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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all. Lone Wolves is accepting applications. This is a clan that will not have coms, will not division, will not participate on the global map but we will pool our oil for the buffs to all members. (You can do the above activities but none of them are required.) The clan for people with no interest in clans. Cheers. If you get rejected it is only because we are full please resubmit to the next unit in line, we will try to keep making WOLF clans until every solo player that whishes to join will have a slot. Also please use the clan search (in game) and check out who has an opening. Will get you in much faster. Check out posts near the end of this thread for available slots. 1: paradat has Lone Wolves WOLF1 2: Nimlee has created Lone Wolves2 clan tag WOLF2. 3 A similar clan by betawolf77 with the same ideals is: Lone Wolves - Beta Group WOLFB 4: Leovale has created Lone Wolves3 WOLF3 5: Dinger83 has created Lone Wolves4 WOLF4 6: bhartman007 has created Lone Wolves5 WOLF5 7: wtfovr has created Lone Wolves6 WOLF6 8: Deathshadow970 has Shadowolf WOLF7 9: Helldog318 has created Lone Wolves8 WOLF8 10: siobhanmurphy has created Lone Wolves9 WOLF9 11: weewow21has Lone WolvesX WOLFX 12: rangerdog1958 has Lone Wolves11 WOLFA 13. Optio_Praetorii has Lone Wolves 12 - Canis Lupus WOLFC 14. Carl has Lone Wolves D (Altasitus) WOLFD 15. CaptainDemonic Has Lone Wolves G WOLFG 16. The_Wife has WULUF clan tag WULUF (small misstep in the naming convention but is a full Lone Wolves clan) Allies: Other clans of like minded solo warriors. Our clans have agreed to help each other in no way. To not train or encourage or set schedules. gloom13 has Veni Vidi Vici VVV (Why not, Julius Cesar was wolf like....and some of the Romans wore wolf heads.. hmmm maybe a bad idea) TalonZahn has S0L0 ,clan tag S0L0 Stash512 has It's_Just_A_Game_Bro JAGB Clan is gone, folded into WolfX Monoace has Black Vixen clan tag -FOX- warheart1992 has Hail Hydro clan tag HYDRO. Lone Wolves Discord https://discord.gg/KY7ACcE
  2. Well the forums are really fired up over the new CV game play, I am a CV player but have yet to play the new mode, however i played 4 games last night 3 in AA Battleships and 1 in a Cruiser and they were not fun. I know there are a lot of teething problems but unless WG fix this and fast I foresee serious drops in player numbers. I would like to share my thoughts on the new mode and the ships I played with in those 4 games. Game 1 The Prinz Eitel Friedrich : Game mode Standard I was in this ship on Strait ( possible the worst map in game ) with a Texas 1 CV, 1 Cruiser and 1 Destroyer facing the enemy flag. We chose to stay on this side as opposed to moving to defend our flag which is the often case on this map, big mistake this time. Defending our flag were 2 CV's 2 BB's a CA and a DD Now The PEF was designed BY WG as a AA Battleship and I believe they boasted this in there promotion of this ship and maybe 72 hours ago i my have been able to destroy any air attacks that fell against me however not in this battle I did not shoot 1 plane down despite constant strikes against me. Through gunfire and systematic air strikes the enemy destroyed the entire force well you might say that's what suppose to happen and that is true however our ships defending our cap abandoned our flag with 2 CV's defending it because of the constant CV sniping, this is beyond belief. We lost in a landslide, The PEF is suppose to be a 1941 upgrade of a 1914 designed ship boasting modern AA, with this new mode this ship is now incapable of defending itself against constant air attack, for a 1941 refit ship its now sadly lacking it is no longer viable as a AA battleship the only thing it had going for it. WG needs to ad DFAA and or Fighters or give it a torpedo suite. Game 2 The kII: game mode domination Ironic just went to front page of website to a ad for The KII on sale with the quote in the description " This ship is equipped with an impressive AA armament to counter aircraft carriers by effectively fending off their air strikes. " Well game 2 didn't start well constant air strikes against me and other ships which my AA and indeed my Fighters failed to blunt resulting in a steady damage climb to my ship, once again KII is touted as a AA BB, by games end i managed to shoot down 1 plane total, meanwhile the enemy capped 3 caps while our fleet chose to try to just survive, at one stage i asked why our lite forces we not trying to cap someone replied that the idea now was to sink the enemy CV's nothing else matters. I watched ship after ship try to fight there way to the other side only to be sunk, i also witnessed a DD sail by 2 enemy controlled caps and ignore them in a attempt to attack ships then when he did finally cap he got sunk. Hydro is now redundant as DD's cannot hide in smoke or even get close to enemy ships as they are hunted down and destroyed by constant CV attacks, teams are unwilling to push for fear of repeated CV attacks when CV's are