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Found 1 result

  1. Cpt_Cupcake

    PSA: AT&T hotspots plans

    A little background on this, I recently had to get a new hotspot from AT&T to replace a malfunctioning one. I payed the early termination fee on the first device cause I didn't want to wait weeks without access to the internet. My new device, wasn't covered by the unlimited data plan I had, since AT&T for legal reasons, no longer offers it. However... The sim card from the first device is considered grandfathered, so luckily (maybe) I was able to just to swap sim cards. The point of this thread is a warning... It took me close to 4 weeks and after contradictory information form multiple facets of AT&T customer service calls to determine the issue of my overuse data charges LOL. While I might not be able to get out of paying around $120 dollars, hopefully my fellow hotspot users can prevent themselves a similar situation. PS. The reason I might be able to not pay this charges, is due to the contradictory information I was given at the start of this.