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Found 20 results

  1. Blam! (Operation Narai) A WOWS Parody of "Stand" by R.E.M. Escort the ships to the base Clear the port Think about objectives Wonder why you haven't now Land the Marines at the port Brave Marines Think about their wives and kiddies Wonder why you haven't before If you are confused, check with your team If they are good they will know what you mean Your props are turning to move you around The islands are there to run you aground Now look for the lead transport ship Big green wrench Think about that circle Wonder why you haven't now Now get it in gear and catch up You just sit Think about your guns' firing range Wonder why you haven't before The bots are going to show up real soon The forts will appear and shoot out at you If there's a division, it would be awesome But mostly it's random, luck of the draw son Blam! Hear the fort's guns go off (boom boom boom) Think about detection Wonder why you haven't now Now aim at the fort's base and shoot Fire your guns Think about your teammates' hitpoints Wonder why you haven't before {Instrumental} When playing a Fiji, now you must abort Tiny AP shells won't damage far forts now Get close or you'll have to look all around Alternate targets will surely abound So blam! (blam!) Kill them bots Get yourself a firin' Wonder why you haven't now Blam! (blam!) Now face south Think about the place you're going Wonder why you haven't Give your best support to your team Now turn east Bots in that direction Wonder why you haven't seen Don't stay in one place for too long Planes are here Think about torpedo drops now Wonder why you haven't before Allways recall where you are Fire your guns! Allways recall where you are Come lets win! Complete the objectives, it will be good But if you fail, they'll call you a noob So win!
  2. Snargfargle

    Forum Funnies

    The Old-timer Grunts and Jarheads should understand this one.
  3. Snargfargle

    He's Got More Credits to Grind

    I think I'm gonna be sad So why do I play, yeah? The campaign that's driving me mad Is going away He's got more credits to grind He's got more credits to grind He's got more credits to grind And it ain't fair! The Prinz Eitel Friedrich campaign Is bringing me down, yeah I think that I'll never be free While it is around He's got more credits to grind He's got more credits to grind He's got more credits to grind And it ain't fair! I don't know why, I play with a sigh They ought to think twice They ought to do right by me Before the campaign gets to saying goodbye They ought to think twice, They ought to do right by me I think I'm gonna be sad So why do I play, yeah? The campaign that's driving me mad Is going away, yeah He's got more credits to grind He's got more credits to grind He's got more credits to grind Wargaming don't care! ...
  4. However isn't it about time WG give us a sneak peak of the next tech tree line already? Or let some more juicy tidbits be datamined from the client/st client? I will celebrate our new Pan-Asian Cruisers, Soviet aircraft aviation destroyers with 457mm anti-capitalism rifles, Pan-European line, etc. with the least amount of salt possible.
  5. First, let me say that I have purchased six crates and got one ship and other goodies. The drop rates are good. Having said that, I have just collected my third BF Crate from missions. The first two went pretty fast, and were unremarkable. This third, for Free XP, has been very long as my flags have been depleted and so I can't just run a 10k Free XP game. Needless to say, after the long grind, to get the container and receive...Two Type 59 camos...was NOT a good experience. In the moment; you just want to scream. A few minutes later...it's funny. TL;DR - Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug. PS - Maybe they should sell little nerf replica crates that we can purchase...and then throw those when we get a bad crate.
  6. I would love to contribute some humor to the mix so. I am thinking if you guys see any NEWS that is funny, humorous, or down right stupid then this is the place for it. You guys set the moral guidelines. Of course the purpose is to make the Moderators/community laugh, not to ban your post. So let me start with this one I found today. Its probably old news but it gave me a smile, Being a parent is well under rewarded job but when you mess up, well it ends up on the internet. Enjoy ! https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/little-boy-accidentally-wears-salacious-tee-school-moms-apology-goes-viral-234013520.html. CHeers!
  7. Is there something about playing World of Warships that cats particularly dislike? Did I miss some historical nugget where cats were somehow disadvantaged by naval battles in WWI and WWII? Could this be some feline conspiracy promulgated by the programers to frustrate us into purchasing doubloons to erase the shame of lost battles because the cats purposely interfered in our ability to see our screens or manipulate our mouses? I tell ya, it's a conspiracy. At least once during a session playing WOWs, my cat has: 1) layed down in front of the screen to block my view (usually at a point in the battle where I've been spotted and I need to turn away and hide), 2) layed down ON the mouse pad essentially blocking my ability to perform efficient mouse strokes, or 3) demanded to be fed/petted/let outside at the exact moment that I have to focus my attention. I've mitigated the interference somewhat by placing one of his cat beds directly to the left of me when I play WOWs so that he doesn't feel like he's being ignored and petting him from time-to-time, but it is only a temporary fix. Inevitably during a session he will revert to strategies 1-3 as outlined above. Tonight, he invented a new strategy. I let him outside and began a session. I have a spreadsheet of radar ships, their ranges and durations that I've printed and taped to the top of my laptop ( I have an external monitor so my laptop is closed when playing). He came back inside, with wet paws, and PURPOSEFULLY stepped on the printout trying to obscure the radar range of the 3 T7 cruisers as he was getting to his cat bed KNOWING that I was in a battle with at least two of those ships! If it was just my cat, I would chalk it up to his general dislike of anything that draws attention away from himself, but I've heard similar experiences of others WOWs players who have cats in their households. I strongly believe that when we register as players that we get some sort of handicap if there is a cat in the house to compensate for this blatant interference. Now that I think about it, young children may be in on this as well. I've seen multiple videos and heard stories where young children have used different methods to interfere with our gameplay. If the children and the cats ever decide to combine their efforts, we are all doomed. Warn the Newbies! Fight back as best as you can.
  8. Me when weekend N Carolinas fire HE at broadside cruisers...
  9. TheRadicalMomo

