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Found 50 results

  1. anonym_xe9Liq3xS1K1

    Can We have Zuikaku?

    Can the Zuikaku as a tier VIII premium CV with a different load out? Why I'm ask because "Kaku" is a crane and have one without the other means incomplete cane set. If it come to the game give it a cane camouflage . So we have both twin canes. http://navypedia.org/ships/japan/jap_cv_shokaku.htm
  2. NO! Put that body pillow away, this is serious time for serious talk about a game that can't be taken seriously anymore. So yeah, Japanese submarine time. But first, some context. IJN SS's are, well to put it lightly weird. The IJN had two distinct classes of submarine during this time; 1st Class submarines of which the I-56 is one. These were the large, cruiser type submarines designed for ultra-long range patrol and scouting (like a cruiser would!) Then you have the 2nd Class subs, which are the coastal submarines meant to defend home waters and patrol around the South and East China seas. With I-56 being the only IJN SS in the game up to this point, I naturally assumed that this line will consist of 1st Class cruisers to start. Almost immediately I began to run into problems with this: 1) most of the designs were iterative and would need to be weeded out to find the best and most tier appropriate examples and 2) separating the aircraft carrying submarines (yes, plural) from the non aircraft carrying ones. Quick sidebar; because of the proliferation of carrier submarines with Japan, I strongly believe that this tree will be the first in the game with two distinct SS branches. More so that Pan-Europe, way more so than even the Soviet Union. Anyway, eventually I was able to cobble up a suitable tier VI Cruiser SS (Kaidai V series I-65-class) and even find a strong candidate for tier VIII (Hei-Gata C1 series, I-16-class) but then I ran into problem number 3: finding a suitable tier X. Other than several mentions of an "E series" submarine that was supposed to standardize and replace the now cancelled but slated for construction B and C types, I didn't find much and even then, nothing other than some very general information on this new cruiser sub. Now the aircraft carrying versions are a whole other story, and if anyone wants to see what that line could look like, let me know in the comments! But with the non aircraft carrying cruisers coming to a dead-end, I turned my attention to the 2nd class SS's, and was met with much more luck (and IMO more interesting subs!) Therefore the IJN boats of this line will have the following traits: medium to large-ish displacement offering good HP pools (though nowhere near what comparable cruiser SS's like I-56 have). Torpedo armament, like I-56 will be all forward and will also be rather modest with only 4-6 TTs in total. The tradeoff though is they are still Japanese torps; sooper high damage per fish but with moderate speed and crappy stealth. Finally they will be fast, like fastest SS's in the game fast. Like every WoWs-tuber will rage that this is breaking/ killing the game once and for all fast. BUT! This will be mitigated somewhat by having only mediocre mobility and transition speeds, as well as average stealth at best. Essentially summing up their gameplay in one word: Tier VI: Type L4, RO-60-class These boats started out as licensed copies of the British L-class submarines from Vickers, itself a larger development of the WWI era E-class boats. Further successive development of the base design lead to the L4 series in the late 1920s. Despite being considered "2nd Class" or a coastal boat, these were still fairly heavy and large compared to their European counterparts with ~1000/1322 tonnes displacement and an armament consisting of 6 21" TTs, all forward. Now some of you may look at that and think oooh, that's a lotta alpha from a tier VI SS, but fear not as this submarine was using 6th Year type torpedoes rather than the newer and heavier type 95 (essentially submarine compatible Long Lances). 6th Year torps are the same as on the tier IV Isokaze, hence the two extra tubes to compensate. Oh and it has a little 3" gun up top for... funsies I guess? Tier VIII: Kaichū VI (or VII)/ Sen-Chū series, RO-35-class The Kaichū series were a class of boats that were built concurrently along the L series starting from the late nineteen-teens to the early 20's. Licensed from an older French design, the first 5 series were mostly the same and eventually superseded by the later L series boats. However, this proved to be rather nearsighted by the mid 1930's as nearly all the older WWI vintage 2nd class boats were becoming rapidly obsolete. So a crash program was initiated to begin building new, replacement 2nd class submarines and the Kaichū series was chosen as the starting point. the RO-35-class boats were the final iteration of this long lineage. Displacement comes in at 975/1470 tonnes and this thing is fast. Even IRL it was capable of nearly 20kts on the surface (so make of that what you will in game terms) and a not best but still respectable 8kts underwater. They were also fitted with a freon based air conditioning unit as they knew they'd be operating near the equator, which doesn't make any difference in game but I still thought that was pretty novel and worth sharing. Anywhoo, down to just 4 21" TT's now but they are the big, heavy bois so alpha should be strong. Oh and still that same 3" pop gun for good measure. Tier X: Sentaka type, I-201-class Here it is, fastest* submarines of WWII (depending on who you ask). Her IRL top speed was actually faster below water than above, with 15.8kts on the surface and a blistering 19kts submerged so again make of that what you will in in-game performance terms. Setting aside the speed, these boats were remarkably advanced for their time especially as Japan really didn't get to see much of the technology that went into the Type XXI U-boats that the west basically modeled their entire postwar submarine fleets around. It has significant hydrodynamic improvements, no deck gun ( though it did have 2 stowable 25mm AA cannons on pintle mounts), improved batteries, improvements to reduce noise and even a snorkel! Displacement comes in at 1290/1500 tonnes so it's a pretty solid boat HP wise and rounding out the armament with 4 forward TT's, same as before. Overall, I think this could be a really interesting high risk/ high reward ship who's only real defense is to run like hell if you get spotted or miss your torp run and hope you get out of the engagement range of ASW/ DCs (or focused down by aircraft). So there you have it, what the IJN 2nd class line could look like. Again, if you want to see what the hybrid carrier sub line could look like, let me know. For now we'll finish up in the far east with the Pan Asian subs, so stay tuned!
  3. anonym_xe9Liq3xS1K1

    Akagi if is possible?

