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Found 4 results

  1. Nightlock_

    Best Torp Botes

    Hey Guys, I'm a relatively new DD player and i like being a torpedo boat, so naturally i tried IJN, im up to the Isokaze, and its great, I love it. I really like the line but i hear from every single person that the IJN dds are shiz after the nerfs to torp stealth and the guns, and tell me that ijn dds in general are crap, They say that shima is worst T10 dd in the game, and now i dont know if i really want to play through the IJN line anymore. I honestly dont care about guns, (i don't know how to use them without being nuked ;) because i dont use them that often, so what would you guys say?. Also how effective is the akizuki line at knife fighting and how is the manuevrability and concealment on them??
  2. WG rolls out the Fen Yang. It's more or less an Akizuki clone having similar ship-handling and AA. It is distinguished from the 'Zukis by carrying deep-water torps, only good against BB and CV, and hydro plus defensive AA. I'd say this is balanced. It has the same 100mm cannon as well. But not the same, really. Akizuki pens 30mm of armor (with 5% chance of fire.) Fen Yang pens 17mm (with 8% chance of fire.) Asashio has 19mm of fore, aft, and side plating. Charging or running from Fen Yang in Asashio is pretty safe, IMHO, unless the chaser can always hit the superstructure. Sure you can spec for IFHE (and probably should) to get 21mm of pen (with 4% chance of fire). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WG, could a mistake have been inadvertently made here? 1. The IJN 100's have a buffed pen to make them competitive. Was it a mistake to not give this to Fen Yang? OR 2. Fen Yang has guns that fit the penetration mechanic. Was it a mistake to buff all the other IJN 100's? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will happily remain a Fen Yang-less DD main until one or the other mistake is resolved.
  3. This is the mini review of new tier VIII IJN prem DD Yukikaze Player background: DD player, Harekaze expert, Kamikaze/Shinonome for lower tier fun, Kitakaze/Haragumo for high tier OPness. I have Shimakaze but only tried F3 few times and never play with them. Captain build: 1: Preventive Maintenance, 2: Last Stand, Adrenaline Rush, 3: Superintendent, Torp AE, 4: Concealment Exp., Radio Location Part 1 - Top Tier 2 games, 100K loss, 160K win (not bragging just teams I guess are ..... sub-optimal ;) Clearly as top tier there is going to be almost no radar, and if lucky no planes. Otherwise lower tier planes are easier to deal with, while Yuki AA is almost none. Nevertheless getting into range and maintaining concealment as top tier is fairly easy and comfortable. I have to point out that having radio location skill helps me maintain stealth while generally being in control. It is huge help. Early game it helps me locate enemy DDs and blind torps. I was fortunate that one of them immediately smoked up resulting in easy torp smoke and 1st blood medal. And here is the big impact of F3 torps. When using Harekaze torps they do less damage and enemy DDs may survive single hit. For Yuki as top tier single torp hit on enemy DD is instant deletion! Also faster torps are more difficult to avoid even for enemy DDs. Hence I was able to gain early advantage by either hitting or spotting enemy DDs. I found pushing a flank fairly easy and enjoyable. While BBs will try to turn and evade I simply kept pushing until they were on border map. I found Yuki reasonably responsive to turn and change direction for IJN standard. It is bit better than Harekaze but you still have to plan ahead and keep an eye on minim-map. It still takes time to complete a turn so 0.5 km concealment buffer is needed to make a turn when torping BBs. Like other IJN DDs guns are perfectly fine to finish low health targets. I didn't try to attack full health DDs as this is not a gun boat. This is Harekaze role. Also I had to give up IFHE skill. I did find guns would start fires fairly well to keep fire/flooding damage going. Which brings us to mid/late game torping cruisers and BBs. F3 torps are absolutely amazing in tier 8 games. Even a single salvo can delete most BBs that are usually not full health. I was sitting in smoke and rushed by a Richelieu late game and had no issues deleting him with a single salvo and taking minimal damage. In most DDs I would run away because of its secondaries. However the combination of high speed and high damage F3 torpedoes have means that at times you are God Mode. Another time I had double strike on Mikhail Kutuzov and a BB that were together and slow to turn. In general sluggish cruisers and most BBs will have little chance when faced with F3. They are absolutely lethal. I could keep going but really there is no need. In summary, you are using tier X F3 torps against tier VII and tier VIII ships. Enemy teams will absolutely hate you. In terms of comparison, I did look at Kagero and decided that torp improvements are worth it. For 2km less range you get: Kagero Type 93 mod 2: 67 knots, 21K dmg Yukikaze F3 = 76 knots, 21.4K dmg +9 knots, +0.4K dmg You gain tiny bit of damage, but a lot more speed. Also compared to Harekaze: Harekaze Type 90 mod1 = 62 knots, 17.2K dmg Compared to Harekaze we gain 14 knots and more than 4K dmg I play Harekaze with torp reload and still my topredo damage has been abysmal lately (to be fair there are more CVs and Harekaze is almost never top tier so not best comparison). I believe that ability to torp