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Found 13 results

  1. What To Do

    so I have the option of getting three ships. they all will take about the some amount of grinding to get and I plan on getting all of them. The problem is I dont know which one to get first the ships are -New Mexico -Independence -Gneisenau the gneisenau will need a little more of a grind for credits but that's about it
  2. When I go against other Independence fighters, mine always lose, so what am I doing wrong? I have Air Groups Mod 1 & 2 and Dog Fighting Expert, Air Supremacy. I have the Grumman F6F-3. I'm not losing to strafing runs, its mostly one-on-one dog fighting. Most of the time it is over open water / no enemy ships around. My planes have full ammo and full squadron... Is there another Mod/ Add-on I am not aware of? Is there a technique I am not aware of (ALT + Kill)?? (Cont + Destroy all Planes)?? (Shift + Lock Missiles)???
  3. Raptor Rescue and Indy

    So I was frustrated with my Indy in random battles, and so I decided to give operations another try this week (which happened to be Raptor Rescue). And it's the most funny I've ever had with Indy, even more fun then Ryuujo due to the more resilient planes. For now, it's solely how I'm grinding Indy, and even when I get Ranger, I'd probably not bother to advance further, at least for some time. Too much fun to be had in tier 6 operations to return my cv's to the torment that is tier 6 random mm. Really recommend it for sheer fun factor, even if I recognize it'll put me in bad habits if I ever take them back to randoms
  4. The new patch 6:14?/latest one, now provides only one default group of planes. My one fighter group can not protect my carrier as well as defend bombers or torpedo squadrons trying to attack another ship. Then it takes so long to get anther fighter group up and your carrier gets wiped out. I just don't like it. When I had two fighter groups I was able to survive the battle longer. Can't win crap anymore. One win every 7 or 8 times. You will never get invitied into a clan with those numbers. This is not fun anymore when you only have one option to use when using aircraft carriers. Anyone have the same feelings as me.
  5. New CV Captains? Need to Learn Manual Drops? Only have 3 minutes?! This video is for you!
  6. Currently I am at Tier 6 of American ships. Starting at Tier 6, I've decided to alter my gaming style. 1) I don't move captains from ship to ship, and 2) I don't move on to Tier 7 until I've mastered the Tier 6 ships. And by mastered, I mean 19pt captains. For the Farragut, Cleveland, and New Mexico, this seems fine. I've got their captains up to 15 or 16pts each. The Independence.. only 11 going on 12pts. But, I wonder, for the CV... is it worth it? The skills I've trained my captain are (so far): Aircraft Servicing Expert (1), Expert Rear Gunner (2), Emergency Takeoff (3), Air Supremacy (4). I have 1 unused point, and closing in on the next. I'm playing the ships as an Air Supremacy ship. So I look at the other skills and I wonder, are they worth it? Sure, I could eventually get concealment, or BFT, or AFT, or various Endurance skills, but I think.. Those help the ship itself, not it's air wing. If I look at the scenarios in which those skills come into play.. well.. the ship itself would be under attack. And under those circumstances, the game is probably out of hand (and not in my side's favor). So.. again.. I ask, Is anything beyond 10 or 12 captain points worth the grind? And this doesn't apply solely to the Independence I'm currently skilling, but all American CVs.. How many captains skills are enough, and at what point are gaining new ones rarely useful? There are so few skills that apply to the air wing, but to the ship, I just don't know. Anyway.. thanks for your input and thoughts. Radical_20.
  7. CV Rank Guide

