits 359 1630 10.79% 2x Journey to the West Premium Container 399 2029 29.79% 40k FXP 459 2488 29.79% SuperContainer 499 2987 31.29% 8x Journey to the West Container 599 3586 34.39% 100k ECXP 699 4285 34.39% 3x Journey to the West Premium Container 799 5084 64.29% 17k Coal 899 5983 64.29% 2x Unique Bonus Container 999 6982 64.29% T7 Premium Ship Container 1999 8981 100% + 64.29% All Journey to the West Containers have a chance of dropping one of the 4 premium ships associated, including 2x T9 and 2x T8 ships. The supercontainer can drop almost any premium. The T7 container will drop one of the designated t7 ships. If you were considering spending doubloons on JttW containers, this chain has strictly better pricing per container for 1, 3, and 6 containers than you can buy otherwise, plus you get extras. If you DO buy all 6 premium JTW containers, than the remaining 3 bundles will get you a T7 premium at a price lower than you could purchase any of the T7 premiums in the list, with the potential exception of the Sims B on Black Friday. If you are just wanting the T7 ship, only small number of the available ships have a price higher than that of the progressive chain when purchased directly - though note that some ships like the Ashitaka are not directly purchasable at this time.