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Found 2 results

  1. So Zerra recently posted a video going on about the effect the IFHE and armor rework was going to have on tier 7 light cruisers, especially Belfast and Atlanta, and how they are going to be useless. I could not follow him. I already knew Atlanta was going to be in the minority of ships still needing to run IFHE after the rework via @Notser, but there were so many numbers being thrown around I couldn't follow it. I know something in my gut told me the math was off, but I couldn't put my finger on why. Does anyone have any answers on this?
  2. TheLastRollOfToiletPaper

    Battleships ruin everything.

    I have been disappointed by all the iterations of the proposed IFHE rework. My problems are with logic. Having guns pen differently based on their tier makes no sense to me. This is not how you make the game and it's mechanics simple to understand. It was bad enough you had Germans ships getting different pen (1/4) than everything else (1/6) and then a specific size of Japanese gun (100mm) got different pen value (1/4) as well and then we had the Bayard (1/5) shoehorned in between the 2.... Now the same exact light cruiser gun on a ship at t7 would not pen the same as that gun on a t8 ship can with HE. But you know what?? I don't have a problem with that. What I have a problem with is that this pretty much only affects cruisers and destroyers. Battleships are unaffected by this tier=penetration. Their AP will still overmatch armor 14.3 smaller than their caliber. Low tier bbs with large caliber guns still lolpen most of the ships they see, mutsu, weevee, warspite. Why don't ships get protection from those low tier bbs to make them immune to overmatch mechanics at tiers where ships can bounce shells with their plating of most of the battleships at a certain tier. A tier 8 cruiser can be lol penned by t6 bbs... Why don't they get immunity to that because most of the t6 bbs can't lolpen them. TLDR: ifhe changes are bad because they arbitrarily treat CL guns with he differently than BB guns with AP and makes it hard for newer/less skilled players to understand game mechanics. Edit: the problem with using caliber to get your pen factor is the fact that BB guns progress decently linearly, all the way from the low tier bbs with 12" guns to high tier bbs with 16", 17", 18" and now 20" guns. Cruisers do not progress nearly as linearly, from mid tier to high tier if it's a light cruiser it caps out at 152/155 and heavy cruisers cap out at 203 with a few exceptions. A cruiser typically has the same size of guns at t5 as it does at t10 and here is where their problem lies. Bbs increase nicely up to t10 usually and cruisers do not. So using caliber for pen works for BBs but because armor needs to increase with the BB calibers as it progresses up the tiers, it makes it nearly impossible to balance cruisers effectively as their gun caliber doesn't change with the armor as it goes up the tiers.