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Found 3 results

  1. I run Windows and WOWs in 4K and since the last update my Desktop icons get all rearranged when I shut down WOWs. Does not happen every time but maybe 40%. Also the game center in 4K is tiny. Resizing woks but again, after shutting down the game client the Game Center resizes to postage stamp (ok, a big postage stamp). Anybody had this issue? Game otherwise runs fine without crashes except to usual short port screen freezes which are going on forever both in 4k and 1080. And yes, all drivers are up to date :-)
  2. Hello everyone! Recently, I've been updating the Expendable camouflages on the wiki, adding icons, names and bonuses. For a lot of cammos, I was able to get the names and bonuses, but for one of them, I wasn't. And this is where I need your help! If you have the following cammo, please share the name and bonuses! Screenshots would be the best here. An easy way to look up the camouflages you have is the Inventory page in-game, which can also be accessed through this website: Inventory (worldofwarships.com) For now, I only need infos for one expendable cammo, and its image is down here: Cammo 1:
  3. I used to use Aslain Modpack but switched over to ModStation. WIth Aslain you could upload your clan tag, but I don't see that option with ModStation (although I do see clan tags next to some players username). Anyone know how I could upload our clan logo? Much appreciated! HuGe