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Found 3 results

  1. I really wanted to wait and see if Pigeon was going to bring back rewards for visiting museum ships, but my groupon was running out. So I went to visit the USS Hornet yesterday and had a pretty interesting trip, including a behind the scenes tour from a surprisingly generous and knowledgeable docent. I took some pictures in glorious 4k resolution if anyone is interested in seeing them (Except of the restricted areas. I didn't want to push my luck). The album can be viewed here. I also went to the USS Iowa back in December. If anyone is interested in those they can be found here.
  2. Last two times were fun: The scenarios test featuring Steampunk ships fighting the Burning Legion and the Inquisitor Nikolai Boss with 200,000 HP last year, and the "I'm a T4 Captain looking to earn my stripes in this game... why is the enemy team only 6 players? Who is iChase, what is a Salem Witch? OH GOD I'M ON FIRE! WHY THE HELL DOES THAT CRUISER WITH BATTLESHIP HP AND RANGE SHOOT SO FAST!? OHGODIMDEAD!"/"WHY IS THERE A TIER 9 CV IN THIS T5 GAME?! [edited] NO [edited] NO STAY AWAY PANCAKES OF DEATH!!" Will this year's spookiness be as great? But more importantly, will it be different? I mean Rasputin could easily come back. I don't think they're randomly going to give all the CCs and Supers a boss ship to [edited] with newbies with-- the player base of Halloween 2015 was a lot smaller after all-- and people didn't encounter either boss back then.
  3. Hornet - Tier 5 premium USN CV

    I have Aslain's mod and the Hornet showed up in the tech tree as a premium USN CV. You get access to 4 squadrons in the setup (2/1/1). Also, look at the fighter compliment and AA defense...holy. It seems severely overpowered for Tier 5. I wonder if this was a mistake and we'll see it moved up to a higher tier before they release it.