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Found 51 results

  1. Akizuki - Good, bad, or meh?

    Curious what my fellow forum dwellers think. My uncensored opinion:
  2. I'm starting to question the use of IFHE on some of my cruisers. Old man reminiscing.. "Why I remember when a full salvo of HE would hit a wee little destroyer and poof, nuked, obliterated... not like that these days, no sir... why let me tell you.." It seems (to me) when firing IFHE against destroyers, I'm not getting the levels of damage or obliteration I would "expect". Is using IFHE actually having an effect upon the damage it can do to a destroyer. I think yes. But do you know for sure? If it is, I may want to remove it from my cruisers, as I primarily hunt DD when in a cruiser. tiafyc
  3. How to get the Wiki updated?

    Another topic touched upon this "issue", but wanted to see how one actually goes about getting the Wiki updated (i.e., I just don't think anyone can 'edit' it... correct?) The specific changes I would like to see are: CHANGE #1: The page "http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Ammo" contains: Example Using our two previous examples and multiplying the penetration by 1.3: Mogami: 25.83 * 1.3 = 33.58 = 34mm Admiral Hipper: 50.75 * 1.3 = 65.975 = 66mm which appears to be inconsistent with the information given on wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Gunnery_%26_Armor_Penetration" in that it is is applying the 1.3 IFHE multiplier before rounding the result of dividing the shell caliber by 4 or 6. Suggest removing the example and simply refer the reader to the 'Armor Penetration' page. CHANGE #2: The 'HE Penetration' section on "http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Gunnery_%26_Armor_Penetration" contains the sentence "Round to the nearest integer, with X.5 usually rounding down (contrary to common convention), though even this is not consistent.". I would like to see the ambiguity eliminated. i.e., Is x.5 rounded down or not? Perhaps not x.500000001, but certainly x.49999999. CHANGE #3: Expand upon the 'HE Penetration' section to include the recent IJN HE penetration change. Thanks!
  4. HE penetration of 4.5 inch guns