    I know Akagi is another IJN CV that everyone after the Kaga came out. (Some of us are foaming at mouth including me). If is possible to have it as a tier VI? With load out for the battle of Midway? That would be A6M2, D3A1, & B5N2. http://navypedia.org/ships/japan/jap_cv_akagi.htm Some people may not like this idea. But here it goes: Next time WG does another Azur Lane premium bundle can we have this? If any can find other video's about Akagi combat history. Go ahead and post it.
  4. xtraBlood

    IJN torpedo drop

    Hello, When playing IJN CV's I tend to try to drop my torpedo's as close as possible to guarantee a hit while other people say to drop farther because of the speed and range of the torpedo's. Just want to know if I should start dropping at farther range to conserve planes.
  5. The Japanese battleship line is one of the oldest ship lines in the game. It has been power crept, and hasn't been touched in years, other than some slight balance changes. I propose the split of it into 2 lines, a battleship line, and a fast battleship/battlecruiser line. I propose this split happens at T6. T5 - Kongo REEEEEE BUT KONGO ISN'T T6 YOU LIED Kongo will be the branch off point for these 2 lines. The 1st line, battleships, will come from the hull upgrade. The 2nd line, battlecruisers, will come from the engine upgrade. T6 Fuso/ T7 Nagato/T9 Izumo Fuso and Nagato will be the 1st and 2nd ships of the BB subbranch. Basically nothing will change for them. Izumo will be a smoother transition into Yamato with our new T8... T8 Tosa Finally, a new ship. Tosa will replace Amagi in the battleship branch as the new T8 battleship. She is very similar to Amagi, as the latter was basically a lengthened version of the former. Tosa's stats will be similar to Amagi's, with the primary differences being a larger HP pool, slower speed, and a reinforced armor belt. She will also have slightly stronger secondaries (having more of them) but slightly worse AA. Essentially, the battleship line replace Amagi with Tosa (as IMO it always should have been), but little else has change for them. Now, for the battlecruiser line, we're bringing back a familiar friend from the Arpeggio of Blue Steel series... T6 Haruna BUT FRANK HARUNA IS A KONGO CLONE YOU CAN'T DO THAT True. Haruna, when stock, will basically be Kongo with improved stats. However, this Haruna isn't the same ship as Kirishima and Hiei who got lambasted at Guadalcanal. No, this is a battle hardened veteran (albeit archaic), with slightly better reload, a little more HP, and a bit more accurate. Anyways, I needed an excuse to put a buffed Kongo at T6. We will give her Speed Boost, as will we give all the ships of this new BB line. This brings us to her upgraded hull. No longer is the Kongo class stuck with Kongo B Hull, you now can enjoy historical accuracy with your 1945 hull (ignore the Russian ships and fantasy paper boats). This will give you better AA (you can actually shoot stuff down now) and more health. T7 Sakurajima Meet the B61 class battlecruiser. I would like to thank the following post for much of the information and name http://www.shipbucket.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=10380 The guns are labeled 3-Y, implying 3rd Year 16 inch, however they are labeled 14 inch. WG could execute this either way, or even make the 16 inch guns a trade off module (longer reload, more damage/pen). As far as I can tell, and from what the sources tell me, this was meant to be an interim between Kongo/Nagato and Amagi. may or may not have turtlebaka, can't tell. She would play like a cross between Haruna and Amagi, leaning more depending on which guns were selected. B Hull will be a hypothetical refit (WG could make something up). Alternatively, there were plans for B-65 cruiser with 14 inch guns. This would be Azuma with 14 inch guns at T7. T8 Amagi You already know what goes here. Will receive speed boost, but will lose some health as a result. T9 Suruga What do you mean I can't buff Kii and put her here? How bout I do anyways. Suruga (stole name from Azur Lane) will be very similar to Kii, being the same class. The A hull is basically Kii, but with more health. The B hull will have her adding more AA, removal of the remaining casemate guns, more health, and a large helping of 100mm guns. T10 Yashima I have 2 proposals, the name is a placeholder because I was too lazy to research the internal structure of Japanese provinces The Project 13 battleship had many different proposal. This one has 8 18 inch guns (most likely 460). The class was to have a speed of 30 knots and a 330mm belt. Turtlebaka armor The 2nd one is design A-120. She would be a bit weaker, only having a 229mm belt and displacing much less. She also only has 410mm guns, so no overmatch. This drawing is of the 1916 version, if she was actually built, she would have been modernized considerably. Maybe a Kongo style refit for more armor or a Guilio Cesare type refit giving up a turret for more speed and secondary/AA power. also has turtlebaka Now this wouldn't be a new line without a premium, so I give you... T9 Settsu Like Georgia? Well then you'll love Settsu, clocking in at 37 knots. Her firepower is 2/3 of a Musashi with Georgia'd reload. She has a secondary gimmick with improved dispersion. She explodes when lightly tapped by shells. Thin armor belt, would get slapped. Settsu is the Battleship O project for the 8-8 plan. She would have poor AA, but would be able to drift around the opponents with a maximum speed of 39.96 knots using her speed boost (I gave her normal, 15% would have been insane). Vulnerable to HE spam and overmatch, but has the IJN turtlebaka armor for some trolling if you aim too high. Would love to hear your thoughts for this proposal
  6. Here is my proposal for what a full IJN Tech Tree might look in the future, including premiums ships, some known and some not know. I included images of most of the CVs basing them on real carriers that existed or were started construction but never finished (The only Exception being Hakuryu). Using light carriers for the Alt Support line as they should be and using strike carriers for the Alt Attack line. Hope you like, this is just a visualization and not in any way a gameplay Idea, so that way WG or you people can go creative with each concept to make the unique and different. View Directly https://imgur.com/a/HmWdsnH IJN Visualized Tech Tree.pdf
  7. Nightlock_

