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Found 3 results

  1. Here is my video for my 20 Santa's Mega Gifts opening. I got 4 ships, and 3 were back to back. That gives about a 25% drop rate for ships in the mega containers. Good luck all, enjoy the video, may your bilge pumps be merry, and your HE bright.
  2. Happy Holidays! This is a fun thread to post about what you did or are going to do over the holidays! Maybe you got something cool from some Santa Crates and want to share? Maybe you smashed a ship in your Winter Themed Duke of York? Perhaps you are loving the detail of the new Hamburg port? Let's hear about it!
  3. Chirstmas scenario???

    So, just to get thoughts, I was playing the Halloween mission, when I got the idea of: why not have a Halloween type scenario, but revamped for Christmas? I would really enjoy a scenario like that! Especially since there is only the Halloween scenario, adding a Christmas theme scenario would really add to the game. Thoughts?