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Found 1 result

  1. TL/DR at the bottom So, I'm one of those folks who didn't see the fine print and thought I could "earn" the Implacable. And now that we've beaten that horse to death (link)... to be blunt, I want it. Since the CV change, I find the T4 (and to a lesser extent T6) to be terribly boring. The T8 is the sweet spot IMO, though really under powered when in a T10 match, I think the lack of good tier balancing of CVs and AA is a mess at the higher levels. I do like the different style of bombers that the T6 Furious has. Anyway, it'll cost me 4K doubloons "db" to convert to florins (~ $19USD) as I'm 720 Florins "flo" short. I'll get the 6500db for $30 so I have some extra db for dismounting ship upgrades and Zulu flags. I could get 8 containers (100 flo per container) $24 and hope for ships and other luck, but I immediately bought 5 prem air containers for $15 - which got resulted in no luck with ships, all camo and flags. I did it as my thanks for releasing the Alaska. FWIW, I bought 100 of the 3/14 camos for $27 ------------------ So for $19 I get the Imp package, the question is then... is it worth that? Lets see what my math says: $3 value: 7 days of prem is worth about when bought in quantity which I do. (I currently have 151 days of prem.) $3 value: 10 pt captain is nice, but no biggie for me. I have lots of prem ships I like and have six 19 pt commanders, so getting the free capt exp up to 10 pts isn't a challenge. But I'll just throw a small value on it anyway. $12 value: Seven each of eight types of special flags. You can get the special flags in other ways - air crates, or buying the various containers. Biz gives best value, you 14/20 for $3 not sure on the odds of getting the 20, but just for 14 specials, then 7 are worth $1.50 ea. There are 8 specials in the Imp set, so that's $12 ??? value: 25 of 8 normal flags - somewhat tough to judge the value on these. The kicker here is that the Florins I already have can be used for buying flags. In fact, depending on which flags I would want, I am LOSING flags to get these. But that's mostly because I want the "economic" type flags (which aren't in the Imp deal.) If I converted the crowns I have to florins, I will have 2500 flo. That would get me 100 Union Jack camo (don't need after buying the 3/14s). Or 150 PapaPapa and 150 ZuluHotel flags (free xp & captain) or just 350 Zulu Hotel flags (+50% captain.) Even when I earn these (most days,) and get the dailies, I play more than I can earn. Now, WG is clearly trying to reduce the # of flags available to players. This month instead of more flags for reaching the "hard" daily challenge, we get a perma camo for a prem ship that I don't own or care about. But as you can't buy any of these flags, their value is up to what you think it is. But bearing in mind that I'm giving up the flags I could buy instead... I'm calling this a dubious value at all. Math wise, buying all those regular flags is a 12000 florin value, though who needs more Juliet Charlie flags anyway??? So all that adds up to $18, is a fully upgraded T8 CV worth $1? I'm also giving up what I could've bought with all the florins I already have. But in the end, I think I just sold myself an Imp. ------------------ Two side notes: 1) Isn't it amazing how WG can "give" us free stuff and because it wasn't clear as day to everyone, we still feel cheated? I didn't feel cheated at all about spending money for the Cossack (which I don't like as a ship as much as the Lightning btw.) Even if you don't decide to buy the Imp, you can spend all those flo on whatever flags and camos your heart desires. :) 2) I'm almost finished up with the Exeter missions. If WG had made it so that the Exeter could've been used for all the "earn" it missions, I would've bought it. But just not worth the $ since I already wanted to level up my CA & BB lines. BTW, did I mention that the Cossack is lame? Who wants a DD that is good at hunting DDs when so few DDs are in matches now with the new CV meta? ------------------ TL/DR - If you did as much grinding as I did, when you weigh in all the other parts of the package, the ship part cost is around $1