    Best Torp Botes

    Hey Guys, I'm a relatively new DD player and i like being a torpedo boat, so naturally i tried IJN, im up to the Isokaze, and its great, I love it. I really like the line but i hear from every single person that the IJN dds are shiz after the nerfs to torp stealth and the guns, and tell me that ijn dds in general are crap, They say that shima is worst T10 dd in the game, and now i dont know if i really want to play through the IJN line anymore. I honestly dont care about guns, (i don't know how to use them without being nuked ;) because i dont use them that often, so what would you guys say?. Also how effective is the akizuki line at knife fighting and how is the manuevrability and concealment on them??
  8. I love and play all the lines of the IJN; BB, CV, DD, Cruisers (which are like big DDs). But the one ship I would like to play has supposedly been put out of my reach for eternity, I started playing world of warships just after Musashi was removed from the store, so I never had a chance to get it. I completely understand the developers reasons for removing Mushasi from the store (not saying I agree or disagree) but removing it completely?!? Musashi was removed to my knowledge because it was becoming too popular in the tier 9 line up (too many being played); the same reason was used to remove the Jean Bart, but then they add Jean Bart B to the store. I think they should add Musashi to the steel, coal, or RP (research point) ship lines, I think it fits there perfectly. I am not saying make it cheep (I think 30,000 steel sounds reasonable), but at least make it obtainable through some means besides preying on Santa containers (since I don't own most of the premium ships and odds are near zero to get a musashi in the first place, I'm not even gonna try that way unless I literally win the lottery). If the Musashi is added to the steel, coal, or RP ship lines, I will save all my resources to get it, no matter how long it takes. I feel like I'm not alone in my thoughts and would like to see the Musashi become obtainable again in some way or form.
  9. The US Navy has Franklin Delano Roosevelt as their Tier 10 Premium Aircraft carrier. The German Navy will possibly have 2 Tier 10 Premium Aircraft Carriers: M. Immelmann and W. Voss can't find the image =( So how about considering a Tier 10 Premium Aircraft Carrier for Imperial Japanese Navy? IJN Shinano Ship Cost - 31000 Steel because there is no ship cost 31000 Steel Hit Point... If we compare the hit points between Hakuryu(63,100), Midway(67,600), F.D.R.(67,600), Manfred Von Richthofen(65,300) and Audacious(63,400), we can get the lowest HP - 63,100 and highest HP - 67,600. Hit Point for IJN Shinano should be between 64,000 and 66,000. Length 268m Beam 36.3m Draught 10.3m Secondary Armaments 8 Twin 127mm dual-purpose guns Firing Range - 5.2km Rate of Fire - 18 shots/min Reload time - 3.33 seconds HE shell - 100mm HE type 98 (same as Hakuryu) Initial HE shell velocity - 800 - 900m/sec Chance of fire on target caused by HE shell - 6 - 11% AA Defence 35 triple 25mm AA guns Average damage per second - between 110 - 170 Firing Range - between 3 - 5km 12 28 barrelled 120mm AA defence rocket launchers (28 explosions per salvo) Average damage per second - between 290 - 340 Firing Range - between 5 - 8km 40mm Bofors "chi" type 98 Average damage per second - 242 Firing Range - 3.51km (according to Hakuryu, doesn't need to be added) Maneuverability Top speed - 29 - 35 knots Turning radius - 1108m Rudder Shift time - 20 - 24 seconds Concealment(Shinano is smaller than Hakuryu) Detectability by sea Shinano - 12 - 14km Hakuryu - 15.66km Detectability by air Shinano - 8 - 10km Hakuryu - 11.42km Aircraft Compliment Rocket Attack Planes - Ki 84 hei Hayate Rockets in payload - 8 damage - 2000 - 3000 Fire Chance - 11% Cruise speed - 150 - 180 Hit points - 1500 - 2000 Squadron size - 9 planes, 3 per attack run Number of Aircraft on deck - 14 Aircraft Restoration time - 60 - 80 seconds Torpedo planes - B7A2 Ryusei Torpedo in payload - 1 Range - 3 - 4km damage - 3000 - 4000 flooding chance - 43 - 58% Cruising speed - 120 - 140 Hit points - 1700 - 2300 Squadron size - 12 plane, 4 per attack run Number of aircraft on deck - 18 Aircraft Restoration time - 70 - 90 seconds Dive bombers - B6N2 Bombs in payload - 1 Bomb type - armour piercing maximum damage - 7000 - 11000 Cruising speed - 130 - 150 Hit points - 1300 - 1900 Squadron size - 12 planes, 3 or 4 per attack run number of aircraft on deck - 18 Restoration time - 80 - 100 seconds
  10. Longtime player, somewhat new forum poster. Forgive me for being bad at formatting. This is essentially going to be a giant essay. I'll try to space it out to be easier on the eyes. The Izumo. No matter what people think of her, she is well known. Especially by those who've played her. Izumo is notorious as the insurmountable last hurdle to getting the Yamato. But for a lot of people the grind is anything but smooth. I want to explore this more and figure out why exactly the attitude towards this ship is the way it is. In my experience when I first grinded her, Izumo was indeed a pain. But way back then I was a terrible player in general. I was bad at everything and Izumo was punishing my mistakes even more than usual. But let's for a moment assume that most people who personally grinded Izumo were actually competent at that stage of their play history, unlike me. Still, why does the ship get so much hate? Is it all hearsay and bad reputation or is she really a bad ship, and if people are doing bad in her, why is that and how can they fix this? So Let's get down to business(to defeat the Huns) And to take a look at Izumo's glaring weaknesses. Her stock form is atrocious, ugliness aside(I actually like the C hull's look a lot), you are going to have a rough time with Izumo's initial