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Found 2 results

  1. lordholland4293

    Dev blog Halloween impressions

    I have read the dev blog on the Halloween mode and I am slightly disappointed in wows. I feel like this Halloween is similar to steel hunters in wots, don't get me wrong I'll give it a try. Though if you enter into a div in key hunt, and your only one who has a key, that would mean your div mates get screwed unless they kill players who have a key. An what happens if a player leaves the zone wiht rhe key and screws thr rest of the members. I see alot of clans sync dropping randomly and hope they par up like in ranked. A whole div should be able to use a key and drop from the port like in the filth event and also allow T10 camo infernal camo to be given. Though I would rather have an event like the old halloween operations or last year's filth event. I have to disagreed wiht the forcing on pvp down our thoughts. Halloween has traditionally been a fun and relaxing event. I am sure there are others who will disagree with me. An I know this is still prelimary info but it worries from a veterans wows perspective. Hopefully @Hapa_Fodder, can pass on any concerns to the dev stream on friday.
  2. lordholland4293

    USSR Bagration

    I am going to keep this short and highlight the ship. It feels like a donski and T8, its but bulky. It does have 4-5 heals when fully spected. So you can be agressive. I doesn't have radar, so DDs could be a problem. Has like 9k more health then ochakov. Gun archs fairly flat, and user friendly. Easy to cit so have to be careful and play mid to long range. GIves you a boost if you want a tiny boost for the new event. Great for kitting, and Ap is super strong on broadside crusiers. Great ship to learn the Russian cruisers on!