    Rank Season 7 - Tier 6: All you need to know about the CV role in Rank. RYUJO INDEPENDENCE Your role as the CV will vary throughout games, and as the battle progresses. 1.Spotting 2.DD Killing 3.CV Killing 4.BB/CA Killing 5.Staying Alive Number 1-3 can be switched around depending on the circumstance… For example going for the CV snipe: You know the other CV is either a Strike Ryujo, strike Independence, or you know the other CV is a potato. Be advised that sometimes a CA may hang back protecting the CV at the start. Going for Spotting: You are unable to strike anything, thus giving your team a better eye for them to shoot at. DD Killing: You see the enemy DD pushing up too far away from enemy DF CA’s/or the DD is going to the cap near you without any support. Here's some things to watch out for when the enemy CV is sniping you: 1.You don’t see your enemy’s planes for about a minute or so. 2. You suddenly get spotted by planes. The ! with the plane symbol How to avoid snipes: 1.Your fighter is close by and if any of the things I mentioned above is suspicious, call back your fighter plane ASAP. 2.Spec your ship for AA 3.Stay close to friendly fleet 4.Take out the enemy CV before he can put in any command onto you. 5. If you are the strike Ryujo, you can take your two bombers and bring them up each side to spot the enemy's CV planes. Then you can recall your fighter or ask for support. Also be careful of enemy DD’s trying to go for you as well. Make sure your map has the Show last known ship positions toggled and be advised if you have the ! saying you are spotted. Ryujo Hangar space 48: 1/2/2 Strike Loadout: I would say only go this loadout if you are 100% comfortable with your fighter skills, enemy cv snipe skills, and just skills in general. I would probably bet Rank 10 + you will see the more experience CV players going this for the damage(and just because they feel like they always have to carry) 3/1/1 Air Superiority Loadout: You will usually see this loadout if the CV isn't confident in one's skill, or knows the person he is facing against is an AS Indy. It’s not bad at all to go this loadout to protect your teammates from CV strikes. You have to rely on your team with this loadout for the most part, so be calm and wish your teammates aren't potato. Independence Hangar space 37: 1/1/1 Stock Loadout: This loadout isn’t exactly bad. It can hold it’s own against a strike Ryujo, and if you have great fighter control you can definitely hold down an AS Ryujo. The hangar space isn’t forgiving so you have to plan your strikes effectively. 2/0/1 Air Superiority Loadout: This isn't recommended(go Ryujo AS if you want more fighters) because of the super low damage you will do. Unless you can guarantee shutting down the enemy cv in the Air and communicate with your team team regarding who used Damage Control or not. 0/1/2 Strike Loadout: You might as well just not even try. No fighters to protect your teammates, or yourself from strikes. Ryujo Commander Skills/Mods: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0001010000010000001000000001010119 You can take BFT instead of TAE if you go AS Ryujo Airgroup Mod, Airgroup Mod 2, Damage Control Mod, Damage Control Mod 2. Independence Commander Skills/Mods: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0001010000010000000010000001100119 Take expert rear gunner if you go AS Indy. Airgroup Mod, Airgroup Mod 2, Damage Control Mod, Damage Control Mod 2. Captain Skills vary from player to player, thus there is no right way to put your points into. This is just a basic over view, and if you do anything different feel free to post your set up explaining why. What ships to watch for because of their AA(expect most, if not all CA’s to have DF): DD’s: Farragut CA’s: Cleveland Leander BB’s: New Mexico Bayern That’s all for now! Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or concerns you can send me a PM.
  8. Independence MM

    What should I do since I have been landing in more and more tier 8 matches in my independence if I don't div up with a tier 5. It feels like I am completely useless since I can do minimal damage and my planes rain down even from dd's. I have no idea what to do since I can also not go for enemy cv since he has tier 6 cv AA . I end up spotting and maybe getting in a few torp and bomb hits in the match but then I end up bottom of the team with low xp.
  9. Independence is OP(G)

    just leaving this here Brought to you by: OPG
  10. Done for the weekend.

    Done for the weekend. Burnt out by the grind, frustrated at my own moronic inability not to become salty, and just plain tired. Finished the Arpeggio Challenge unexpectedly Saturday night, (didn't realize how close I was,) and finished level ten of Science of Victory just today. Used many different ships for both, but did the home stretch in Missouri, Benson, Farragut, Independence, and Ryujo, with just a touch of Warspite and Bayern, Admittedly, my choice of ships across both events was influenced by needing Tier 6 and up ships to accumulate base xp for the Arpeggio event. Despite the fact I used both of them to burn through the events that much faster, two ships in particular were the greatest source of frustration. How poorly I did in them; despite not being all that bad in the types; only served to reinforce the dislike I feel for higher tiered games. Yeah, I don't have many games in those ships, but I still think I should have done better in them... In the end; it probably comes down to my expecting high tier games to be pointless exercises in futility, (an unfortunate legacy of bitterness resulting from my getting into such games way before I should have,) and that negative attitude becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. Though a thoughtful poster on another thread of mine gave me advice on how to deal with Honorable Service, I'm still not sure I'm going to bother with it beyond the token single mission I've already completed.
  11. Upgrade to T6 cv or no?

