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Found 1 result

  1. So I haven't seen much discussion regarding the Conqueror Unique upgrade so far. I also haven't noticed any sources such as CC's touching on it in any detail beyond a passing mention of their thoughts and opinion. Granted I haven't exactly done a strenuous search for it either. Flamu does touch on it in his video (embedded video starts at Conqueror). The following is also all subjective based on my experience and playstyle. For at least a bit of context I use both AP and HE, I try to apply both as the situation warrants, so this approach is going to alter my perception as I am seeking AP opportunities constantly as opposed to someone who may be content with using the HE. Here's a Too Long Didn't Read: I pretty much agree with Flamu's take with one exception, the ability to dodge shells. I think he didn't properly explore that particular aspect (to be fair he probably didn't have the luxury of time), it's an aspect I am still exploring with the ship but I have found success with outright evasion of salvos (mostly BB) and preventing sustained fire from rapid fire high arc shells from keeping a consistent bead on me. I will go into more detail below for those that are interested. First up a pair of pictures showing two different module setups, one maximizes rudder shift and turret rotation on the idea of getting maximum benefit out of the upgrade. The other simply equips the unique module and leaves it at that. I'm also planning to try out a module setup that maximizes rudder shift but keeps MBM3. So to clear something up straight away, the unique upgrade is not going to do much for allowing a quicker full "U-turn" maneuver. LittleWhiteMouse has discussed this before but the turning circle doesn't change, nor does the speed bled (at least from incidental observation, I haven't done any hard testing), and that's the big parts of a U turn, the only part that changes is how quickly the rudder reaches max to port or starboard (the majority of a U turn you make with the rudder full hardover already, so the module does nothing once it reaches that position). