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Found 36 results

  1. So I was reviewing LWM's Prem Summary thread, and noticed that the HSF ships were removed early (before their intended removal on the 30th). Was this a UI mismatch or did WG mean to end it early?
  2. WG will the HSF collection return?

    Simple question, will people who might have missed it have another crack at the HSF collection and additional captains at some point? At the time that it was possible to opt into it, I was just burnt out by WoWs. I didn't log in for months, didn't check the news, didn't know about the collection, completely missed it. My bad definitely, I have nobody else to blame. But now my collection of HSF stuff feels distinctly unfinished and it's bugging me. Is there a chance that they'll return? maybe as a last chance saloon type of deal like what happened with ARP and the captain/ship dump at the end of that collaboration (how long does the HSF deal last anyway?). If not I hope you consider it, I'd be happy to buy the additional HSF captains since I need more strange 2D schoolgirls screaming into my ear at high pitch, in a language I don't understand.
  3. I bought a Harekaze a few days ago in order to be able to complete the HSF Collection before update comes out (when you can no longer collect any more items). After my first 4 battles I received HSF containers just like I was supposed to. When I woke up today I noticed that the personal mission that showed how many more games you can play to earn containers was no longer visible. I played a random battle and then 2 Co-Op battles, all of them wins, but the mission still did not re-appear. WG support was no help. I don't even know why I bothered contacting them. Now I just feel regret spending any money on this game after months of not playing.
  4. Been trying to find this information on the Forums, but its conflicting information. If anyone has any _OFFICIAL_ links, please share them. This isn't about buying the HSF ships, this is about the last time we can collect the girls for the Collection? Should we turn in all duplicates tomorrow? Again, if you have a date, please link to something official from Wargaming (not the ship purchases, but just getting them out of normal crates) that supports it. Thanks.
  5. I read the notices, and they said the opportunity was long passed. I purchased the Harekaze (ranked package) and didn't get a 20 container personal mission. But someone felt sorry for me and my sobbing and blubbering paid off. THANKS WG !!!!!!!
  6. This is my first time posting here, so hi. I didn't manage to snag the HSF Commander bundle or any of the non-ship bound commanders before it closed. Does anyone know if the non-ship bound commanders will come back before the collaboration ends, or are they gone for good? Found it kind of odd how short the promotion lasted, considering how they're still making HSF content (Isoroku commander) and they commissioned the voice acting only to offer it for a single month.
  7. [] HSF Cat Skin

    I saw someone made their HSF camo for shima, but I don't see the cat camo for it, so I just made a HSF Cat Skin for my Shimakaze. I use only Moded the Type93 12km trops, so I only moded that. To install, just drop it to the mod folder. I also have the premium type20 skin, I moded the camouflages.xml file so it works with it also. HSF Cat Skin.zip
  8. Recently, thanks to the 2nd batch of the HSF collaboration, we got a couple more of the HSF skins for additional ships. I really like these skins, as I think they look clean and have a realistic look to them. Due to this, I decided to start modding my own, converting a few more IJN ships into HSF ships. So far I have modded; HSF Shiratsuyu, and HSF Shimakaze. Both are included in the package. Download Link is here ----> Download ZIP file here NOTE: THIS MOD REPLACES THE PREMIUM CAMO ONLY. The premium camo is required for this mod to work. NOTE: This mod uses the camouflages.xml file. If you have had camouflages previously modded you need to manually edit the xml file. Instructions on what to add are below in the second post. Below are some previews of each ship. HSF SHIRATSUYU: HSF SHIMAKAZE: Side note: I will be adding additional ships to the download in the future as I make more. Enjoy POI;
  9. Done!