from longer range combined with much lower speed is causing me to have significantly lower hit rate. Here shorter range F3 torps are a blessing in disguise since they force me to get much closer to targets then usual comfort zone of 8+ km. So in terms of torpedo damage Harekaze is way behind. That being said Harekaze does have 100mm guns combined with IFHE captain skill are lethal. So gun damage clearly goes to Harekaze. In a way they can both deal with enemy DDs well just using different weapons, guns or torps. Next is Asashio. While I don't have I can extrapolate from seeing enemy DDs and few reviews. The combination of longer range and specialized torps means that Asashio is a lot more specialized torp boat. It means that it is much less of a threat until mid to late game. This is a huge downside since DDs and cruisers will be happy to chase it. Guns and detection are comparable but the big difference is that Yuki is a threat to all ships entire game. Asashio is very limited early game and by the end match is decided anyway. So Asashio cannot effectively carry and help team early on except for spotting. So I think Yuki is superior. Note that late game Yuki can comfortable get close enough to torp BBs anyway, so at that point limited range is not an issue. Another thing I noticed is 160K win was 1 milliom credits, premium account without any income flags. I do remember having a solid spotting damage as well. Not sure if it is match performance alone or it also had a solid credits multiplier. In any case I was surprised since I haven't had a 1 Mil match in my Missouri in a long time even with economic flags. Next will be part 2, when it is bottom tier, so tier X matches. LWM Rating: OP Bote (when top tier) Part 2 - Bottom Tier Many games when I was bottom tier were zero damage, early demise. The combination of radar and planes, plus many powerful gun boat DDs creates a super hostile environment and very hard to get into 8 km strike range. As many pointed out, you will loose 1v1 against most tier 9/10 DDs and IJN brothers Kitakaze and Haragumo will eat you alive in seconds. I did try to ambush couple of DDs hiding in a cap in smoke and failed. It is especially difficult to play in passive tier X teams. Most DDs struggle with passive play style, but this one is simply helpless. If you team is sitting back you cannot do anything at all. Tier X battles for Yuki become super strategic and require a lot of patience to wait for the correct opportunity. You certainly want to keep close to some sort of support as you will probably need it. I found the best success when enemy is too aggressive, which doesn't happen often. As long as there is another ship in front keep enemy attention you can sneak around and try to get flanking torps. However going alone is generally doomed to failure. In short, Yuki as bottom tier is at the mercy of the team. It can go with friendly ships and assist with spotting and some alpha damage. It pretty much becomes a support DD, fleet screen. Another challenge are double CV matches. When there are a lot of planes around it becomes extremely difficult to find an area where you can remain invisible. Dropping smoke will only attract enemy torps and radar. In this case Harekaze is much more comfortable because its 100mm mains are dual purpose and can actually hurt planes. I run mine without smoke and managed to get my build with enough AA to punish planes and force them to leave me alone. Summary LittleWhiteMouse rating: Skill floor: Difficult Skill Ceiling: Extreme If you do not like or don't have knowledge for DD play style and in particular torpedo DD play style, just walk away. Even the most experienced DD players may struggle. It certainly requires a lot of knowledge and experience, and some patience to make it work. It would be easy to focus on negatives as most other reviewers have already done. Instead I here are my thoughts on when/why it could be good and fun. At least in NA region tier X is dominated by extremely passive and boring style of sitting back and waiting. It is fairly easy to play a high tier DD safely sitting back with your capital ships and waiting. This is why I hate high tier matches. They are incredibly boring, incredibly hard to make your allies do something and boils down to 20 min of boring sailing around and hoping in the end that your team is few points higher. Instead I would prefer to take some chances and try to do something early on because losing in 5 min is lot less annoying and frustrating than doing nothing for 20 min to lose anyway. Yuki is DD that offer high risk and high reward scenario if you are looking for a challenge. In effect it lets you try something more difficult and less safe. In the end yes you may get deleted but at least you tried. Yuki is like high tier version of Kamikaze DDs that offers the same kind of thrill of getting close and personal while being rewarded with high damage alpha strikes. In fact I still have more fun at tier V in my Kamikaze then tier VIII in Harekaze. Yuli in effect offers Kamikaze play style in higher tiers if you up to the challenge. Which brings us to the end. This is DD for DD players who are looking for a challenge, for higher ninja type risks. In terms of the current competition, it is team Glory board ;) See also: another post
  4. Koogus

    Ducky Acquired

    just got my hands on the akizuki i am excited to play my first game in it (and likely suck in it at first). I just have a small question. what are some good builds and upgrades for this ship?