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Found 11 results

  1. Last year I posted a thread talking about what I'd do to implement submarines if they were inevitable which seemed to get a decent response. After looking over people's responses to the current implementation of submarines here are my thoughts. Again, please don't flame me, I'm just trying to help. Suggested Changes: Replace the homing torpedoes with unguided ones. Submarines already have a huge stealth advantage and giving them the ability to fire homing torpedoes is just one buff too many. There's so very little counterplay for it. Instead of homing torpedoes, give submarines different types of torpedoes to load, just like how surface ships have to select types of artillery rounds. I touched on this in my previous post and I still think that if we take away homing torpedoes and replace them with a wider variety of options that it might work out favorably: Normal: Only work properly when surfaced or at periscope depth but load faster and go further than deep-water torpedoes. Deep-Water: Meant to work when deeper than periscope depth and deal more damage than normal torpedoes, but they move slower and have shorter range. Blitz: Smaller, faster torpedoes that are quicker to load, except they do less damage and only work properly when launched from the surface or at periscope depth while only going a short distance. Cruise: Torpedoes that go much farther than normal torpedoes but take a longer time to load. Only work properly at periscope depth or at the surface. Reduce the firing arcs of submarine's torpedo launchers significantly. Submarines are extremely maneuverable and right now the firing arcs of the fore and aft torpedo launchers are so wide it makes it pointless to be good at driving a sub. If you limit the arcs more to about a 2.5° - 7.5° angle then it should necessitate more skill in properly positioning the boat to fire torpedoes. Give more ships Hydroacoustic Search if they can't have depth charges. If we can't give BBs depth charges or depth-charge bombers, then at least give them a way to detect submarines easier. The other classes need something to enable counterplay and this is a tech that was decently prevalent by WW2. Make it so that firing torpedoes gives away your submarine's position. It's true for artillery, why can't it be true for noisy torpedoes? When a torp is fired, almost anyone listening to the surrounding ocean can hear them. Besides, this gives the other players an actual chance to find submarines now even if they are out of Hydroacoustic Search uses. Buff the damage and area of effect of depth charges Too few ships have depth charges already, to compensate for this scarcity we need the countermeasures to be more potent. Which will force sub players to be more careful instead of just being trigger happy with their torpedoes. Possible Suggestions: These are changes I'm not as sure about but that I think are worth discussing:
  2. Buenas! les dejo a continuación una propuesta pensada para los submarinos relacionada al balance de estos y unas novedades que me gustaría ver dentro del juego ahora que a partir de la actualizacion 0.10.9 los tendremos en batallas aleatorias a modo de testeo. espero sus comentarios y me gustaria saber que piensan! Propuesta para un counter mas apropiado a los submarinos en barcos de superficie e incluso otros submarinos. La siguiente propuesta de counter tiene dos fines: uno es balancear la interacción entre submarinos y otros submarinos y/o barcos de superficie Lo otro seria agregar una función que brinde no solo balance, sino añadir una dinámica mas interesante y correcta a nivel histórico. por supuesto estoy hablando de los señuelos o "decoys". Además, como añadido, esto dejaría intacta la función del equipo de reparaciones el que seguiría funcionando para apagar incendios e inundaciones o reparación de módulos dañados, haciendo que uno no tenga que limitarse a usar el equipo de reparaciones cuando recibe un ping para luego recibir otro 10 segundos después. los señuelos eran muy populares hacia mediados de la segunda guerra mundial en enfrentamientos SUB vs DD. un buen ejemplo y bastante grafico para todos se muestra en una escena de la película "Greyhound", donde un U-Boat libera un objeto metálico que emite un ruido confundiendo asi al sonar del destructor que lo perseguía, haciendo que este gaste sus cargas de profundidad persiguiendo a un objeto que le hacia creer que era el submarino alemán. Este objeto es el famoso señuelo o "decoy". Entonces volviendo al tema, como se aplicaría esto en el juego? Sencillo, en el caso de los submarinos estos lo usarían como un consumible a parte del equipo de reparaciones, una vez que este sea alcanzado por el ping de un submarino, desviando así la trayectoria de los torpedos magnéticos. El señuelo podría durar desde 5 a 10 segundos y tener la posibilidad de lanzar hasta 3 cada cierto tiempo, tal y como las cargas de profundidad que poseen los destructores o algunos cruceros. La cantidad de señuelos y su duración podrían variar según la nacion y tipo de barco En cuanto a los enfrentamientos sub vs sub funcionaria igual solo que en una reducida cantidad de cargas y duración (supongamos una sola carga de 5 segundos cada 40 segundos).