    Took around one month or so, 31 items obtained and 20 dupes used for last four. Quite a few boxes cough up nothing. No HSF ships involved. With 9 days prem time from events (1 from Planes, 1 from Ships, and and 7 days from a supercontainer) and the increased week-long daily bonus I could get to 3 boxes easily this week by pulling out those signal flags. Before that I do 2 boxes a day. Now I can ease my pace and finally return to the skies...oh wait, I'm still halfway through with Nagato, and there's Amagi and Izumo before I can use that paint...and I spent all my FEXP on Nelson (a good ship though, I don't regret the 375k spent). In other words...you can do it without spending a dime. You still have one full month and some more to go, and hopefully until September for that "free" Yamato paint.
  10. Got my Yamato today.

    so finally, after being on the izumo for so very, very long, because i couldn't bring myself to play her (a/b hulls were painful to play) i got the Yamato. the HSF camo is what finally motivated me to play izumo, and this weekends +200% cut my time left in the ship by almost an 8th (the 1 win i got last night was 19k exp, and 2k free exp). i have heard she plays differently then the izumo (god i hope so), and am wondering if any old hats with the ships might give some tips. But either way, shes certainly a beautiful ship to have finally in my port.
  11. When does the chance to complete the HSF collection end? WGs website doesn't give an actual end date of the collection itself, just the end of the available bundles on Feb 7. It does mention that the first mission after opting in is available until update .7.5 but it doesn't mention anything about collections in progress. I am curious as I have about half of it done but my rng seems to be against me collecting any of the portraits. I only have gotten 2 duplicates at this point as well so no chance to buy missing ones either.
  12. Three simple improvements

    1. How about including the MAP NAME at the bottom of the minimap? 2. Add 5 seconds to the "Who sunk who" line over the minimap when a ship is sunk. 3. Add Subtitles for the Japanese chatter on High School Fleet Ships. With the renewed interest in HSF it sure would be helpful to have English subtitles for all the Japanese comments. What the hell are they saying?
  13. All credits to dsal1829 at reddit I only have the Yamato camo. It looks much better then the original light gray you get from finishing the collection.
  14. I was looking though the news note, and I could not find anything. So I will ask, is there any to get the HSF Commander Moeka China besides buying her? Like in a SC, etc.
  15. During this years Santa crates I got lucky and got the Admiral Graf Spew as well as several other ship's. When the HSF collection came around decided to but the HSF version of the spew. I assumed since it was the same ship I would get the doubloon amount of the ship and the camo and commander. What I found out this morning when I bought it is that apparently they are 2 different ship's even though they aren't so now I have 2 graf spee's in my port. Not sure if it's suppose to be this way or if it's a but. Just thought I would share the info.
  16. HSF Captain voice Samples

    I was curious if there are any YouTube videos on the captains unique audio. I'm interested in picking up Mei Irizaki but I wanted to hear the lines before I pulled the trigger. Anyone have any links?
  17. for two days, first 2 regular containers got nothing, yesterday the 3rd one dropped 1, today (and going forward) I don't have the time to get the 3rd container. at this rate, there's little chance I can complete the collection and get yamato camo. I do have the yamato and completed its missions, that got me 17 so far, but considering everyday I won't even get 1 character, plus the more I collect, the chance of duplicate goes sky high, I don't think I would be able to finish the collection in time. for those without the 4 special ships, good luck I hope WG will increase the chance of regular container drop to at least 50% or higher
  18. HSF captain duplicates