    I am confused as to the HE penetration on the two high tier DDs, Daring and Jutland. If I recall correctly both Notser and Flamu have stated that without IFHE thier guns are incapable of penning other top tier destroyers or the superstructure of larger ships. My question is why? The 4.5 inch guns are in metric 114 mm. With the 1/6 caliber ruler for HE pen, 114/6=19mm of HE pen... which is the same as the plating of all the DD's in their tier and the superstructure of any BB or CA. More than this, with IFHE the guns get a extra 25 percent, so 19/4= 4.75, and added to 19 is 23.75. That shouldn't be enough to cross any armor thresholds, and should make IFHE worthless for these ships as opposed to compulsatory. The only 2 reasons I can think of that this would not be the case are that A) I actually do not understand how HE pen works, or B) Wg is using the technically more accurate caliber of 4.45 inches for the shell, making 113mm so it is barely not enough. However, they advertise it as being 114mm in the dev blog. So, thoughts?
  5. Just watched a very recent "replay video" where the commentator indicated a Tier VII ship with 152mm guns and IFHE (Inertia Fused High Explosive) will do big damage against DDs... It has been my understanding that IFHE provides no additional benefit for HE shells when used against armor (in this case, 19mm or less) that can be penetrated without having the IFHE commander skill -- and this is regardless of the angle at which the HE shell strikes the armor. Is there any truth to the statement made by the replay commentator?
  6. Since the IJN 100mm HE will now pen 25mm (32mm w/IFHE), this OP buff is very much liked by this captain w/1.3k battles w/ her. Here is how rank the new order of usefulness of its commanders skills. 1) IFHE - on average 30% - 40% of hits are shatters; this should drop it to 15%(?) Translating to 40 more pens, up to.... ~20k more damage. 2) SurvExp - the rudder shift nurf from 4.8 seconds to 5.8 seconds will mean absorbing more hits, even if your running 2 rudder shift upgrades. (Well, duh! Its really a CL w/730m turn radius) 3) AdrenalinRush - for a measly 2 cmmdr pts approach 20% buff in RPM, from 160 to 192. 4) PriorityTarget - need to pick one from row 1, slightly better than PrevMaint. 5) BFT - 10% buff in RPM & 20% more AA in this boat that was historicly designed for AA. 6) AFT - it takes advanced skill to drop rainbow shots between 11.33 - 13.6km, but the landing shells sound like a cash register. 7) ExpMark- w/11.25 secs to rotate 180, the 1.5 seconds faster make a difference in a unexpectes knife fight. --- 19 pt threshold for skills listed above -- 8) DemExp - +2% in fire chance is nice, but I expect BFT will net slightly more damage w/IFHE . Do the math. 9) LastStand- very useful but it's low on my list because if your cap diving w/ this even slower turning, more visible CL..... your doing it wrong. ConcealmentExpert, RadioLocation, ManualAA - I love theses skills but there is a big opportunity cost in using them & skipping more efficient skills.
  7. I really enjoy playing both Huang He and Perth. They are virtually identical in play style and nearly identical in capability. I especially like taking them both out in Operation Aegis loaded up with XP, Free XP, and Captain XP flags. I almost always get stellar results with either. Just finished the scenario with both following the same game plan. Move full speed behind the Mahan keeping guns to starboard and load AP. When the Mahan pops smoke reduce speed to zero and turn hard to port remaining in the smoke cloud (it is all about remaining concealed). Abuse the CA with AP, then switch to HE for the DD and BB. Watch out for DD torps! When that smoke is running out beginning moving northwest at 1/4 speed. Guns again to starboard with AP loaded. Pop your own smoke and enjoy farming citadels from the CA coming from the north west. Hopefully none of the Ishizuchi stay west of the island. When the smoke runs out (or all the ships are gone!), turn north and engage the western escorts with AP. Stay outside of torp range and they will focus on the friendlies south of them. Once the western escorts are sunk, turn due east south of the second island from the border and load up HE. Slow to 1/4 speed as you leave the cover of the island or the planes spot you. Pop smoke again and start lighting up the CV. (This is where the lack of a spotter hurts the Huang He most). Continue east and pick at the flanks of the bots. When the team is competent this works out well. The (obviously) noticeable difference between the Huang He and Perth is the DPM. If only Huang he had that fourth turret... Crazy great fun - both of the ships!
  8. Yugumo Gun Build Suggestions

    So I decided to build my Yugumo into a hybrid gun/torp boat, b/c Shima detection buff took away the ghost uniqueness of Yugumo. * have a 19 point Commander So far on the ship I run smoke and the ship range mod (GFCSM2). My captain is Expert Marksman, Basic Fire Training, no AFT - this is on top of all the typical DD skills. I have 4 points left to use on Commander and really debating: IFHE? That brings penetration from 21mm to 28mm armor if I'm understanding correctly. Adrenaline Rush? Gets reload to 4.6s at 1/2 HP. The guns feel good so far, gun range is 14km backed up with 12km torps. This gives me good influence and ability to disappear when needed. AFT would stack and make my gun bloom detection pretty harsh. Suggestions?
  9. With the Massachusetts reportedly set to be released SoonTM and seeing and reading the associated videos and reviews I am wondering about the apparent requirement for IFHE and the proposed "full secondary" Captain build consisting of, say, PM, AR, BFT, AFT, MFCSB, and IFHE. First this demands a 19-point Captains and limits the ability for this ship as a "trainer". Further I also get worried about the absence of any "protective skills" like BOS, FP, etc. Given the skill, intellect, and experience of the Commanders reading this posting I look forward to your thoughts as the optimal build for this ship and the specific need for IFHE to make this effective. Thanks.....
  10. Inertia Fuse on T8 Cleveland