  3. Just popped in my head so idk if it's a good idea or not. Kagas rocket attack aircraft are probably the least used aircraft in the whole game so why not remove them or replace them with something else like ap dive bombers?
  4. Okay so love it or hate it, it seems that WG is bent on bringing submarines into the game. If that is the case then here are my thoughts on how they could handle the implementation possibly. Please don't burn me at the stake for this, I just want to help. Here's a summary of ideas that include (but are not limited to) the following: For Submarines: Artillery: Functional Deck Guns Mobility: Speeds: Slower underwater speeds (no more nuclear sub levels of submerged speeds) Faster surface speeds (to compensate for the slower underwater speeds) Depths: Surface: Most visible Fastest speed Can use deck guns Base/Zone capture speed = 100% Periscope Depth: Semi visible Moderate speed Incoming artillery accuracy and efficacy mitigated slightly Base/Zone capture speed = 50% Deep: Least visible Slowest speed Immune to artillery Base/Zone capture speed = 0% If you start to flood or catch on fire, you take extra damage when you're deeper and it takes even longer to fix. Minimap data only updates when your own sonar detects something Match score and kill statuses of ships remains the same as it was when you went deep. Updates when you go back to at least periscope depth Torpedoes Historically accurate torpedo tube count and placement Since the torpedo tubes are fixed to the hull, their aiming arc is limited substantially No more homing torpedoes or their pinging mechanic Firing a torpedo can reveal your sub's location (would need to be tweaked) Choice of torpedo ammunition Normal: Only work properly when surfaced or at periscope depth but load faster and go further than deep-water torpedoes. Deep-Water: Meant to work when deeper than periscope depth and deal more damage than normal torpedoes, but they move slower and have shorter range. Blitz: Smaller, faster torpedoes that are quicker to load, except they do less damage and only work properly when launched from the surface or at periscope depth while only going a short distance. Cruise: Torpedoes that go much farther than normal torpedoes but take a longer time to load. Only work properly at periscope depth or at the surface. Detection Sonar Passive sonar is always active around a submarine, similar to hydro-acoustic search. Good for supporting roles. Detects friendly and enemy ships within a certain radius Detects all torpedoes within a certain radius for all ships in that radius. Active sonar is a repeatable ability (with cooldown) that when used sends out a ping that reveals both your own location and the location of any and all ships in a certain radius. Ship Positions The ship positions on the minimap for submarines is only updated when They are surfaced or at periscope depth (as normal) They detect ships using passive or active sonar For Other Ships: Depth Charges (Duh) Standard for all destroyers. Equippable for all ships that carried them or were at least designed to carry them. AOE damage to all submarines. Affected areas show up on the minimap after they explode. Interferes with sonar by flooding the nearby water with noise. Can destroy incoming torpedoes if the torpedoes enter the threatened area. Can tweak variables like damage, quantity of charges, threat range, cooldown, etc. between countries Different fuse settings: Shallow Detonation: Affects subs and torpedoes closer to the surface Deep Detonation: Affects deeper subs and torpedoes Passive and/or active sonar for ships that historically had it or were designed to have it in order to compensate for the new abundance of underwater combat.
