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Found 2 results

  1. Shrayes_Bhagavatula

    Kleber: Haha fires go brrrrrt

    Hello all! So, I decided to take my new Tier X French DD, the Kleber, out for a good old spin, like I always do. Well, let's just say this match is the best match that I have ever had in a DD My first ever Witherer medal by the way. So there's that. ( HYYYYYPPPPPEEEEEE!!!!!! ) Plus a high caliber to go along with it. Wait, How did the Petro end up nearly 200 Base Experience higher than me!? ( Is it because he ended up dying? - someone please explain this ) A little bit more, and I could've gotten an Arsonist and a Confederate. Sadly, no Qwacken for me. Not as impressive a turnout as the Mogador games that I showed you guys earlier, but it was certainly quite good with only the basic Economic flags. 20200730_150733_PFSD110-Kleber_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay Here's the replay file, for those of you who are interested. And rest assured, The Old Man will be seeing this. -Shrayes edit- Jevil: CHAOS, CHAOS
  2. World Of Warships Ship Opinions: Bourgogne French Ballistic Missile Ever wondered what would happen if Alsace and Henri IV had a baby? Well, I didn’t, but when I got to take the French Tier 10 Steel Battleship Bourgogne out for a spin (maybe a few too many spins ), I finally realized what that might look like. Bourgogne is essentially an uptiered Alsace in the same way that Jean Bart is an uptiered and powered up Richelieu, but she has more range, a Main Battery Reload Booster Consumable, and a stonking powerful Engine Boost consumable that allows her to become the second fastest BB in the game. At the same time, she’s still an Alsace, which means she’s a big target and is hideously vulnerable to HE spam, and her mobility is somewhat questionable when her Engine Boost is on cooldown. Nevertheless, Bourgogne is an interesting ship that should be respected in what regards she brings to the table. Let’s get down to business then, shall we? Armor: Squish Pros: Weird French black hole armor in some spots that makes shells disappear at times Cons: Everything else Bourgogne is literally the squishiest of the Tier 10 BBs, and I’m not being hyperbolic when I say that. Bourgogne has the smallest HP pool of all the Tier 10 battleships, at just 74,700 HP, and her armor is extremely vulnerable to the HE spam found at these high tiers, thanks to the typical 32mm French BB plating. While it isn’t as much of a problem as it used to be, thanks to the IFHE rework giving everyone splitting headaches over choosing between raw damage numbers or Arsonist and Witherer medals for days ( not really ), it’s still a problem when the heavy cruisers get involved, especially since that some of the CAs boast incredibly powerful HE shells ( Drake, Goliath, HIV, Zao ), or a high rate of fire ( Des Moines, Salem, Hindenburg ). Bourgogne also has no gimmicked up repair party or damage control or special armor that helps mitigate damage in the form of both raw penetration damage and DoT from fires. The one thing that the Bourgogne has going for it is the French Turtleback armor, which has a tendency to just gobble up AP shells for minimal damage from time to time. Overall, Bourgogne is extremely squishy. Don’t try and think otherwise, unless you want a one way ticket to port in your shiny new boat. Rating: Poor Armaments: Tap. Tap. Tap. Pros: Stonkin’ huge range, Reload Booster + brutal AP and HE equals to lethal burst damage potential, better sigma and reload parameters than the pre-nerf Alsace, decent secondaries Cons: Only 380mm guns means no 27mm overmatch, very inconvenient forward firing arcs, still a bit of a shotgun at times, challenging a Kurfurst or Ohio to a secondary duel is a fool's errand. Before there was Bourgogne, there was Alsace, and this is the pre-nerf Alsace we're talking about here. You know, the one with 1.7 sigma and a 30 second reload? Yeah, well WG took that and turned up the wick for the Bourgogne, which has 1.8 sigma and a 28 second reload on her 12 380mm / 45 Mle 1935 guns. Adding to this is the almighty Reload Booster, which, with proper usage, can throw out a frag-ton of either HE or AP shells to her opponents within a short space of time, giving Bourgogne lethal burst-damage capability, and neglecting the ammo would also be dangerous, with the HE having good damage and fire chance numbers and the AP being stonking quick and hard hitting ( though the penetration is lackluster, especially at