stats. Let's go down the line. HP: 76,500. Starting off you have more HP than Iowa and Friedrich, But they beat you once out of stock. Good news is you beat Lion.... Speed: 27.1 Kts. You start off around the same as the other T IX BB's but you stay the slowest out of stock. Rudder Shift: 26 seconds. Every BB at this tier starts out equally as bad, but Izumo is still the worst. Out of stock is a bit more playable but the competition still leaves much to be desired. Especially since other BB's can afford rudder shift upgrades where Izumo is forced to use damage control for reasons that will be addressed. Concealment: 19.26 Km Absolutely atrocious. The worst stock value in the game. Now here is possibly her biggest weakness of all. She is covered in 32 mm plating from bow to stern and has a wide open deck. This means that any cruiser or RN BB will see you as food and boy will they feast. Not only from fires but from HE pen as well. Your only chance of protection is if shells hit your turrets. Which isn't desirable, as they are all in one spot and if they are knocked out you lose a lot of firepower. The above alone is enough to easily make people hate their experience and disown the Izumo for good. Not to mention in updates past she had absolutely unusable guns as well. Now Lets focus on what the Izumo does well. Which is surprisingly a lot of things. First Izumo has very good guns. These things hit hard, and are reasonably accurate. Izumo's guns tend to hit for high damage very consistently from steep angles sometimes. But it's her turret traverse that is her sweet spot. Compared to Yamato, and some of the other battleships in her tier Izumo has very fast turning turrets. Stock, they turn 180* in 40 seconds flat. With Expert Marksman, this goes down even further to 34.6. With Main Battery mod 2 even further to 30.6. Additionally you can run MBM 2 and 3 simultaneously to enjoy a 27 second reload and 34.6 traverse. In short these are very responsive guns that unlike their more responsive German competition, are very accurate. Even sans the aiming systems upgrade. This is a far cry from Yamato's turret ergonomics, which in my opinion are Yamato's biggest weakness. Personally I think these responsive turrets make up for the awkward no. 3 Derp turret, or at least make them in line with other 3 turret battleships that can enjoy firing directly to the rear. Now her outer Armor scheme is very bad but her internal armor scheme is pretty good. A near submerged citadel with a nice beefy belt covering it. Additionally, similar to Amagi, Izumo also has a nice thick rear armor belt. This may not see much use, but it is interesting nontheless. Now taking all this into account, let's try to assess whether or not the Izumo is really a bad ship or not. Her atrocious concealment can be brought down to a playable amount somewhere around 14 Km. (forgive me as I don't have a fully specced captain for her at the moment.) This mitigates one of her worst weaknesses to a good enough level that lets a skilled player position themselves into a good place to stay alive and be effective. In fact some unicum Youtubers recommend using hard cover in Izumo as much as possible. Damage control 1 and 2 is absolutely required to make this ship be playable, and if you have the spare points, Basics of Survivability and India Yankee flags will bring fires down to a very manageable level. This doesn't fully solve the weakness against HE, but in a big ship like this. These modifiers will help a lot. You could go a step further and take Fire Prevention, but unless you have an uber captain I would take Concealment Expert over this, given the choice. So between fire extinguishing modifiers and good positioning, a lot of Izumo's worst weaknesses can be patched up. In my opinion the strengths above will shine through the best this way. Which makes her an absolutely acceptable Tier IX Battleship. Now by no means is she the best battleship or even Tier IX battleship, but I see no reason why Izumo isn't a perfectly acceptable grind to Yamato. Besides, in the current meta battleships carry a lot of weight. Izumo has a bit of a higher skill floor to do acceptable in her, but played right can do her job. Speaking of her playstyle, I find Izumo to have an interesting one. Basically you need to hang in the back or behind hard cover preferably and take potshots at people. Once the battle reaches a certain point you can throw your weight around and help mop up and carry the team to a victory. Other ships like Kurfurst are better at this, but Izumo does just fine with it. And that's it really. My final thoughts on Izumo, that she's fine exactly where she is right now. She doesn't need buffed or nerfed or replaced. She is tough to play, but that doesn't mean she is bad. I think she does her job fine as the final gatekeeper to Yamato. The Wiki here also brings up an interesting thing. She essentially can outdo Friedrich at range, and beat Iowa in a brawl. So I think she has a good place in the meta. Here are some captains builds at different stages that I think will help this ship a lot. Especially for anyone new to the ship or struggling with it. This is what I would recommend a new player try to use first on their Izumo also taking into account future Yamato play. It's nothing special really. Most Battleships need these core skills. I assume by tier IX a player would have at least 10 points. To a player who has a spare captain with a decent amount of points wanting to use Izumo, I would use this. The Basics of Survivability and High Alert will be very useful for keeping this ship alive especially with damage control and India Yankee. If you, like me, have a soft spot for underdog ships performing their best, then these 19 point builds will push Izumo to it's maximum usability. The first one uses Jack of all trades to push that repair cooldown even further as well as your heal too which can be beneficial. And uses Adrenaline rush to capitalize on Izumo's low reload (assuming you went with MBM 3) and the idea that shes going to take damage in every match, so might as well benefit from it. DISCLAIMER for those who want to say "your stats are garbage therefore your words have no weight." Fair enough My stats are bad. Most of them accumulated during my awkward player phase where I did not care one bit about improving myself. This isn't true now, but my stats are still bad. However they are increasing, which means I am improving. It just takes time. Have a nice day, and thanks for reading.