  5. Like them or not, the community is really torn about CVs. I'm on the hate side, but I think i have a legitimate solution on how to keep them in the game, but make them 1) more rewarding 2) Increased danger 3) strategic in way that benefits all classes. This is my gamification of what I learned from watching a youtube video on the Battle of Midway and the struggles the CVs actually faced at the time. 1) Range Currently there is no range restriction. You can get in a squadron and just fly forever until you fire a few times or get shot down. There is no urgency to using the squad and no detriment to going to the wrong location or just flying forever to find that last DD when the rest of your team is dead. Where you fly should matter, and unplanned random discovery flights are unfair to classes that rely on stealth. The ideal distance would be between 14km - 18km depending on the type of plane used / country. This would become a stat that differentiates the carriers. They have stats now, but they all feel about the same. Range +1 km would also be a good captains skill as long as it's a choice between another valuable stat like faster flying or additional plane in a squad in the 4th tier. 2) Invincibility for average intelligence As long as you aren't a complete idiot, staying alive in a CV is really easy for the first 5 minutes minimum, and many matches it's easy to never even feel threatened in an even match. Decisions should have consequences. The range forces the CVs to move forward to deploy a squad (stay with me CV players). The idea that a CV isn't under threat during a battle is not based on anything but a lack of a realistic mechanic that works. 3) Plans instead of Spam CVs don't have 3 fully geared squads ready to go at any given time. Choices are made in advance. It should be at least as time consuming to attach a torpedo to a plane as it is swap between HE and AP. This also increases the value of pre-selecting the right type of plane to suit your current objective. Now, the CVs benefit from DD spotting more than they prevent DDs from being able to spot. Class balance is returning, and DDs are being given a chance to be DDs. Launching ships requires nothing right now and it shouldn't be so boring. When CVs are maneuvering, you aren't launching planes. Ideally, a squad should be taking off into the wind, but I would accept that it has to be moving at a minimum between 12kps and 18kps to give make launching a squad more meaningful. You can't just sit behind the island and spam from your magical deck of 3 ready to launch squads. There should also be time added when an unused ship needs to be stripped down from one use and converted. 4) In real life, explosions aren't an issue you solve with a signal When prepping for a strike, the CV is most vulnerable due to high-explosives being more exposed to shells, fire and shrapnel. This real life danger isn't represented. Shooting a CV feels like shooting a cinder block that operates separate from it's bombardment. CVs should be more susceptible to damage when struck on the deck with a squad being prepped. Maybe you thought having 40 torpedos on the deck that you might use later is save until one gets hit and a chain reaction kills you for littering your deck with explosives. This only works if there is flight setup time, but just adding arbitrary boring time onto the game feels like it would be arbitrary and boring... Call it redundant. Now, you start with a set amount of planes, and you can queue up their equipment set. Best of all, you can make choices. 5) Strategy and consequences Send all 50 at once for a massive attack, but now you have no planes equipped to be a fighter, so you are extra weak if the other CV comes after you. Might want to have 5 dressed out fighters on standby to defend your ship. Might not want to risk everything as you can the attack would be bigger, but not necessarily more ships sunk. That will be the most challenging gameplay balance. What is the incentive to risking more planes? Maybe you need 10 dive bombers and a 10 fighter escort. This is going to really ramp up CV strategy and create a higher skill gap then someone crosstorping using 1 move over and over again to set damage records, without ever being in danger of running out of ships or someone shooting their boat. If you lose a plane, it's gone and there will not be a magic plane building factory in the CV anymore. This might also help with that nightmare scenario when after a tough battle there is a team that has a DD and say a Cruiser both low on health, and the other has a CV that had 100 planes shot down and can now make a few more to kill the Cruiser with a DB and the DD with rockets... make from magic. If the CV stashed a couple away for an emergency, that's great, but he would have to sacrifice more defense or offense throughout if he doesn't utilize all of his planes earlier when they could have tilted the scales. 