    Hi all, Not sure if this topic is appropriate cuz it seems kinda trivial. Just wanna ask experienced CV players if it's a good time now to upgrade Bogue and Zuiho to next level. I've been hearing mixed information about high tier cv (not sure if T6 counts). So I'm not sure if I should stop cv lines at T5 or go forward. I play all lines (sort of completionist, need to research all modules before upgrade XD) and pretty much liked all ships including tin-can pepsi, but not Emerald (Oh, man... that ship..) Kinda off topic. I think I've done well with T4 T5 CVs, often ranking high on XP list, despite I'm kinda new to CV gameplay. Should I continue going? Why are there minimal amount of CV players at high tiers, I think I've never seen Midway and Hakuryu,( haven't played much on T8 tho, as most of my other ships are finishing T7). Is it due to AA on regular ships?
  12. Play as Carrier Commander is a complete different experience in World of Warships. Of course you still will be shooting at moving things but you have to handle far more variables and also a different environment. Basically you need two ways of synchronized thinking at the same time: as Air Commander you have to run squads while as Ship Captain you have to move your big (your very big) ship not too far from the battle zone and not close to the enemy ships. Remember that they consider you the prize. And if the things work out, they will consider you a treat so you are the first to shoot at and in the next level when you play really well, enemy will consider you a hateful thing and you will become their mission. The better you synchronize your two ways of thinking (Air Commander and Ship Captain) the more effective you will become. Be aware, that (like in the other ships) not always things go right. But with CVs is more clear because once you select your loadout (which amount and which kind of planes) your approach during the battle is defined. You wont operate in the same way when you have a defensive configuration (full of fighters) or when you are in offensive Mode (Strike Package: no fighters, my 1st option always). When you reach Essex, you have a better mix of loadouts but, I have not been there yet and I can not explain how it is. So far I am with Lexington and although my 1st 3 games went pretty bad, I found my way and started to kill things (they at this tier has an insane AA and fighters are Fighters with capital F and you will kill them, the poor bastards anyway ). I will stay a while with Lex. I have myself a superb AA, planes are wonderful and most important: the ship is beatiful. Lady Lex, they used to say. One special note before get into the matter. If the enemy insults you in the chat, means you r having a nice performance. Sometimes in the chat, not your enemy but someone of your team insults you. It will happen no matter what. Dont react, because operate planes and the ships in real time is a far more demanding task than operates one ship w Guns. You dont have to waste yr precious and very much needed time in other thing that aiming at the Orange targets. Chat is important ONLY if there is team work. If it is not present, the one who is insulting you is only another distraction to your main task: Keep moving after orange things. Sometimes, such teammates that insult me without knowing how intense is to run a CV in WOW, I have considered them as enemy target and tried to bomb them as well just to find out they are already sunk by enemy. Probably due to a poor performance, Probably cos they chat too much. Frustration causes such reactions. Of course being a CV commander also will be sometimes frustrated (you know also from regular ships: you aim at everything and hit nothing while enemy is pounding you). It happens with the planes too. BUT (and this is the real but) in some point during the battle you will be accurate and BOOM, you will blow out someone or at least let him cripple for the rest of the battle. Langley: First steps I have not play with IJN carriers yet for the very same reason I have not tried the cooperative battles yet: no time. First thing with Langley is get used to the environment and since I and my opponents (bots and other players) were not very skilled in the beginning you just watch how the squads shoot at each other. You will learn in this tier how to approach to the targets: ships and other planes. Necessities of the battlefield will teach you that if you want to prevail in a dogfight, you have to actualize your fighters. Also you will learn that US fighter squad’s arr superior to IJN planes. In higher tiers this difference stays. Don’t be afraid to engage them but avoid two at the same time. Once you kill the first ship with a single salvo of torps, you have been hooked: you will ask for more. Dive bombers will kill the unfinished business (yours or of others) of near death ships and but still, everything goes too slow. Probably you will be exploring you tube. Don’t miss those clips where a single Essex deletes 5 ships in 10 minutes. Those clips will inspire you to move forward. Langley is just baby steps. Meanwhile explore how things looks from top. Views of the ship from top are really really beautiful. Enjoy the