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Found 2 results

  1. There are some pretty neat camo's to choose from! https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/community/huron-camo-contest/ @Ahskance When I did the vote survey, I goof and had a closed bracket "]" at the end of my name when I submitted. Will it still be a valid vote? Also, NA-DmitriDaCablGuy11's camo won't load properly. At first it didn't show at all, now it's just a partial. Anyone else with this issue? I thought my net was going wonkey, but everything checks out on my end.
  2. So, its been a while since we have heard anything about Huron since WG announced it. if I recall correctly, wasn't there going to be regular updates as to the process of developing Huron? a peeling back of the curtain as to how a ship gets made? been a little while and... I haven't seen anything about this. Thanks, @Chobittsu Should we proceed, we will gladly support your idea to highlight Huron development more and give some extra details and behind-the-scenes insights. I think we could send this extra information to you and @LittleWhiteMouse so you can share it with the community as you'd like. But, that is not the main reason for me putting this thread out. If WG is still out in the early stages of development, I strongly urge that we get Huron as DDE 216 In its inital 1953 refit, it had 3x2 4 inch cannons, as well as the ASW squid launchers and bofors for AA. I implore WG to use this version of the ship because A) it isn't a copy-paste job and shows some appreceated effort, B) the gameplay could be different from Haida, or at least different enough C) With subs practically guaranteed, a ship that is geared towards taking them out would be well appreciated. That's all. Thanks.