    I have been playing the new T8 Cleveland for a while now but have been wondering if anyone has advise on using inertia fuse shells or not. 152mm guns are recommended to take it so I been playing with it since I got it (my Atlanta captain has found his non-premium ship lol). If not IFHE then what other 4pt trait? Thinking Advanced Firing training, but wanted to hear other thoughts.
  11. So I was reviewing my captains and noticed something interesting. I currently have a 12 point captain on a completely stock Cleveland (2 points unused) with 5k commander xp into the 13 pts, and a 13 pt captain (1 pt unused) on Baltimore with 87k commander xp into 14 pts. I also have 104k elite captain xp and 500 doubloons. If I switch commanders between the two ships, respec Baltimore's captain and boost said captain to 14 pts, I am capable of speccing IFHE and CE on Cleveland, while sacrificing very little for Baltimore (a 12-pt captain is hardly different than a 13-pt captain with 1 unused skill point, anyways). My question is, is it be worth it to spend the 300 doubloons needed to respec Baltimore's captain and the 44.5k elite captain xp to get him up to 14 pts so that I can have both IFHE and concealment? I'm not too worried about retraining the captains, since I have some premium battleships to retrain the Cleveland-turned Baltimore captain and am willing to grind out the retraining period for the Baltimore-turned-Cleveland captain. Edit: yes, I am technically capable of boosting Cleveland's captain to 14 pts without having to switch captains, but that would involve either a very long grind without IFHE or expending ALL of my elite captain xp and 20% of my free xp reserves (around 130k free xp) Edit 2: ah heck, I just noticed that Cleveland's current captain has demolition expert instead of superintendent, so I may have to sacrifice one charge of consumables in order to properly retrain him for the USN cruiser line (I don't think it'll hurt much on Baltimore, but it would definitely hurt should I choose to retrain him using a premium battleship)
  12. 216 hits, 8 fires, only 61k damage. Compared to: When you are shattering your shells on tier 6 bbs, you KNOW the struggle is real. In other news I finally had a win streak higher than one today so that's nice.
  13. If an Anti-Air build is not a priority, will IFHE be the way to go ?
  14. I used to use a full AA build on my 19 pt captain for the old t6 Cleveland but I'm aware that people like Flamu recommended an IFHE one. I'm curious what people think the ideal build for this T8 version is. There are many more consumables, Superintendent seems like a better choice now than DE but that IFHE fire chance cost on the 152mm guns seems high too so I'm vacillating.
  15. Basically a brag thread, but I also saw some threads recently asking if its viable to run, so I thought I would include a small explanation of what IFHE does for GK and how I use it. Essentially IFHE takes GK secondaries and allows the 128mms in addition to the 150mm to deal damage to ships when they hit 32mm armor making the secondaries on the ship deal direct damage in addition to any fires they set. Seeing as most cruisers are covered in 30/32mm armor this allows them to deal damage essentially anywhere they hit outside of Turrets/exposed belt armor, as well as the bows and extremities of all battleships, and in the French/British case, the only areas you can't damage are the turrets or belt. Each of these shells can do 500 damage or more outside of saturation. Using IFHE Kurfurst is about positioning yourself to allow your secondaries to fire onto these area that can be damage, which is somewhat reliant on MM giving you correct targets and where they appear. In this battle, which is actually my highest damage game in GK to date and probably my highest damage by secondaries in a single battle I was provided with the optimal scenarios to abuse IFHE and easily managed to stack up my damage numbers on targets ripe for IFHE to work. This is probably a best case scenario of Kurfurst to work with IFHE, but it shows a good example of what can happen running this build. Also theres nothing better then watching your enemies wither under a hail of secondary fire. In here you can see that my secondaries did a total of 65k damage purely from direct shell penetrations, which I did think would be even close without running IFHE. Comparatively my 7 fires only did 8k damage, meaning they contributed very little. About 1k damage per fire, which is roughly equal to 3 128mm HE penetrations of damage, of which I clearly had far more of. Included a replay which might help explain if people want it, overall it was a hilarious and great game and I felt like sharing it and showing that IFHE Kurfurst has a place and can quite happily perform a role. 20180528_125329_PGSB110-Grossdeutschland_37_Ridge.wowsreplay
  16. Atlanta Captain Skills