view, the hardest test in the CV line is the next: Bogue Bogue: the real test for a CV commander Yep. No doubt. Bogue is the challenge. Here you will decide if you want to stay and become the Best on the battlefield or go back as regular leading BBs shooting from far away. The test is not about your skills. Test is if u can survive the most bored ship in the entire US American fleet. In the same way that Cleveland is good in everything, Bogue is bad in everything: it is slow, easy to locate by enemies, weak and has few planes that are not superior in anything. How to pass Bogue? There are two ways. I choose the easiest: I paid. To pay is good. WOW will take you more serious. They will say: well, this is a customer, a real one and the give you a prize: The Independence. If you choose to stay, I cannot figure out what you will learn. Perhaps the skills of Your commander will accumulate another point but beyond that, I cannot see any further advantage. We have to ask to others who passed the test. Independence. Now we are in business Ok. Independence. This is a Carrier. A real one that can harm the orange team. In this Tier you will learn how to use your squads and how to exploit them. Since the main weakness is the limited number of planes, you will start to be more careful and more effective. 1st goal in this Tier is the improvement of the hull. You will obtain more planes and also better AA. Then the planes. Specially the fighters and stay a while with the 1 1 1 load. In this Tier you have to (you really have to) learn to use the manual mode. For me, learn how to drop torps was the most difficult issue. And still is. Learn how to drop torps has only one way: practice. No other. There is no any special trick nor technology that helps. Some days you have it, some days don’t. Like a MLB (Major League Baseball) pitcher. Drop bombs manually is also important but I do not use it very often. No time during the battle From this point you will have to choose strike configurations (0 1 2) or defensive loads (2 0 1) In my case, I started to use the fighter as escort for my TB. I realized that in my case I prefer to sink ships. So I rapidly went to the 0 1 2 configuration: the Strike CV. Kill other planes is nice, is very rewarding and very useful for the fleet. But is not my thing. If I cannot sink ships then I am only a band of mosquitos. But if you like AA and defensive configurations, pick the 2 fighters and learn how to use the manual mode: strafing. Nothing more destructive than a fighter within his barrage of fire. It is very painful when you lost 3 squads in just one pass of fighters. But it requires (as with the torps) lot of practice. After Independence is Ranger, by then you are an Air Commander and no more restrictions: you will have 4 squads at the same time and lot of planes in the hangar. Independence is a nice ship. I sold mine in order to purchase a higher Tier ship but all my savings in moneygame will be invested in recover it. Ranger: need a CV commander Once you have a Ranger, there is no restrictions. Except very higher Tier ships like Iowas with heavy AA, you can treat anyone in the battlefield. You can project your power anywhere you want. Yor only restriction is protect your own ship If with Independence you learn how to optimize your planes and become an Air Commander with Ranger you have to become a ship Captain. How to protect your ship includes a smart location not far from your planes but also hidden from enemy ships. Good news is in this Tier your teammates are more cooperatives and associations are more effective. Sometimes for AA, Sometimes for ship protection against DDs. You will really need those. With Ranger you will combine your two ways of thinking: Air Commander and Ship Captain. Ranger is fast, so relocate her it is not a problem. Also the hangar is nice and the upgraded fighter can cover a lot (if you use fighters) but as always I will recommend the strike load if you want to make a difference in the battlefield. A Ranger can easily take 3 ships in one battle. Not always of course but if you are good with torps you will do a lot of damage and always will get a lot of credits. Ranger is a moneymaker Lexington is not Lexington. A real threat Lexington. Ok. Has the same number of planes as Ranger and same configurations after the last patch in 2016. Still there is a huge tactical difference: Lexington can operate alone. Her AA is superb, the survivability is far better and if a DD come too close, is dead. There is only one problem: I am intimidated about how expensive it is to maintain the ship, maxim when all others in the Tier have superior AA as well. But if you are not concern about that, it worth. Lexington can deal with everything except another Lexington perhaps. At least not easily it will take a while till I go to Essex. It is my plan to enjoy the Lex. From time to time, I will find a Ranger with defensive config and join in formation. Lex provides AA and Ranger can cover the TBs and DBs. See you in a while. And let see what brings Saipan class to the fleet
  13. enjoy! http://news.usni.org/2015/04/17/noaa-boeing-survey-wwii-era-carrier-uss-independence-sunk-near-san-francisco-in-1951