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Found 1 result

  1. Firstly, I would like to thank SGTBeltfed and AdmiralPiett for helping get information on this. Also I'm sorry if this post seems all over the place I've never done something like this before. (Not saying WG should add this i just thought it was a fun idea) Summary: a tenryuu class cruiser that has been refitted into a AA cruiser with 127mm guns and would be around tier 5 or 6. Main armament: the 140mm guns would be replaced by unshieled type 89 127mm guns and could be placed in a similar layout. For shell characteristics I could see it either being similar to gunboat shells where they dont really hit to hard and have a rainbow arc or the shells could be similar to IJN torp boats where the the shells would do a bit more damage when they do hit and have more flatter arcs the guns would have a bit of a slower reload like ijn dd guns. Anti air: for anti air there will be 4 triple 25mm and the 127mm guns could be used for AA too. Consumables: the ship would get defensive AA fire (maybe unlimited) and maybe smoke. Concealment: the ships concealment will either be the same as the tenryuu or slightly better. Speed and maneuverability: speed would be a bit better than the tenryuu (boiler would have been converted to oil ones) and maneuverability would be slightly less than the tenryuu. Health and armour: ships armour would still stay the same as the tenryuu (so fragile) and for health I would bring it but a bit to balance it being brought up 2 or 3 tiers. Gameplay: the ship would play more of a support role and would likely be close to other friendly ships due to improved AA and lack of armour. I can also see this ship having a pretty good destroyer hunter roll due to better concealment, fire rate and being able to keep up with them.