    With the Atlanta being back up for sale I couldn't resist adding her to my port. With my love of US DDs and complete comfort with their rainbow arcs it was a perfect fit. What do you find the most optimal spec? Currently I run PT, AR, BFT, AFT, and CE and working on my 16th pt. My main question is do you find IFHE worth it? It would give her the ability to pen 27 mm of armor so effective against plating of T7 and below BBs, but also give you the ability to pen up to T9 cruisers that have 25 - 27 mm of bow/stern armor. I am almost tempted to drop CE as she is an island fighter so unless driven into open water isn't really useful other than getting your detection from planes down to roughly equal to her AA bubble. Your thoughts?
  17. Situation: I have started my Alsace cap on the road to a secondary build. I have all the range upgrades so I am getting the 11.3 range, but do not have the manual fire control for a (-60% dispersion) cap perk yet. I have noticed that I still get a ton of hits and do a great deal of damage with the secondaries. It is also nice to have her shoot at two ships at once. More than once I have brawled against two BB's and sunk them both. So I am wondering.... Question: 1) Is the Alsace secondary base dispersion better than the Germans? 2) Is it worth it to add manual fire control if it is still hitting targets a bunch, especially multiple ships ? Thoughts? (especially from Alsace drivers with a secondary build?
  18. Aigle with IFHE? Too meme?

    Does any DD even use IFHE outside Akizuki now?
  19. IFHE on the Donskoi

    Having recently got the Donskoi, I'm wondering whether or not IFHE has any effect on its 180mm guns. For reference, I'm using http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Gunnery_%26_Armor_Penetration as my source for HE penetration. Without IFHE, 30mm armor is required to shatter Donskoi's 180mm shells. With IFHE, you need 39mm of armor (so everything 38mm or less will be penned by Donskoi). Japanese BBs: Nagato has 28mm deck armor and will be penned without IFHE, but Amagi and Izumo both have 32mm decks that will shatter your shells if you don't have IFHE. Yamato's deck will shatter both, except for the 32mm plating at its endpoints. However, you can pen Yamato's large superstructure with ease. American BBs: From North Carolina onwards, IFHE will pen the 37mm decks, but regular HE will shatter. However, the USN BBs have a pretty big superstructure. German BBs: The deck armor of German BBs is 50mm, so you won't be penetrating these at all. While they do have thinner 32mm endpoints, you should be aiming for their superstructures. British BBs: The KGV is pennable without IFHE. From Monarch upwards you have 32mm decks but hit-able superstructures. So what's the verdict here? IFHE will help you pen plenty of decks, but superstructures are also very viable targets. And if IFHE isn't worth it, what captain skills are better?
  20. I recently purchased the because its a cool historical ship, however, I have discovered my AP rounds are ineffective the majority of the time. I've seen a my AP fail to penetrate against cruisers a couple times, but against battleships I have to get extremely lucky for my AP rounds to do anything and can't remember the last time I citadeled a battleship with my Hood. I end up spend having to fire HE at battleships and some cruisers just so I can get a little damage. I understand that IFHE will only have a minimal effect against battleships but would it be worth it against cruisers? At this point I'm desperate to improve my damage in any way I can.
  21. Conqueror + IFHE question