6) Fighters as spotters Sure, but they run out of gas and have to fly back, which means if you want them up for more than a few seconds, they have to start close to the CV. no more dropping a fighter on A 10 because a ship has terrible detectability by air and can't shoot the fighter down 12km away. This also would ideally remove the dpm types from crapping out a fighter on their way to flying on magic fuel. if you want a fighter, go for it, It will leave from your deck if you have one queued up, and it will probably die, then it's gone forever. Now they matter and aren't just another way to dump on the DDs trying to play. 7) DPM These changes obviously reduce the frequency of attacks, but they allow for bigger and more complex attacks. Fighters on a BB can get their butts kicked by the 10 that came along, but those 10 will probably get shot down. Bigger attack, bigger risk. 8) The dumbest thing The dumbest thing that is effective on this game is loading a plane, taking off, then immediately firing a third of the arms you loaded into the ocean so those planes will be ready faster... I get it. It's a game. But please remove this. This had to be on the list of nonsense you wanted to get out of the game, but ran out of runway to fix. You just sold a bunch of 'ships' for 25k dubloons... for Christmas. Make some runway, we deserve it and the guys that bought the PR paid for it. Best part is it's not a total overhaul. Rather than boost, you have range, you might consider burning range faster in exchange for boost, but the logic is minimal, the CVs gain more character, the DDs get to play the game again and if you suck... (the best part)... we can kill you without having to take ourselves out of the game to do it. 9) The spotter plane Rarely did a fighter plane circle over AA and take it until they died. CVs would send out spotters. They had a big area to cover, usually flew out like bicycle spokes then cut a few degrees and came back. Less likely to be shot down, but less likely to radio back while in fight. Last knows update when the spotters return to the ship.
  6. BotherRed

    Camo Reminder?

    So I have an idea that I think would be really helpful for the game. Camo Reminders I came to this conclusion when I woke up, got on and started to play when I realized my ship wasn't camoed when only one battle ago it was. I knew that I had run out of camo, but it was too late. I think something like a reminder for when the camo gets down to 3-2 charges left would be fantastic for the game. Just a little something that pops up at the results screen to tell you how many charges you have left on that camo, the same system could be carried over to signals as well. Helping players to be reminded whenever they start to run low on any one thing. I'm only bringing this up as I love the fact that you can play a battle, win or lose, then jump right into the next one. You don't have to drop out to port after every battle to get back into battles. I'm just offering this idea as in the same battle I went without camo, I offered it to the players on both teams and got pretty good feedback saying it would be a nice helpful update for those who may not have perm camos, or stacks on stacks of camos.
  7. Firstly, I would like to thank SGTBeltfed and AdmiralPiett for helping get information on this. Also I'm sorry if this post seems all over the place I've never done something like this before. (Not saying WG should add this i just thought it was a fun idea) Summary: a tenryuu class cruiser that has been refitted into a AA cruiser with 127mm guns and would be around tier 5 or 6. Main armament: the 140mm guns would be replaced by unshieled type 89 127mm guns and could be placed in a similar layout. For shell characteristics I could see it either being similar to gunboat shells where they dont really hit to hard and have a rainbow arc or the shells could be similar to IJN torp boats where the the shells would do a bit more damage when they do hit and have more flatter arcs the guns would have a bit of a slower reload like ijn dd guns. Anti air: for anti air there will be 4 triple 25mm and the 127mm guns could be used for AA too. Consumables: the ship would get defensive AA fire (maybe unlimited) and maybe smoke. Concealment: the ships concealment will either be the same as the tenryuu or slightly better. Speed and maneuverability: speed would be a bit better than the tenryuu (boiler would have been converted to oil ones) and maneuverability would be slightly less than the tenryuu. Health and armour: ships armour would still stay the same as the tenryuu (so fragile) and for health I would bring it but a bit to balance it being brought up 2 or 3 tiers. Gameplay: the ship would play more of a support role and would likely be close to other friendly ships due to improved AA and lack of armour. I can also see this ship having a pretty good destroyer hunter roll due to better concealment, fire rate and being able to keep up with them.