    Leningrad needs Buff

    So here are some proposed buffs to Leningrad , a really sub par boat -shorter torp reload time -increase the speed.. needs to go faster it's a bit slow -lower concealment -higher HE chance -ap that can pen battleships -longer smoke time -10 km torpedo range -hydroacoustic search -hull heal instead of smoke -more hp
  10. <Censored> was riding through the forest one day upon his favorite <censored>. His main purpose was to collect some <censored> for the homefire but he'd brought along his musket just in case he needed it. Behind him rode his faithful <censored> cat, Fluffy. "Look, Fluffy," <Censored> said, "up in the tree.” “I bet that you'd like to chow down on those <censored>." Fluffy didn't answer because he was grumpy. He was grumpy because <Censored> had made him carry the ammo for the musket and the <censored> was weighing him down. "Quick, Fluffy!" <Censored> exclaimed, "Come here! I see a wild <censored> and need the <censored> to load my musket." The <censored> cat was more than happy to relinquish the <censored>. Quickly <Censored> loaded and pulled back the <censored> of his musket. However, at that very moment, a <censored> stuck its head from a hole in a nearby dead tree, spotted him, and sounded the alarm. "You blasted <censored>," <Censored> said when the <censored> ran away, "if you want to be like that you can replace him in the cookpot.” Not wanting to waste precious ammo, <Censored> grabbed a gnarly stick and gave it a <censored>, tearing it from the tree. He then threw it at the the <censored>, hitting it with the <censored> end and cleanly dispatching it. Skinning a <censored> was not difficult and <Censored> made quick work of it. The hardest part was removing the <censored> glands lest they taint the meat. <Censored> then returned to the cabin, only to find the door ajar. "Well, that's a bit <censored>," <Censored> said. "I could have sworn I gave that door a good <censored> to knock it shut on my way out." "Oh, well, guess I didn't." <Censored> then stood his musket in the corner, resting it carefully on its <censored> as it was still loaded. However, safety-conscious, he did lower the <censored> first. He also made sure that the <censored>, which covered the oil can receptacle, was firmly tapped in. He then hung up the <censored> carcass and reached for his <censored>, a newly-invented tool that would make quick work of removing bones and preparing the <censored> for dinner. It was <censored> work but he quickly cleaned up and soon had a pot of <censored> stew simmering. While waiting for the <censored> to cook, <Censored> got out his <censored> file and used it to remove a burr from the <censored>. "There," <Censored> thought, "good as new." <Censored> lit himself a <censored> and leaned back in his chair. He then remembered that he'd never collected any <censored>, which was why he went on his sojourn to begin with. "Oh well," <Censored> thought, I've enough <censored> to last the night and I'll collect a double load tomorrow. <Censored> then looked out the window, just in time to see a riverboat pass by. Standing on the <censored> deck was someone he hadn't seen in a "censored" age. However, before he could cry out, the riverboat went around a bend and vanished. "Rats," <censored> then thought, "I forgot to put the <censored> in the barn." He ran out and quickly completed the chore, giving his <censored> an extra ration of grain for its troubles. When he came back in the <censored> stew was ready. "Ah, life is good," <Censored> thought as he sat down to supper. However, he then felt a little <censored> and had to get up and close the curtains, lest more mosquitoes get in. The next day <Censored> would venture out, slay the wild <censored>, and <censor> its meat. The dried flesh would be enough to tide him over for nearly the entire winter. The weather was turning cold though so he'd have to bring a <censored> to warm his hands. He picked up the <censored> and gave it a toss; it landed perfectly in its place on the hat rack for <Censored> was quite the <censored>. In fact, he'd been voted best <censored> at the dockworker job he'd taken for a short time last year. The foreman himself had said that <Censored> had shown a lot of <censored> in throwing those grain sacks out of the hold of the riverboat and onto the dock.
  11. (Disclaimer - this is meant as humor, lets please keep it that way, Please) Attention: Grand Eagle Fleet Commander Dasha Cc: @Radar_X, @Gneisenau013 Subject: The Battle Fleet Commander Dasha, while the mighty Grand Eagle Fleet still fights the lowly, backstabbing Shark Fleet still pulls ahead, While we battle them on all fronts their less than Honorable tactics has seem to keep them ahead during these terrible times. I would suggest deploying all reserve forces from the Reserve Eagle Fleet as soon as possible, I would also suggest (if I maybe so bold), that you would send out a video memo of encouragement to the fleet to continue to help build the Fleet's Morale, during these dark days. Also I would urge all Eagle Fleet Commanders to continue to fight, until the last person, the last shell and the last ship has been spent. We can overcome these dastardly Shark Fleets, as long as we fight with the honor that all Eagles have! Sincerely, Lieutenant Commander Chaos_EN2 - Eagle Fleet Buckeye GO EAGLES!!! (Disclaimer - this is meant as humor, lets please keep it that way, Please)
  12. Snargfargle

    Those Were The Days!

    When people gave you amazing Xmas presents. When the Cleveland was still tier VI, was still awesome, and the terror of the CV. When USN CVs still had AA load-outs. When you could blow up a full-health BB with a single shell from a DD. When you could get a Clear Sky award.
  13. Snargfargle

    North Caroline

    North Caroline A parody of "Sweet Child 'O Mine" Just a model ship in a game And to say I love her might sound lame But everything Was once fresh as the bright blue sky Now I'm old and stuck in this place But I was once young and I ran the race Though if I think too long I'd probably break down and cry Oh, oh, oh North Caroline Oh, oh, oh, oh North Caroline I walked her deck; I thought her swell Like those who served her well And when I look into the past I can see her once again Memory reminds me of my younger days Motorcycle I did ride Braving the thunder And the rain But time it passed me by Oh, oh, oh North Caroline Oh, oh, oh, oh North Caroline Oh, oh, oh, oh North Caroline Oh, oh, oh, oh North Caroline Oh, oh, oh, oh North Caroline Oh yeah yeah Oh oh sweet love of mine Where do we go? Where do we go now? Where do we go? Oh, oh...
  14. Snargfargle

    The Ultimate Frontier

    (Stars) They don't come easy You know they don't come easy They don't come easy You know they don't come easy Was an easy Op and you used to be on top But right now it don't come easy Don't you go and pout, or leap about You can't always have them easy Get yourself a Div, let's come together A bit of teamwork now It will make it work out better Used to be so fine, I got me some Prem time But you know stars don't come easy This Op used to shine, I played it all the time But now it ain't so easy Teamwork now, is how we make it A win's within our reach If we're good enough to take it Was an easy Op and you used to be on top But right now it don't come easy Don't you go and pout, or leap about You can't always have them easy Teamwork now, is how we make it A win's within our reach If we're good enough to take it Stand up for the test and always do your best Cause you know skill don't come easy This here hope of mine keeps growing all the time If you're good it's easy-peasy
  15. Sovereigndawg

    What A Joke!

    Tonto and the Lone Ranger are out riding the range, Tonto suddenly stops, jumps off his horse and puts his ear to the ground for a few seconds. He then looks at the Lone Ranger and says, Kemosabe, Buffalo come. The Lone Ranger looks at Tonto and says, How do you know that? Tonto says, Ear Sticky. Got any good ones?
  16. I'll hang out for the fireworks, they won't notice me in the crowd i'll blend right in. Happy fourth of July from the guys up north
  17. DonKarnage2

    Meme Post

    Pretty straight forward. Post memes. Obviously, they need to be clean enough that the Censors don't go bagonza.
  18. Snargfargle

    The Cherry Blossom Special

    Look at yonder island Get your butt a-down there fast Hey, look a-yonder island Them Marines ain't gonna last It's the Cherry Blossom Special Marines be under an attack {instrumental} Well, they hopped out on that island Got some sand a-neath their boots But Lordy, Lordy, Lordy Ships started up a-shellin blues We'll find that Cherry Blossom Special And show them ships a thing or two {instrumental} "Say man, when you going back to Florida?" "When am I goin' back to Florida? I don't know, don't reckon I ever will." "Ain't you worried about meeting your end on this island?" "Well, I don't care if I do-die-do-die-do-die-do-die." Hey talk about the Cleveland She's the fastest ship of the line Talk about the Cleveland She's the fastest ship of the line She'll sink that Cherry Blossom Special Rollin' down the seaboard line