    Hey RN BB mains, Just wondering if anyone has a table or list of ships that IFHE + 457mm cannons for Conqueror are strong against. Or are the 457's already capable of HE Citadels against certain cruisers. While IFHE isn't a strong pick for the RN BBs in general, just wondering if there's data out for it. Thinking of cross-training my Belfast Commander once the time comes. Sure AP against a Broadside is always better, but if it's loaded; it's loaded. Might as well take a shot. Otherwise he might be better suited saved for the RN DD line when it's released as a "gunboat" cmdr.
  22. I am looking at adding the T8 Japanese Kii for upcoming RANKED play. I have questions about possibly running the Inertia Fuse Skill on the Captain. I love the AA firepower of the thing, but am concerned about the Akizuki guns being the secondary anti-ship armament. I have the Aki, and it is nearly useless without IFHE. Would adding IFHE to the Kii Captain give it a reasonable secondary punch? Capable of at least fending off some noob DD players with the sheer volume of fire? And would it affect the 410mm HE shells negatively? Would I get overpen with the HE shells?
  23. During the October 2017 free re-set of commander skills, I experimented with my ten-point French captain (awarded in 4-star Dunkirk Op) in the Tier III Friant. The Friant has a 139mm main battery and the EM/BFT/AFT 139mm commander skills work as described. When the 4-point IFHE 139mm commander skill is applied to the Friant captain, the Friant is penalized with a -3% fire chance, not the -1% in the description. Please correct.
  24. After playing/grinding the new UK BB line for a couples of weeks, I have to say that the ships at mid tier (Orion and Iron Duke) seem to be very good. So good that I'm somewhat concerned that they might get rebalanced... Not that they have no flaws or are all around OP, but their ability to spit out consistent damage against a wide range of enemies and in a variety of situations seem to be unparalleled. The high explosive shells the British BBs have are in many ways superior than both the HE and AP shells BBs of other nations fire. In terms of damage done per hit, the British HE seems to be far more potent than any other nation's HE, they consistently roll high. Doing well over 10k hp in a single salvo is quite common. In terms of fires started, my Orion and Iron Duke can usually start an averaging 1 or 2 fires per salvo. So it's easy to keep an enemy burning non stop in a duel, and if multiple British BBs focus fire and work together, they can easily render the entire enemy team on fire or quickly annihilate any single enemy unit with multiple fires... In terms of module damage, the 13.5 inch HE shells on my Orion and Iron Duke can easily and permanently knock out modules such as AA guns and torpedo launchers. The propulsion and rudder of enemy DDs and CAs are very vulnerable to damage by my HE shells also. Before the British BBs came around, it wasn't all that common to see an enemy sailing in a circle and out of control or stopped dead in the water, but now it happens often. Apparently these HE shells are so good that I've been able to citadel light cruisers (Omaha, Konigsberg, Kuma, Phoenix...) with them, a couples of magazine detonations also resulted from these HE shells, and there were a couples of incidents in which enemy DDs were sunk when hit with a single salvo of HE shells. Overall it's been amazing, particularly considering my captain for the ships aren't all that good and they lack both the demolition expert skill and the IFHE skill. Traditionally, BBs rely on the high damage potential of AP penetrations, especially citadel penetrations to accumulate damage. But I think in practice, typical AP rounds ironically lack the versatility and consistency that British HE shells have. Angling and bow tanking can frustrate the damage potential of AP rounds and AP rounds seem to only exhibit their full potential when hitting a broadside enemy. When one is forced to shoot a lightly armored enemy like a DD or some CVs, AP usually overpen and do minimal damage... Ironically this situation can be remedied with not just British HE rounds' versatility, but it seems that the AP rounds on British battleships also perform better and more consistently than typical AP rounds in many situations. Due to their shorter/quicker fuses (and maybe lower penetration value?) they seem to result in more normal penetrations that would've been overpens otherwise. I've heard that British AP rounds said to not be able to produce as many citadel penetrations as the AP shells of other nations. But in practice this hasn't been the case for me. If anything alternating between shooting HE and AP salvos can lead to devastating results. In the 4th replay of my video. I soloed an enemy Konig (German tier 5) in my Iron Duke. I lost a quarter of my health in the end and the enemy ended up sunk, despite using his heals. In the end I did 60k worth of damage. I feel sorry for him cause my angling neutralized the damage potential of his AP rounds, while his HE rounds seem anemic in terms of both alpha strike and fire potential. At the same time my HE rounds ruined him despite his angling. It seems that the relative weaknesses of the British BBs (Orion and Iron Duke) include: their relatively poor AA, relatively vulnerability to torpedo hits, secondary guns that don't seem to do whole a lot, and slow main turret rotation speed. (you're in trouble if something with torpedos get in too close.) So have I just been getting lucky in my British BBs or they're actually really as good as I think they're? I'm actually about to reach the Queen Elizabeth at tier 6, I hope the line is as good as I hope it is. Feel free to respond to the poll, watch the video, subscribe, and share your thoughts.
  25. Hi guys! Once again I am loving the Akizuki. She is quickly becoming my favorite destroyer to play in WoWs. Had an epic game last night: Other results in spoiler. As you can see. I love this bote. I can't wait to get a full captain on her and make her really shine! For those that want to, here is the replay: https://replayswows.com/replay/6059 Fair winds and following seas captains!