  11. In our continuing series of "Will it battlecruiser?" We'll take a look at a nation that frankly, is long overdue for some new blood that isn't a derivative premium: Japan. While Japanese battlecruiser lines have been theorized on the forum before, many of them were derived from the idea that the BBs and BCs needed to be completely divorced from one another and exist in two separate lines, a la Britain and Germany. However, it's important to note that as the oldest BB line in the entire game it also happens to be the most BC forward of them as well. What I mean is that with 3 genuine BCs as part of the lineup (Myogi, Kongo, Amagi) not to mention 2 1/2 premium ones as well (I consider Kii to be kind of a BC, really just at true fast BB) BCs have not only been implemented successfully in WoWs, they've been clear path to the IJN's... flavour if you will in the game. Therefore, my proposal for a BC line would really be more of a split instead of a true 2nd line. Save those again, for Germany and Britain. So lets dive right in with the theorycrafting and see how this could look. Strap yourselves in though, the following ships are doozies! The first thing we need to look at is where does the split occur? Well, conventional wisdom might say it occurs from the tier III Kawachi, as it was a true Dreadnought and everything that comes after (until tier VI that is) is a BC. So just backfill with some other BB designs and you're good to go right? NO! While there are a few notable and well documented early BBs that could fit in that timeframe, including some early Fuso designs shown here: (H/T @Tzoli for all the amazing drawings I'm going to use in this post!) These ships by the way would be armed with 12"/50 and 14" guns respectively so while they would work, I'm not going to incorporate them here. My idea is instead to have the BC--> Fast BB line become the main line and more traditional heavy armor/ firepower BB's be the branch or spur line. Should we ever get to the point where we can start to see BB tiers lower than III at any point in the future, than yes we can revisit these designs to offer a better flow for the BB split. For now though, Kawachi remains a perfectly cromulent staring point. Our actual point of deviation will be with tier VI, branching off of the Kongo as one would expect. Therefore the actual Fuso becomes the start of that new (old?) BB branch, so what then would we see for tier VI in the BC line? Well... What you're looking at are blueprints from the excellent archive of the late Vice Admiral Baron Yuzuaru Hiraga. Hiraga-san was one of Japan's chief naval architects during this time, and had left his entire body of work and portfolio (over 40.000 artifacts in fact!) to the University of Tokyo, much of which you can view online! Why tell you all this? Because Hiraga-san is really going to be the primary source for any other designs that had come about during this period, and, while vague are certainly better than nothing. The designs shown above in particular are various design studies for battlecruisers that will eventually morph into the Amagi-class at tier VIII. The designs ran from project number B-58 all the way to B-64, which became the Amagi. The B-62 designs, with 6 subvariants A-F, are the most likely ones to fill out both tiers VI and VII. Essentially just bigger, longer and faster versions of the Nagato ranging in displacement from 35.000-46.000 tonnes and armed with 8x2 14" or 16.1" guns. Armor also varied to anywhere from 8-10" on the belt, and speed was generally between 32-35kts depending on the subvariant in question. There is more than enough information here to flesh out 2 complete ships for tiers VI and VII, provided they're given the same theoretical refits that the real-steel ships received. Tier VIII then, is simply the same old Amagi, we all know and love: Obviously this will leave a gap at tier VIII for the BB line, the only gap in fact. So what is going to fill that Amagi shaped hole? Well, if you know your ships or have been following along in the forums for a while you'll know that it's the Amagi's smaller, slower thiccer cousin, the Tosa-class: Finally we get to the good stuff. Tiers IX and X. And for those of you wondering, no there won't be a No. 13 design in sight! Instead, we're going to offer some slightly more eclectic designs starting with this one: This image once again is provided to us by Hiraga's archive, but was actually designed by a man named Kikuo Fujimoto. Both men had been part of a program in the late 20 and early 30's to design a replacement ship for the Kongo-class. With the London Naval Treaty looming, the ships were largely derivative in design and all between 25.000-35.000 tonnes to comply with the treaty. Speed would have been somewhat low for Hiraga-san's designs all clocking in at between 25 and 26 knots. In fact, one of these designs is fairly well known and even a physical model of the design was made to show off to the Naval General Staff: Unfortunately, despite the promise of a 10 gun, 16.1" broadside on this treaty battleship, this is not the design I am using. While there is a lot of vagueness to Fujimoto-san's design, it was able