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Found 1 result

  1. When I first heard that the WG devs, announced the arrival of submarines, I immediately remembered the countless threads, memes, and the famous video denying the inclusion of submarines into the game. The countless arguments against submarines, why'd they would be terrible in fleet battles, why they would only be good against un-armed freighters and such. I then became truly furious when I realized the whole premise of the submarines: stealthy torpedo launching platforms. ONCE AGAIN, the developers have created a line of vessels whose main damage is tailored towards a specialization with torpedoes, again leaving IJN torpedo boat DDs to rot in the ditch, AGAIN! If the developers really wanted to create a line of ships whose specialty was stealthy torpedo delivery, why did they AGAIN go to the trouble of creating an entire group of ships, this time even creating a new layer to the game to accommodate said ships, when they could have simply tweaked a few numbers on the IJN DDs and their torpedoes?! WG, either you need to share the drugs that made you think this whole venture was good idea, or simply come out with the truth, here and now, and say whether or not you hate IJN DDs.