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Found 1 result

  1. Ships used/Games played: CA: Pensacola/2 BB: Fuso/5, New Mexico (Stock Configuration)/5 CL: Dallas/2 I am posting here my thoughts on submarines: Interactions with Subs: -CA: Minimal Since heavy cruisers lack way to directly damage submarines below periscope depth, direct interaction was limited to dodging torpedoes when directly interacting with submarines. The presence of a submarine did not otherwise alter my usual heavy cruiser play (Defend friendly destroyers from cruisers and enemy destroyers) - BB: Minimal Battleships lack any way to directly damage submarines below periscope depth and are thus limited to dodging torpedoes when directly interacting with submarines. Otherwise my usual battleship play was not altered. (Backing up cruisers and destroyers at important points or flanks, observing enemy position especially torpedo sources, aggressive use of WASD hacks). - CL: Minimal Access to Depth Charges did not directly impact my usual light cruiser play, as the risk of death chasing a sub is too great until the game has been decided. Of course being one of the few non-destroyer classes that can damage subs and being equipped with hydroacoustic search, makes survival extremely important. (Island camping/open water action, destroyer hunting, burning down battleships) Submarines (damage, threat, issues): - Dumb fire and standard homing torpedoes seem to be equivalent in damage to air dropped torpedoes. - To my knowledge, I have not yet suffered a citadel hit, so I have no remarks as of yet. - Subs are another torpedo source, going bow in appears to work. - Subs are very slow when submerged, and it is unlikely that they will move far from their last sighted position. - If a sub rises into the bottom of an enemy vessel, it is considered a ram. The sub typically loses. - Cruisers and destroyers have an easier time dodging homing torpedoes as their speed an maneuverability can mess with the torpedoes' tracking. - Battleships seem to be able to dodge torpedoes that are launched from 4 km with little difficulty, provided the battleship is bow in. - At 2 km, at least one torpedo is practically guaranteed if the sub surfaces and fires into a bow in battleship. - It seems possible to bait homing torpedoes fired at a broadside to overshoot when in a battleship (more testing required). - There does not appear to be an indicator to notify the player that they have been pinged. - Most submarine captains only contribution to a match was destroyer spotting. Closing thoughts: I observed most sub victims were generally in open water and already vulnerable, although this is likely a consequence of the fresh release and questionable decisions by ship captains. Submarines did not seem to have a major influence on the match EXCEPT when they are interacting with destroyers. The spotting mechanics between destroyers and subs appear quite troublesome and can put destroyers in horribly vulnerable positions (provided the destroyer didn't yolo to begin with.). Destroyer can be spotted in smoke by submarines due to the nature of if their expected interaction, and I expect that I will find more issues when I test destroyers later.The remaining surface ship play did not seem notably different from normal until the match had reached endgame. The inability for battleships and heavy cruisers to damage submarines is concerning as it leaves them with no options to eliminate submarines if all depth charge equipped ships have been sunk (which is fairly common even in random battles). While actually adapting to the presence of a submarine does not appear to be difficult, the fact that dedicated ASW weapons are only available to fragile and high-priority-target vessels is an issue that must be addressed if submarines are ever expected to be released as a permanent addition to live servers. Other observations: - Entire teams will lemming in the direction of a sighted submarines. (Likely due to "first day on release" hype. Hopefully this will stop.) - Complacent CV's can be killed, but the sub has to run a gauntlet of ships to do so. By the time the sub is in torpedo range, the match is usually decided. - There is an unusually high number of carrier players in submarine battle. - If entering submarine battle, expect to see lots of torpedoes. - Most people are having trouble using the sub to its full potential. - Some people don't read the news :P. - Subs have not improved minimap awareness. Addition Information: This is the first in a planned series of posts that will run the entire length of the submarine event. My hope is that these posts will be an important resource for the community to use when deciding how the feel about they new ship class.The next post will be my thoughts on games played in carriers and destroyers. This is also my first post on a forum ever, so please excuse any errors and notify me of anything that I could do to improve the quality of the post. In addition, I am a relatively new player (with about 1000 total games played) and I have not yet learned how to play each ship class optimally. As such I am ignorant of a lot of ship specific information which might have an important impact on the developing role of submarines in game. So understand that my view of this new ship class might be skewed or completely ignorant of a larger issue. Thanks for the read and mind the torpedoes!