    I was just wondering if anyone knows; I've already got the HSF Spee and Harekaze, but those captains are included with the best deal bundle. does anyone know what we get if we already have one of those captains? I half suspect it will just add another duplicate of some sort, but am wondering if it will add doubloons, credits, ect.
  19. Just a friendly reminder, the Haifuri Campaign is effectively live or CLOSE to going live, to my understanding. To enable it, players MUST visit the main page here, and click "I Want to Join". So those aftpained about anime do not have to participate at all. For those that do: For further clarification, after a player joins, they just need to play one game in a ship and get an HSF crate to unlock the HSF Campaign in the Profile. The Ship-specific missions are completely separate from the HSF Campaign and guarantee more HSF containers.
  20. Hi WG and All players, I for one am an anime fan and love the HSF and ARP additions to the game. I know its not for everyone is a fan and that's why WG has an option to turn the view and voiced off. My Main question and it has been brought up before. Where is Wilhelmina? Why have she not been included as a captain? I know a lot of people wanted her more then Thea Kreutzer. Don't get me wrong I want Thea Kreutzer in the game as well. I loved her character in the show. Its just that Wilhelmina was my favorite character in the show and I know she was the favorite of many others. I would like to thank WG for partnering up with Aniplex\Production IMS to include this content in to the game.
  21. Wargaming the Voices for the ARP, HSF, and Seagal all broken. The options don't show up at all at first you need to do a fix that @Aessaya found to get them to appear. however this doesn't fix the problem, the options are there but the voices still not connected with the commanders, for example the ARP Captains i have in my Tachibana and Mikasa are still talking in normal Japanese not in their ARP voices. When Wargaming messed with the sound files the voices were lost. Wargamin please tell us you know this is a problem and are fixing it, not some [edited] excuse like this; I mean it is DAY 1 of a patch and you expect all of these people; Are all using mods? Even @Chobittsu who is famous for his voice pack has noted this problem. @Pigeon_of_War @SuperNikoPower @Sub_Octavian tell Wargaming this problem and give us a response, this silence is extremely frustrating. Here is @Aessaya solution to get the options back (results do vary so be warned). If anybody else has comments or possible fixes feel free to post them here.
  22. I want to know if WG can fix the voice for the HSF captains.. Due to new QC panel all the original voice command disappeared. Can WG fix this or is it permanent?
  23. Well howdy folks and welcome back to your home port! I have a quick review of the Tier VIII Japanese destroyer, HSF Harekaze which was provided to me by Wargaming for the purpose of creating this review video. I quite like this ship, I've enjoyed playing it and I think it's going to be a regular for me.
  24. Graf Spee Tips

    Well I have been playing WoWs for almost a year now and this last Friday I bought the HSF Graf Spee, and have been enjoying this ship a lot. Since (I feel) that I am a low to average player and I want to improve on this. So now I have decided starting this month to try using this idea from @LittleWhiteMouse “How to Control your Win Rate” just using the HSF Graf Spee in random games. Since I am a mainly cruiser player so I think that will help me, but I have jumped around from Cruiser line to another so this may have made me a weaker player (played the RN the most). And I have used Battleships so I understand these guns will have a bit more spread than normal cruiser guns and a slower rate of fire. And currently I have been using the Graf as a support ship – backing up BBs and/or DDs, or as an Cruiser hunter. I will be playing only my HSF Graf Spee with the Ten Point Captain - Commander Thea Kreutzer for at least one month and see if/can I improve on three things – how often I hit – how often I survive – and my win rate. Why the Graf? This was one ships from the first Naval Stories/Battles I studied in school and so I have a long and deep interest in this ship. Also, IF I can improve my number of hits with this ship, it should help me with other ship types (at least I think it would). It maybe also because she is the only cruiser of this type, the only "Panzerschiff". Why use Commander Thea Kreutzer? Well I am not a huge Manga fan and I have watched some manga from time to time and now I have looked up and watched a couple of the videos of “High School Fleet” on YouTube. It is different from I am used too, but I can put up with the “teenage Female voice” since she is a ten point Captain and it does make me chuckle sometimes when she start talking – just wish I understood more Japanese. And so, I would like to have any tactical advice from any fellow players of the Graf Spee. Such as how you handle the other ship types? DDs are the biggest pain for me, have a hard time hitting them. What ranges do you feel the Graf does best at? I know I should not “Tank” unless I am sure I can win. But should I just hang back and “snipe”? How aggressive can I/should I be? How do you handle it when your prey turns you into the prey? What Captain builds do you use?
  25. All thanks to a Kitten - Great Weekend

    Well everyone meet Marco - he is a munchkin Kitten Now I know what some of you maybe thinking what does this have to do with Cruisers??? Well my wife want this type of special breed of cat, and she found someone on Facebook who had one. So after I told her we could get the kitten I got a email from my wife and she told me to order something for "my game" World of Warships. So I ordered and got the "HSF Graf Spee Ultimate" bundle and been having a blast with the ship and even the Cartoon Captain, just wish I understood Japanese also with some of the doubloons I bought the Konig Albert. And then this morning I got Captain Jack Dunkirk so it has been a great last few days. All thanks to Marco? As you can see he likes computers BTW any advice as far as the Spree - from anyone? I have playing her as support backing up BBs, and hunting (trying too) other cruisers.