not sniping each other to death. Caps and flags no longer matter sinking CV's and your own ships survival are all the counts now, KII's AA suite is also now redundant as are its fighters that cannot inflict enough damage to destroy enemy planes. Game 3 The Texas game mode : domination As most people here know The Texas is not " THE HAND OF GOD ' unless a friendly was scratching your paintwork or you were leading the charge and some inexperienced CV player attacked you head on then your fleet was safe. Texas AA suite was designed for personal protection and its here where she was formidable. Game 3 Starts with 70% of our fleet heading to C cap while myself and 1 DD and a PEF go to challenge A cap and couple of ships go to B, the B ships are challenge so they run to C our CV's at C try to snipe there CV's, meanwhile our DD at a bugs out because its to hot and gets sunk at B trying to run to C leaving me and PEF isolated because no one at C wants to move ( passive play at its finest ). Our once powerful AA is now irrelevant as myself and the PEF are systematically attacked by wave after wave of aircraft , 3 days ago my Texas would have shredded both CV's entire air groups alone, not in this game. I shot down 1 plane for entire match fortunately while the enemy was destroying us our CV's kept up the sniping game and we one but it was still close because our BB's at C were reluctant move. Redundant AA suites, passive game play, caps that now irrelevant and CV sniping. Game 4 Admiral Graf Spee game mode : domination This was the best game for shooting down planes though my ship had hydro on and not a DFAA module combined with my fighters I destroyed 8 planes 8 and yet my 3 AA battleships combined could only kill 2 this is not good. We lost this game though it was close however there was some interesting things i would like to point out from this game. once again our team was reluctant to cap for the most part when we tried we were focused by enemy CV's, passive game play by both sides while the CV's sniped, DD's again were hunted down by CV's all but the best DD players will suffer this fate. The few brave ships that tried anything were once again focused because of passive play on the part of others. By almost games end the enemy had 3 CV's left to our 2 CV's and a Nurnberg, incredible our cruiser got to gun range of 2 of there CV's but didn't last long but 1 thing struck me as i watched his ship getting bombed to oblivion was the fact that there were fighters escorting him with his ships name on them, they failed to be of much assistance. I thought it strange at first until i checked the ships hulls this player out of desperation had swapped out his C hull for the B hull and lose a full 14 points of AA protection for fighters which failed to help in the end. Hydro is now a waste as its not needed on ships to track DD's as they can not survive the new CV game play anymore . I'm a CV fan and this is but a few ships I have played so far including 3 AA Battleships which now seem to be redundant, I am certain there are and will be many horror tales by other players to come. I don't want CV's to go so WG must fix this fast the ANTI CV group are baying for blood and this new game play and its faults will give them the ammunition they need. 2 years ago people complained about CV sniping so to fix it WG put in DFAA modules on CV's to deter it then they removed manual drop and strafing from low tier CV's now with this new game play we are right back where we started CV sniping again.
  3. Greetings, I am warheart1992, The clan leader of HYDRO, Hail Hydro! We are a fairly new clan that just now opened for recruitment. We are an affiliate of the WOLF clans, so similarly to those a solo focused clan.There are no stats requirements, no comms requirements, no clan wars or competitive requirements. For more info on this please check All we ask is you help earn oil and in return benefit from it. The only thing we ask is you remain relatively active. What we offer: -5% repair cost for all Tiers -10% credit cost for all Tiers +2% XP for all Tiers +10% Free XP for Tiers I-VIII +4 Commander XP +5% Coal  With your help we can provide even bigger benefits the more oil we generate. As of now there are 26 openings with the possibility of more. For more info please PM me on the forums or apply directly in-game via the clan search function (name of clan is HYDRO) Thanks for reading and see ya on the battlegrounds P.S Here's a fox gif for encouragement, take the plunge with us and you won't regret it .
  4. With all the subs and WV commotion, seems like we passed these ones . The Hydro change seems solid, although I don't understand why Maass gets 4km whereas Z-39 5km...
  5. I was inventorying all my special upgrades and came across a green '+' on the Duke of York. These were the mods that were unloaded from Clan Battles. Loaded it up and tried it.... IT WORKS... Didn't find any mention in the release notes... Welp.. There you have it.. Looks like a bit of a buff. That poor Perth really had a tough time with my secondaries... lol