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Found 2 results

  1. I'm thinking that giving the capability for DD to spawn once or twice per game can bring more balance to their current state. In most games, DDs sink at the beginning due to the abundance of radar at high tiers. Combined with permaspotting from CVs and upcoming submarines, their survivability will only decrease while their duties increase in being the main class to counter submarines. Usually, the team that loses all its DDs first ends up being the losing team. As a result, it's a matter of killing DDs as fast as possible to secure victory. It also makes sense to bring more fairness to DD players to have limited respawns, because historically, DDs have always been cheaper and faster to build compared to CAs, BBs, and CVs. Since you get what you pay for, DDs are inherently weaker than the other ship types and rely on quantity as well as the element of surprise to win battles. By allowing a respawn or two, DDs can become more effective and durable to counter submarines as well as CVs.
  2. Raven_Smith_1

    I wanna get excellent

    I want to get really, really, really good. I've been playing for a while, but I don't associate with excellent players. I don't know how to be super unicum in all things. I don't know how to properly strategize my location. I don't know what the hurricane league is. I don't know where the big boys hang out. I'm jealous of Flamu. I want new friends. I want to learn how to game the game. I want to at least try to play at a semi-professional level. Where do I go?