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Found 1 result

  1. One of the oldest lines in the game does not have a line split yet and its the Japanese cruisers and i propose a light cruiser line for them in essense its based on the mogami and the agano classes . most of the ships in this line are paper but that doesnt really stop wargaming from implementing them so this wont be as indepth as my other proposal. they are similar to american light cruisers in which they dont have to choose between defensive aa fire and hydro instead they have to choose between torpedo reload booster and defensive fire this line is for those who suffer from japanese cruiser syndrome and fire their torpedoes as soon as they get the chance. Traits: Good fire chance on main guns excellent torpedoes with reload booster from tier 5 excellent concealment low armor very maneuverable slow turret traverse High range Consumables hydro defensive aa fire /torpedo reload booster (tier 5+) spotting plane/fighter(tier 8 +) heal (tier8+) the torpedo reload booster is thirty seconds akin to monaghan from tier5 to 6 then from tier 7 to ten its 15 seconds. unlike american cruisers japanese cruisers were to do reconaisssance using their floatplanes so they start off with spotter planes instead of fighters as a consumable. Tier 4 : Sendai yes the line splits at tenryu I wanted to fit in another 5500 ton cruiser without up tiering it Same shabam as kuma floating citadel but with the single quadruple launchers it got in a refit as the only gameplay difference not much to say here Tier 5: Agano this is a queen elizabeth warspite situation her characteristics are the same as yahagi but with better dispersion and she trades engine boost for defensive aa or torpedo reload booster and swaps fighter with spotter Tier 6: Minase (Improved Agano) also known as the Kai Agano class the class was part of the 6th naval supplement plan from 1942 to build an extended version of the aganos who were lightly armed for their size slight increase in health ,detection and firepower from Agano and is quite similar to leander .The name minase was taken from one of the uncompleted sendai class cruisers who were re-planned to be the furutaka class. Tier 7 :Omono imagine Agano with mogamis 155mm turrets This ship is the preliminary design for agano where the ship was supposed to carry nine 155mm guns in three triple turrets . the turrets were too wide for the agano class' narrow bean so they were used to arm the yamato class battleships and oyodo instead. this version is a widened agano that could fit the turrets. so its slightly wider than agano being the same size as the tier before. the name Omono was taken from a river in Akita prefecture, Japan based on Japanese cruiser naming conventions. Tier 8: Chikugo complete fantasy version of improved Agano with 12 155mm guns just imagine the 155mm turrets on this. compared to the current 155mm mogami she gains 2 seconds less reload albeit ahistorical to be more competitive at high tier. The name Chikugo is from a river in Fukuoka Perfecture, Japan. Tier 9: Suzuya 155 mm mogami but uptiered As like Z-23 , Mogami loses the 155mm gun option which is replaced by the 203s and the upgrade for them increases the rate of fire. The turrets however are installed into suzuya who performs the same as the current 155mm Mogami but has a gun upgrade that drops it to the 8 seconds of the tier before. Tier 10: Sagami complete fantasy of a 155mm mogami with either quadruple turrets , an additional rear triple turret or faster firing dual or triple turrets the quadruple turret version reloads in 15 seconds, the additional turret version has 10 second reload still, the improved dual or triple versions cut the reload down to 6 seconds fot the triples and the duals 4 seconds. The name Sagami is from a river crossing the Kanagawa and Yamanashi prefectures in Japan. Premiums here are some unique japanese ships that would be premiums alonside what is already present Tier 3/4: Isuzu not much to say about it other than its armed with the same firepower as a kagero on a hull the size of two of them . tier 3 at best could be tier 4 with the torpedoes it had before they were removed Tier 5/6/7 : Oyodo did not want to put this in the tech tree as its unique and could fit at three different tiers depending on how its implemented: it fits at tier 5 in terms of vanilla armament, tier 6 if you give it both spotter and fighter at the same time and maybe tier 7 as a hybrid weird cruiser definitely hard to tier but it wouldn't be tech tree for sure Leave your thoughts below on this line