to cram 3x3 41cm guns into a 35.000 tonne ship and presumably achieve speeds in excess of 26 knots. But we don't know that for sure. As a backup though, Hiraga-san did come up with an, "unleashed" design if you will to achieve maximum performance within the specifications: This by the way, is the earliest genesis of the Yamato-class. Last but not least, is tier X: Since the Hizen is now going to be a premium in the game, it pretty much takes the wind out of the sails for a so called "light Yamato" that can rather nicely fit in the top end of this tree. So instead, you get this thing. A 67.000 tonne fast battleship from 1934. Designed by a man named Ezaki Iwiakichi, an understudy of Fujimoto-san. These designs were part of a preliminary 1934 program for new battleships, prior to the official A-140 program that would result in the Yamato. The ship was supposed to achieve a top speed between 31 and 33 knots, and be armed with the same 18.1" guns as Yamato. Unfortuantely, not much is known about its armor profile, likely those design specs were lost to time and the war, but it does provide a great starting point for WG to adjust the values as they see fit for a fast, quasi-Yammy. So there you have it. Japan's missing links to create a true fast battleship line. And for those of you wondering why I didn't just find some No. 13 battleship designs to make this, it's simply because these designs are just more modern. They're post treaty ships and just fit more naturally than trying to stuff 1920's era ships into a WWII timeframe, no matter how many fantasy refits you give it. :cough: Vermont :cough:. As always, comments and feedback are most welcome!
  12. While aware of the extent of the Philippines campaign, I was mostly ignorant of what happened during the battle of Manila in 1945, as well as the forgotten atrocities committed by the Imperial Japanese Navy Land Forces. Harrowing stuff that shows how war often turns men into animals. Well worth the watch, albeit not for the faint of heart. tl;dw https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manila_massacre
  13. i was reading thosr 2 commanders description and i see we can get more than 2 of each. is it worth? if you run all japanese lines and wants quick leveled commanders, it will be good to have then running on many ships? (without switching ship to ship) i know it is cheaper to get dasha on armory and i will eventually get her on as many countries as i can. those Japanese special commanders are always available? i see when there are AL collab some japanese commanders come along, maybe north american and british too. does anyone get 3 fubuki shirakami or marine houshou? azur lane collab always comes with countainers? 100% chance of getting commanders? i have seen a video where the youtuber got at least 2 kagas and 2 atagos.
  14. So to be clear this is a real spitballin' session, I just want to hear what you guys think of, and how we might alter, an new IJn line. Title should make it clear that I know this isn't going anywhere, so just be cool and lets have a bit of fun. And i have a few basic rules/ideas i want to start with: 1) Anti CV/aviation people, i get it. it do. bear with me. AND those of you who lament overnerfed AA in recent patches, also bear with me. 2) No numbers here, this is just concept discusion 3) This could be a split class line, meaning CA/CVs and/or CA/AAs (Heavy Cruiser/Aviation/Anti Air) terminate in a BBCV hybrid Ise/Hyuga 4) These will use fighters, and at higher tiers their DP secondaries, to provide AA support to allies, and guns(turrets forward) to set fires Okay so next i just want to flush out that last point: the Mission. It's essentially FIRE support(IJN HE) and AA support. Here's how. starting at t5 with Agano IJN aviation cruisers get a fighter consumable that acts like DFC on Atlanta: unlimited but with a cool down AND extended range, maybe 5km? now before you scream OP, neither IJN AA nor fighter consumables are particularly OP, even when paired. And we should probably buff the HE fire chance one or two percent. And maybe since its a weak aviation cruiser give it a spotter plane consumable(limit this one?) so it can stay safe and fight sometimes. But thats plenty. Keep in mind the Agano-class has NO ARMOR and are never frontline fighters, so they are already support ships. Now with this in mind let me spitball a few more suggestions for the tree. At tier 6 we have Oyodo, with her awkward setup and NO TORPS OMG. Honestly this ship deserves to be a premium, so we might have to slip some other design in here but I'm using it as a placeholder. However the AA suite is SIGNIFICANTLY enhanced with those Japanese 100mm DP secondary battery. same purpose; AA support and setting fires. maybe the bow will need to be buffed a bit to give it a vague chance in some head-on fights but again this ships is meant to support. Next the CV hybrid Mogami at T7(crazy right?) 3 turrets forward, with 203s only, with aviation facilities aft, just like Oyodo. Funky, almost seeing a pattern. Now while the AA suite takes a hit, doesn't mean we can't fudge some numbers and get it close to american t7 AA? plus the unlimited fighter consumable and the spotter. But IJN torps have returned. Next Tone-class at T8. Four 203mm turrets forward, aviation facilities aft, AGAIN. same deal, same mission, same consumables, with one clear trick: lets give her Atago concealment, so she's stealthy. Tier 9.........Hyuga? with Ise at T10? just buff everything like AA, fighters, and give them British BB type HE? So have it it then. That's all I've got in me right now but i'll check back tomorrow TLDR: a new branch of IJN carrier hybrids with unique unlimited fighter consumables, limited spotter consumables, mainly turret-forward designs, slightly improved fire chances, and enhanced IJN AA
  15. anonym_bleJN7gXeLqd

