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Found 1 result

  1. I play all modes but right now trying to train up commanders in low tiers coops for the British DDs on way. Since yesterday's patch cant win a low tier coop not even tier one and I have an 8 kill game on record so am no tomato. Have the bots damage done been cranked UP? been taking a lot more max damage for hits. example tr1 4 bots, no problem right? wrong last man standing against 6 ships killed 5, next game tr 3 no bots on team, last man standing against 7 killed 5, next game tr 2 last man against 5, couldn't lick the 2 DDs and CA sitting on my cap invisible, almost but..Have the Bots been made better? also seeing lots players with 25-50% coop wr rates, never in 3 years seen that. guy with 25% wr had 25+ games all tr 1-3. Has there been a programing "FIX" to make coops harder? or is this just a weird conjunction of the planets? Or just the massive influx of little kids we have seen since school started back up. Also have seen lots of guys registered for 3 years but only 100-200 games playing ruining mid tier rands. Lots of people just play this game for fun in low tier coops and this has been no fun for anyone. Coops are a large part of my enjoyment But--I have 7 tr 10s and play Clan Battles also. so bashers put down the clubs. so again Has there been a programing " tweak"? would like to train these commanders up but not if I am going to rack up stupid low tier coop loses.