  8. So, radar is kind of broken at the moment. As we all know. And as a dd player its been frustrating me for quite some time. So I got thinking on how this problem could be fixed? Radar, typically works by sending out pulses and getting feedback from the return pulses - very simple overview of how it works. So if this were to be implemented into wows how would it look? By the picture I would say that the radar consumable should get pulse charges when activated. Say a tier 10 gets 9-12 pulse charges that pulse up to 4/5 km. then once a pulse hits a ship, instead of it being magically visible rather a red highlight of the ship appears for 1-3 secs depending on the tier of radar used and then the player can then shoot at the red silhouette for whilst its visible before disappearing. I think this is much more skilful and realistic implementation of radar than the one that currently exists. Refer to picture above for a VERY bad visual representation of my idea.
  9. Koogus

    Seaplane tenders

    i am not asking if wg should or should not add them into the game. My question is what would their gameplay be like and how would they work if they were added
  10. Hello all Captains, I wonder if this idea have been visited previously by someone else or discussed in passing. However, I've had an eureka moment few days ago and though I'd share with the community. Just maybe the WG staff will take notice or implement them in the future, should they like the idea of course. (let's please not discuss the pros vs cons, usage of Radar itself in-game, this is not the thread for it) We have from secondary modules, AAA guns that get destroyed by shells damage; but not any other ship parts (Radar, Hydro, etc) However, the main usage of the "Damage Control Party I/II" consumable is limited to fire & flood damage as it is currently used. Why not allow these consumables to effectively repair the Radar (or hydro) on the ships once they are hit by the shells? in another words, introduce an area on a ship (which has Radar) to be 'hit' then to be repaired by using the "Damage Control Party I/II" (DCP). i.e. A shell hits Des Moines conning tower (again, as an example), thereby disabling its Radar consumable temporarily. The Radar consumable will be down until the cool down counter is complete, or the player activates the Damage Control Party I/II. Much like we do now with fire & flooding damage. This would make the abundance of Radar in higher tiers to be somewhat mitigated without driving a hard wedge into what is already designed into the game. It would give the players the chance to intentionally temporarily disable the ship that has radar. Allowing more tactical play/option for players. Conversely, the ship with radar would be more careful in implementation of it's radar asset or be suggested to play more wisely, tactically, or just go ham with it in fear of having it down temporarily. For the WG team, I would imagine it would take some work to add this into the game (should they take the idea on-board). But I think having the already used DCP to include the radar damage system would be a somewhat a feasible option? As a sidenote, the conning tower on ships. Besides taking damage, I believe it has no other uses in-game. Why not double the usage of that section to include the above mentioned idea. I hope what I wrote makes sense, if not I can attempt to explain further. What are your thoughts gents?
  11. Alright so currently camouflage appearance and bonuses are directly linked. For example, Ocean soul is blue/white horizontal lines in appearance, and provides: -3% to surface detectability range. +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship. +100% to experience earned in the battle. +20% credits earned in the battle. Those bonuses are decent, but not everyone loves the look of Ocean Soul... right /u/Sub_Octavian ? Then I got to thinking I would like some appearance options and WoWs is missing out on capitalizing on the F2P cosmetics market a bit. I propose the following; split the camouflage system into two parts. The template - this is the actual physical appearance of the camouflage. You only need to get it once and it can be applied to any ship. It could be purchased via the shop, earned by achievements, reward for ranked/CB, or found in super containers. The stat pack - instead of getting full camouflage as we do now (with an appearance and stat bonuses attached) instead we just get a "pack" of stat bonuses that can be applied to any visual camouflage template. They would still be a limited use item and earned the same way that full camouflage is now - if I don't have any "stat packs" to apply to my template, I cannot use the template. So instead of oh let's say buying x25 Restless Fire Camo, I would buy a x25 -3% to surface detectability range. +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship. +250% Commander experience earned in the battle. stat pack and apply it to my camouflage template of choice. I like this idea because it provides me visual customization options, it opens up what I think could be a very lucrative cosmetics market for WG, and it doesn't require a drastic overhaul of the camo visuals that are already in the game because you aren't changing the looks, just the stat bonuses provided. There are some details to be worked out in there (esp w/ permacamo) but I think it's a good idea. I could see the camouflage templates being a very popular store item and a much more visible (and thus desirable) prestige item for high CB winners/high rank players.