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Found 8 results

  1. Pandaman72

    Hornet bug

    Ive bought my hornet but every time i use the torpedo sortie when i launch the torpedos i watch them hit the enemy ship but i get no damage or points for it . This happens every time but my bombers hit just fine.
  2. Michael_MM_

    Hornet Bug?

    I purchased the CV Hornet yesterday it lets me get 4-6 sorties off the deck and then the planes do a familiar "spinning around in circles" and you get the notice that you have been disconnected from the server. Click reconnect and it won't reconnect you until the ship is back in port. Some times 10 minutes go by saying it's logging on before it connects. You find your self back at port dressed in pink (you already know what I think about that) 3 out of 4 times I been pink. The last time it did the same thing but no pink. The question is Does anyone else have this problem? Pretty gun shy about setting sail in her again. I mean 4 out of 4 disconnects doesn't seem to be a coincidence.
  3. rafael_azuaje

    Hornet QUESTION 11.4

    hello everyone, checking the Hornet in the armory I see a negative change, its aircraft points dropped drastically, I have some screenshots of version 11.3 and now 11.4 where you can see the change. was it a hidden nerf? hopefully not! :( in version 11.3 the Hornet planes had 69 points. now in version 11.4 now it has 54 points, that is, it was a hard blow for the Hornet :(
  4. Playerbase: incessantly demands historical ships Wargaming: https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxDXItucwSszSOd7xdmnKMqmj8auDKLZdj NO WARGAMING, I don't think you are going to make this "WORK!" They are seriously going to go with the Mitchells I cannot believe this OK this is what you realists have brought upon us. USS Hornet is coming to the game & according to the devblog it will be the most gimped CV to ever exist. At first it doesn't seem so bad. Sister ship to Enterprise, a powerful ship(so powerful as to be halted from the premium shop). Good looking camo. I see what looks like SB2U-3 Vindicators on the deck, which is a good plane - with good AP bombs, according to the devblog. Then I see the other planes. Carries torpedo bombers, presumably TBD-1 Devastators... This is a woefully underpowered plane, helpless against Tier 6 fighters, and will melt against Tier 10 AA. And then: The key feature of Hornet is the availability of a tactical squadron of bombers. It serves as an auxiliary weapon and consists of a single attacking flight, which takes a significant time to prepare. The squadron doesn't return to the carrier's deck after the attack, and is restored by the whole flight at once. The ship's tactical squadron consists of powerful B-25 bombers which Hornet carried historically for the Doolittle raid. The squadron has a large attacking flight size and many bombs per plane. What. WHAT?! No fighters mentioned! So here we have a CV that can't do anything except sail around for the starting minutes of the game. They player can't launch the Mitchells because of the "significant time to prepare," and can't launch anything else because of all the Mitchells taking up space on the deck. Also Wargaming, the Doolittle raid was launched against land targets & ships at anchor. NOT MOVING TARGETS! Why couldn't you put Hornet at Tier 6 or 7 where she could be useful against land targets? Why are you putting a ship with flak/fighter pinata Devastators & Mitchells at Tier 8, able to see Tier 10?! And you have to rely on these slow, unwieldy, early war planes because the ship can't crusade like Graf Zeppelin, and DOESN'T HAVE ANY FIGHTERS. No HE ammunition & really slow torps, so good luck against destroyers. You better make the Mitchells able to use their defensive turrets, and able to be launched immediately, because this hornet ain't gonna have a sting otherwise. ♦
  5. MiniHannibal65

    How I Build It: Hornet

    Hey Guys, I'm back with my build for the Hornet since it is releasing soon. This is what I wound up using and liked the most! (Don't forget to like and subscribe!) Feel free to ask questions in the Youtube comments or here, always happy to answer! Link to the video for anyone who can't use the embedded video. Hornet
  6. Michael_Gary_Scott

    A Fully Loaded F/A-18F Super Hornet

    A photo of an F/A-18F Super Hornet fully loaded with 10 x GBU-32 1,000 pound bombs taken by by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Matt Matlage. Each jet can carry more pounds of bombs than a B-17 Flying Fortress of World War 2 (which I think is between 4,000 to 8,000 pounds from a quick search). An aircraft carrier's load of F-18's attacking an inland target, I am guessing, must match or even beat the destructive power of the mass bombing formations of long ago. With GPS level accuracy (within 5 meters) using JDAMS, even more amazing. Just a random thought.
  7. Should Hiryuu/Souryuu be implemented as premiums or a line split for the IJN tech tree? I find it disappointing that they've been removed due to their historical significance and aesthetic appeal. Secondly, where is Hornet and Akagi? I'm frustrated by the lack of options when it comes to US and IJN CV premiums. Kaga is an interesting ship, but she is the only choice since WG had to throw Big E in the closet. A Shoukaku clone in the form of a Zuikaku with perhaps a crane themed camo would also be extremely cool for historical buffs. By the way, imagine Yamashiro being put into the game as a BBV. I could see it functioning as regular BB from the player's perspective, but with a consumable plane squadron that functions using the manual target system for secondaries. I'd really like to hear thoughts on these ideas as well as opinions of CVs in general. Do you think CVs are truly overpowered? In my personal opinion they lack the dpm to be truly OP, but I can understand that it is frustrating that there is little counter play against them.
  8. KingCakeBaby

    HMCS Vancouver - Fleet Week 2018

    Here are the promised pictures from the HMCS Vancouver. It's a frigate so there's not as many as the Hornet and Iowa, which can be viewed here and here if you're interested. The pictures of the air show didn't turn out as well as I hope so I'll probably be keeping those to myself. Enjoy! A few things of particular interest are the large metal tubes on the deck. These are apparently so new that the majority of the crew had no idea what they were and what they did. They're a radar, torpedo and missile countermeasure that launches an inflatable that acts as a decoy. Also those sleek black boats are actually target drones for gunnery practice.