this tier ). Bourgogne also has a fairly long range of 24.8 kilometers, which allows her to easily dictate engagement ranges against other battleships. There are several downsides, however, namely being the inability to lolpen USN and German Heavy Cruisers, because her guns are only 15 inches in caliber, and, despite the improved sigma parameter, she’s still a bit of a shotgun from time to time. Her secondaries are the same ones found on Republique, with pretty good range and striking power, but you aren’t going to beat a Grosser Kurfurst or Ohio in a brawl, even with a full secondary specification, because of something I’m going to bring up in the AA section. But hey, it’s a French BB. What are you gonna do about it? Rating: WTAF AA: Get flak-blasted ( sorta ) Pros: Excellent AA all around Cons: Excellent AA all around, when it’s still around. Bourgogne has extremely powerful AA, and every carrier out there knows it. Her AA mounts have a maximum 6km reach, with over 500 total DPS, lethal effectiveness, and what I can only describe as a brutal mid-range ring that makes even some cruisers jealous . Therr are problems, however. Bourgogne is French, which means that, not only is her armor very squishy, but her AA mounts are squishy, too. Constant HE spam, Conqueror fire-bombings or Midway DB strikes will whittle it away in an extremely short space of time, and investing in protecting it is also a fools errand that I dare not foretell the ramifications of. The same also applies to her secondaries, which also happen to be dual purpose ( you get the point ) It works when it’s still around, but otherwise, not really. Rating: Good Maneuverability: Rocket-butt-boat Pros: Redonkulously fast with a high turn rate when engine boost is active, small-ish turning radius, quick rudder Cons: Take away engine boost, and it’s merely good, the turning radius is still quite large. All French Battleships above Tier 8 receive an Engine Boost consumable that can bring their speed up to around 34 or 36 knots, which is pretty sweet. Bourgogne, on the other hand, has an OVERCLOCKED Engine Boost ( the same one found on French Cruisers) which increases her top speed from a fairly pedestrian 32 knots ( 33.6 with the flag ), to a stonking quick 38.6 knots, and her turn rate goes from 4.1 degrees to 4.3 degrees, which, while it doesn’t sound like much, gives the Bourgogne a pretty good level of responsiveness when fighting other warships. However, her turning radius of 910 meters is quite large, and with engine boost on cooldown, she’s not only slow, but also quite sluggish when maneuvering, also thanks to that radius and a sluggish rudder shift time of 16.6 seconds, which makes turning a hassle as well. The point? Take Engine Boost Modification 1, you’re gonna need it. Rating: WTAF Stealth: Smol Pros: Excellent minimum surface detection beats out some cruisers Cons: The Royal Navy exists Short of those two British mega-colonizers (Conqueror and Thunderer ) at Tier 10, the Bourgogne has one of the best detection ranges of any of the BBs at Tier 10, and it’s pretty dang good even within her matchmaking spread, minimizing to the same 13.1km detection radius as the Richelieu. Of course, there are stealthier battleships than even those two ( Monarch, Roma, Odin, Lion, etc ) that exist within Bourgogne’s matchmaking spread, and you will be hard-pressed to sneak up on some opponents to give them the proper thrashing they often so ritually deserve. Of course, you can sneak up on the likes of Stalingrad and some other cruisers that have a worse detection range than you, but don’t count on that working out every time. That being said, that combination of darned good stealth and high speed means that you can strike like a ninja, or you can vanish while kiting at longer ranges. The only thing that’s gonna ruin your day in either case are the flattops, but let’s be real, it’s not like they want to get anywhere near a Bourgogne in the first place. Rating: Good The Verdict Armor: 2 / 5 Armaments: 5 / 5 AA: 4 / 5 Maneuverability: 5 / 5 Stealth: 4 / 5 Overall Rating: 20 / 25 ( Gudbote ) General Writer Review: Durability hardly matters when everyone that’s shooting you is already dead. ( kek ) Bourgogne is a fantastic ship. Correct positioning and proper coordination will yield results that will leave you pleased beyond belief when you drive into battle and smack everything that you come across. It takes time and practice to master, but hell yeah, you'll feel like your the king of the world. Peace!