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Found 1 result

  1. >Download Link Here< Disclaimer is as follows. Now In Collaboration with Garfield001's Mods! <<<Check him out first!! Still In Progress: Reworks / Tweaks / Tier 1 ships / A few leftover prems Been making my own port icons after being inspired by Garfield001 for a while now! have done about 200+ icons so far! that's the majority of the game covered. My aim is to complete every ship in WoWS. I am a bit of a perfectionist but however my Photoshop skills are not the best, so please don't hate . if you have tips and tricks for improvement, do please fire away. I update this mod occasionally. New ships released will ALWAYS take priority. Note that some ships (namely the ARP's) have alternative icons. Pick the one you need, Rename and remove anything behind the Icon number, then replace in directory to use. Version 1.1.2 (Current) Z-39, Tachibana Lima and More! Version 1.1.1 Duca degli Abruzzi / Asashio Version 1.1.0 French Battleships & More! Version Musashi, Roma, Kamikaze R and Aigle added! Version Duke of York + Makarov added! Version 1.0.9 Featuring Pan-Asian DD Tree! Version Featuring NC and reworked Molotov! Version 1.0.8 Featuring Giulio Cesare and Rental bots Ships! Version 1.0.6 British Battleships! Version Featuring HMS Nelson, Graf Zeppelin and Finally Arpeggio Icons! Version 1.0.5 Featuring HMS Gallant and Błyskawica! In game view: