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Found 3 results

  1. After years of playing WoWs there has been something that has been omnipresent in the back of my mind but really came to the forefront with the Demo for the game Destroyer. That is the sound design and effects. I feel it would add a lot to the game by letting us here more sounds that one might hear on a naval ship. Ships are huge, and loud machines with hundreds of people needed to operate them which means lots of communication is needed. The callouts we have already are.... ok, but few in number. Having our crew callout things like which ships we are targeting, which rounds are loaded, what bearing the targeted enemy ship is on among others could really add to the atmosphere I think. Other things might be cool to hear like callouts for speed or rudder direction, or even which bearing we would like our ships to travel on, such as when playing CVs and you use the map to plot a course. More then that perhaps the HUD could display bearings? I don't know. After so long of listening to the same callouts each battle, I feel it might be nice to have a change to shake things up Some examples might be something like this "Enemy Cruiser detected! Bearing 020!" When using the E & Q keys to lock the rudder we could have a callout for say "Hard right rudder!" or "Hard to starboard!" For a plotted course you might hear "New course 270!" For changing our ammo upon next firing we could hear "Prepare to load HE!" For speed "All ahead full!", "All stop!" and "All back full!" Just examples, but still would love to hear some sort of change, anything at all really. Thoughts?
  2. I'm going to combine two topics into one here, as they have a similar point (The HUD/Camera has some iffiness to it...) First Topic: Gunnery Cams (Binocs, ETC) Second Topic: The Torp Guide Not that these break the game for me, but I think I'd do better in several situations with these corrected in some way (or a better grasp of how to get around them).
  3. com a 0.7.8 foi dada a opção de aumentar a escala da HUD/UI de Batalha, para melhor adequação dos jogares que jogam em resoluções gráficas elevadas (4K), porém os Devs não deram a opção de diminuir esta escala, resultando em problemas como este (Imagem anexada) das Fitas/Ribbons encobrir parcialmente o Alerta de que seu navio esta sendo detectado. meu jogo roda com a seguintes configurações: 1366x728px (resolução máxima disponível do meu PC) e com e tela em: "Maximizado, sem bordas". poder diminuir para uns 85~90% já seria uma maravilha... eu sei que existe um Mod do Aslain que resolveria parcialmente esse meu problema das fitas, mas eu preferiria por uma solução definitiva vinda da própria WG que resolveria este e o problema do tamanho da bússola...