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Found 2 results

  1. DISCLAIMER: THIS STORY TAKES PLACE IN AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE; ONE WE ARE GLAD WE DON'T LIVE IN. A complete analysis on the sinking of the Bismarck(British Version) We are rather unclear about the events during and after the sinking of the Bismarck. This is the best explanation we can offer. At around that day the Bismarck sank or something, the royal navy dispatched HMS Rodney and HMS Ark Royal. Now this was probably a good decision, as Ark Royal was probably one of the most emotionally secure ships in the entire RN and wouldn't fall for Bismarck's confidence-undermining techniques. Rodney's attitude was, on the other hand, slightly troubling... but it was all a ruse to get Bismarck off guard. (Or so claims meta-academic epidemiology) Anyways, the Bismarck's rudder was hit earlier by velociraptors. After that, the captain of the Ark Royal decided to send torpedo rocs to destroy the Bismarck once and for all. On 8:14 (BTW 60% of the statistics in here are made up) in the morning, the torpedo rocs lifted off and began attacking the Bismarck. For some reason, the resilient gruyere the torpedo protection was made of was actually swiss, and the torpedoes easily blowed a hole in the side of the Bismarck. The ship capsized, and yet the Admiral was nowhere to be seen. Later, both Admiral Lutjens and the ship Bismarck were rescued onto the HMS Rodney, then transferred to the Ark Royal. The two ships apparently shared a piece of gruyere cheese armor and quickly build a relationship, then transferred back to England after the sinking of the Ark Royal. Epilogue: Ark Royal and Bismarck Are on an unknown area of the British Titan colonies under the witness protection program, in a scandal involving the HMS Prince of Turtles (Hey we couldn't come up with better names so don't judge)'s Phaser mounts, which were later discovered on a french battlecruiser. War almost erupted, until France threatened to activate Vacuum Decay if Britain declared war.
  2. Having come back to World of Warships at the start of this year when my PC that runs it got fixed, I had to deal with many changes to the game that meant relearning everything all over again from the ground up. Having said that and progressed to being a decently passable player..... WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!?? (wthigo!?) From dealing with the problems inherent to "Random" battles, the absolute crapshow that multiple CV matches are above tier 4, unbalanced and gimmick ridden ships, and for my first ever participation in a Ranked Season the "curse of the Colorado", I find myself engaging as many do within battlechat of peddling salt... While I do agree with and will never violate the rule of following a player out of battlechat and criticizing them with the pm system, it should be noted that at times there are players within battle on your team who need motivation to remove their heads from the southern hole and join the battle. I have also conversed with hundreds of other players who have been on both my team, or the team opposing that which I am on which are in full agreement on the state of the game. Players who either don't care or are intentionally throwing matches because they are trying to pad their stats are being put on teams in competitive game modes (Ranked and Random) and are screwing over the rest of the team. Players getting stuck on team after team, after team of brainless lemmings and getting so fed up because matchmaking has chosen to once again put them in a place where no matter how good a player they are they will be handed a loss thanks to idiots on their team who do not want to learn teamwork or even a base knowledge of how their ship performs. There are not enough report votes given to a player (Daily limit of 7) to cover all the abject stupidity faced when trying to access any mode of the game outside of Co-op. Quite frankly, that is where most of the players who have invaded the competitive sphere should be instead of screwing over the people who actually want to push in and cap, or try to win in the limited 20 minutes we have for a round. Instead we have little snowflakes who run their ships to the back of the map from the moment the timer starts and then sit at square I8 or A3 for the entire match as their team gets wiped out for being a ship down and not having team support. So because there are players like me who do push, who do risk our ship to complete objectives and win, and because we are not afraid to speak up and tell the little snowflakes to get off their duffs and stop worrying about their pretty little paint schemes, we get hit with this message.... "You have been suspended from sending chat messages until XXXXXX.XXXX Reason: Insults, harassment, bypassing the language filter.." So instead of just complaining, here are some ideas for Wargaming that would help rectify the issue. 1. A checkbox in the settings for "Include me in competitive modes" (Non Competitive being Co-op and Op of the Week). When Checked, the player understands that sitting outside the battle will incur stronger penalties against them for the Report/compliment feature. Maybe rework the AFK report so it nullifies XP for the round for that player, and after so many rounds reported, a 20 game in game suspension to Co-op only. 2. Elimination of Capture points as a Game Winning Feature. Lets face it, If one team sits in the back it is almost a guaranteed loss for the players of that team with very few exceptions. The players who try or do want to win are screwed over no matter what they do. If that is the state of the Game in 2020, maybe its time to stop pretending that Random or Ranked battles are not a "last team standing" battle and make it official. I will be honest, I don't expect Wargaming to do anything to fix the issues that players going into the game trying to win are dealing with right now. Some Clans stopped participating this past season because CV's were included and broke Clan Battle mode (No I wont buy into a dismissal of "Well the meta shows..."). We have older, more experienced players and content creators who have been here for years now either leaving or urging people to take a step away from Warships... The lack of Balance and refusal to fix issues in the game is going to end up driving the permanent player base away. The answer is not more ships, or bogus nerfs and buffs to ships which are not actually based on how strong a ship is but what players are using it and when.. Patch 9.5, Des Moines nerf? I don't even have one yet, but when I look at the Des Moines and then the Kremlin I know which ship needs a nerf and it isn't the Des Moines.. One Battleship holding off 4 ships at the same time by itself, 3 battleships and a cruiser, for six minutes and tanking over 6Million Potential Damage(saw that Thursday night)... No, that's not the ship that gets nerfed, its the Cruiser who if it sticks its nose out it gets over matched and deleted fast... Makes total sense, said no one ever. I want to make this clear to Wargaming, We want to see World of Warships stay around for another 5 years and be profitable. We don't want to see it die. But a great many of the players who helped build the game up over the last 5 years are starting to get irritated, and they are seeing a lot of actions from Wargaming which feel like betrayals and insults to them (Puerto Rico for one, Broken ships while ones they worked and grinded for get nerfed and treated like second class citizens). There is so much that could be done to improve the game, and right now it is not the interface, its the problems with balance in the game and the game modes themselves. Tier 7 Ranked was a brilliant move that got a lot of new people to go for ranked battles, but it also brought in people who don't want to work as a team and exacerbates the broken balance issue. Why does this get ignored so that every patch just has a new "Here is a new Admiral Ship package you can buy for $100"?