    Interesting placement of Kaga's bell.

  16. So WG has released some documentary stuff on IJN aircraft carrier submarines before and I have seen a few threads on giving the old odd tier CVs ASW capabilities, so I thought why not combine the two? When they inevitably add IJN subs, just give their scout plane the ability to drop depth charges. Everyone can clearly see that a single scout plane for a submarine would be either useless or simply give away a subs position in WOWS' current submarine game mode, but you know WG will try and shoe horn the historical gimmick anyway. With this, not only do they get their gimmick, but it also gives a class of submarines a more effective way of ASW than the current option which has been noted to be ... difficult. Surface players will have nothing to complain about other than the limited spotting capabilities of a single scout plane that should be easily shot down if it gets too close for any extended period of time. Submarines would have to be spotted for the ASW scout plane to be able to attack it anyway. The planes would be a consumable, meaning they would be very clearly limited in number and would have a cool down period between launches and duration. The only other conceivable consumable gimmick for IJN submarines would be manned torpedoes, which seems unlikely due to the decision to not include Kamikazes on IJN CVs as well as the redundancy of already having ping guided torpedoes.
  17. For those of you who have high tier captains (17 pts and above) in your T8-10 IJN dds, I suggest moving them (temporarily) into the Shiratsuyu if she doesn't have a high point captain (mine currently is an 11). I admit that it will cost you $$ to move the captain (500 dbs for retraining and 500 more to move them back to their original ship) but the results are quite satisfying. I move my 19 pt Shima captain into the Shirat and loaded TRB instead of smoke. You will want Radio Location as a captain's skill so as not to be surprised by a Haida which has a 0.1 km advantage in concealment and the Indianapolis radar (10 km) is the same as your torps so you will need to pay attention to where she is, but the other two radar cruisers at T7 (Atlanta and Belfast) only have a radar range of 8.5 km so your torps can reach them beyond the distance that they can radar you. I've watched the vids from the usual suspects of CCs when they've suggested dds to play in the current Ranked session. I absolutely agree that dds like the Haida, Z-39, and Skane are excellent choices. I'm just suggesting that if you love pure torp-boat gameplay that this is a viable option. Let me know what you think. Update: I worked up to the Skane today. If you have have a 10 pt captain and chose TAE as a Captains skill and TTM1 as an upgrade, she has 80 km torps with a 12 km range with reloads that are ridiculously fast. The Shirat is stealthier but the Skane can spit out torps much faster.
  18. Hi All, What does the community think about WG inclusion the Last of the Yamato class ships CV Shinano? I have seen images from two years ago that a model was introduced to the Alpha server. This can be found under: With all the paper ships coming in to the game I really believe WG should be including key ships that where actually built and saw action. I know Shinano has a short and tragic life but she would have been a magnificent ship to see. She would have to be a Premium T10 since there is no T9 CVs in game anymore. Unless WG designs to bring back the middle tiers for CVs and then she can be placed at T9.
  19. PrinceOfTheOcean

    Tips for Hosho?

    I got Hosho today, and my first game went rather well; 2 Destroyed 50k Damage and 3 Citadels (I didn't notice that the Hosho had AP dive bombers, I thought they started at the Ryujo). I noticed a significant improvement with the Hosho over the Ranger, even though the Ranger is of higher tier. However, the games after that I was only able to get 20k-30k damage per game, with the same number of citadels. I don't think I know how to lead torps correctly; I can only hit one torp on a destroyer in a run and it's difficult for me to hit cruisers and battleships. With the attack planes I think I will get better as I get a new computer, but is there a good angle at which you should come in with your attack aircraft? With the AP dive bombers I watched Yuro's Ryujo at least three times, but when i try to drop from mid height I don't start the run correctly and my bombs end up missing. When i stick to high height it;s the same thing. I have gotten mediocre with the AP dive bombers, but once again I would like to get better. Are there any tips that you experienced payers can give me, someone who sucks at CV in general? Also, does anyone have recommendations for captain skills and upgrades? I'm training a IJN carrier captain (obviously) that currently has Air Supremacy and Torpedo Acceleration. For upgrades I have Air Groups Modification 1 and Aircraft Engines Modification 1. Thanks!!!
  20. Since I've owned Shimakaze, my go to torpedo option has always been the Type93 mod.3 12km torpedoes. However, the new update has allowed for builds that make every torpedo, including deep water torpedoes, to be seen from 1.8km to 2.25 km. This has made me consider instead running the 20km Type93 torpedoes with Torpedo Acceleration and Torpedo Tubes Modification 1 to create 16km 70 knot torpedoes. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  21. I am learning IJN CV (slowly...). Have watched @Eurobeat (Yuro) videos on Yotube about slingshot and Ryujo. Very entertaining but I need more serious information and examples. Are there some other good channel for learning Japan CV?
  22. pikohan

    Myogi Review!

