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Found 2 results

  1. Darkshadow86

    Where is my Super CV?

    Before I begin, I'm aware of the stigmatism that CV players cause others, that they are the primary deciders of who wins and who loses. But, of course, they aren't, so before someone gets all defensive about jets being in-game and starts getting excited, relax; DDs are the ship class you should be worried about their influential presence (which some CVs can delete with a glance). Although, I won't deny that CVs with access to jets have the capabilities of a single Kryptonian vs. a league of multiple batmen. Or a gaggle of dysfunctioning robbers that can quickly steal a victory from your grasp if you aren't constantly aware of your situation or lack map awareness like a Battleship player learning to play and not hiding behind the closest mountainous island in their vicinity. How do I gain one of these mighty beauties? On the login patch page, it states: "Supercarriers, as well as the other superships, will be available for rent from recurring random bundles in the Armory. The contents of those bundles will change. One bundle that holds all the superships will be replaced by two bundles. Each of them will include a cruiser, destroyer, battleship, and aircraft carrier. Does that mean it works like subs to where I can get access to the super CVs every day? Or is it a situation where I need to buy a bundle pack to play it? Preferably I'd rather have this ship be researchable. I truly don't feel like jumping through mission hoops to access the next tier. Hopefully, this isn't like that, "You can win a free ship, but you must participate in the shipbuilding mission." Off-topic: But I do recall when I asked for jet CVs, and people were like, "It's never going to happen!" "You're dreaming" "I'll have what you're having" etc etc. Now, look where we're today. Oh, and my title is a reference to the incredible with the "Where is my super suit scene," that I love so much. I'm not actually demanding for my own super CV to just appear. I felt I needed to clarify that since people can act pedantic.