    The Myogi is a ship I've recently come to like a lot, and I feel like she's underappreciated. So I decided to make a video! I don't think she's the strongest of the T4 BBs, but I think she's the most fun. (I promise it's serious despite my troll thumbnail) Enjoy or don't enjoy
  23. Brief History: Unlike the earlier battlecruiser conversions, Soryu and her sister ship Hiryu were designed keel up as large aircraft carriers while capitalizing on the lessons learned from the light carrier Ryujo. Soryu was launched in December of 1935 and was assigned to the Second Carrier Division in 1939 after commissioning. She took part in operations against China and French Indochina, and her Division was later assigned to the First Air Fleet in 1941. In the first wave of the Pearl Harbor raid, six of Soryu's B5N's torpedoed and capsized the target ship Utah, one B5N targeted the minelayer Oglala and hit Helena, and the final B5N torpedoed California. Soryu went on to take part in raids on Wake Island, in the Western Pacific and in the Indian Ocean through early 1942. On the 4th of June, Soryu was located 250 miles northwest of Midway Island, and was tasked with striking the airfield on Eastern Island. After dodging strikes from B-17s and Devastators, Soryu was attacked a third time. Thirteen Dauntless bombers from Yorktown attacked, delivering three direct hits with 1000lb bombs. Soryu's hangers were still full of refueling aircraft loaded with ordinance, resulting in uncontrollable fires and leaving her dead in the water 15 minutes later. Nearby destroyers rescued the survivors, and Soryu was scuttled later that evening when it was clear she would not go down easily. 77 years later, Soryu and her sister Hiryu remain concealed beneath the waves despite the efforts of RV Petrel and others. Armor Layout: 6-41mm (belt 41mm, deck 25mm, hull 16-19mm) Survivability: Hit Points: 42,000 Torpedo Protection Damage Reduction: 15% Aircraft: Attack Aircraft: A6M2 Zero Torpedo Bombers: Nakajima B5N2 Kate Dive Bombers: Aichi D3A Val Artillery: Secondary Armament: 6x2 127mm/40 Type89 A1 AA Defense: AA Guns 14x2 25mm/60 Type96 Twin mod.1 AA Guns 6x2 127mm/40 Type89 A1 Maneuverability: Speed: 34kts Turning Circle: 900m Rudder Shift: 11 seconds Concealment: Detectability Range by Sea: 11.0km Detectability Range by Air: 8.0km Why Wargaming should make it: Soryu is a tier 6 version of her tier 7 sister ship Hiryu, which was in the game before 8.0, so the modeling is pretty much done except for some minor changes. All WG has to do is make the stats more balanced. Thanks for reading!
  24. What's the straight skinny? About to crawl up one tree or the other.
  25. Its probably best if you just glance over the Underlined and bold parts. Its quite long. Plz reply and share your experiences. Hi everybody! I have been looking around at other forums and have thought that It would be a good idea to have one, big, main forum where everybody can voice their opinions (i.e. rage and complain) about the recent carrier rework. I have been getting several different opinions about what the carrier rework and hotfix has done to our warships. I have been looking around to see what kind of different opinions we have been getting about the carrier rework. From what I have currently seen, the most trouble has come from destroyers. The complaint is that aircraft spotting is too good, and that they are permaspotted and shelled by everything in the vicinity. The same can be said about scout cruisers, which lack the AA defense to repel concentrated air attack, and who cannot output enough damage to repel the hail of fire that the rest of the battle fleet will throw at it. This also does not allow it to spot other targets, voiding its purpose. Light and Heavy cruisers can output a substantial amount of AA firepower, but only the most powerful light cruisers and the most AA oriented heavy cruisers to repel a concentrated air attack. Under constant attack from my fully maxed Lexington, only the enemy Atlanta, AA spec Cleveland, a new Orleans with defensive AA fire, and a trio of battleships pooling their AA could prevent themselves from being decimated by my aircraft (even the AA ships still took minor damage from the remains of my squadrons). Light cruisers that shoot from behind islands are immobile, and vulnerable to attack from bombers and torpedo planes. Heavy cruisers, especially those with an AA focus, are the only ships capable of repelling constant attack by same tier carriers without major damage. Most battleships, with the exception of high tier American ones, generally have crap or mediocre AA, and need an escort or a division to pool their AA. However, concealment isn't really that important, and all BBs can take a hit, so other than being unable to dodge torpedoes, they did OK. The main consensus is that CV's are not that fun to play against. On top of that, It is hard to repel air attack, and being permanently spotted is deadly for most light cruisers and destroyers. I have also heard complaints from the aircraft carrier community. The US Cv community, complains that dive bombers require too much RNG and that the torpedoes don't do enough alpha. The IJN community is having trouble with AP bombs and the bomb sights, which are accurate but hard to use. The british CV line is still going through buffs and nerf at an alarming rate. Right now (2 patches from now this could have changed entirely) the british CV community complains that the short arming distance torpedoes are carried by aircraft that lack the health and speed to reach their target, and the bombing runs are rather flat and sort of have a forward rather than a mostly down trajectory. On top of that, all Cv's are having trouble doing reliable damage to ships. For example, American CV's struggle to inflict damage with bombs to well armored battleships, whose deck they fail to penetrate, and maneuvering cruisers, which they lack the accuracy to hit. Many Cv's complain that other ships do damage and earn credits farming damage off of cruisers and destroyers that they spot, while the CV hemorrhages aircraft trying to get damage done and the cruisers and destroyers rage over being spotted and focused down by the rest of the enemy ships. In conclusion, I believe that carrier spotting mechanics are a death sentence for any ships that rely on concealment. I also believe that Carriers fail to do much damage due to the fact that their planes, while fast, have too little health or maneuverability. Also, Carriers don't like being up-tiered. I look forward to your opinions and ideas about how to fix the carrier. Please PLZ! comment below. Photo gallery: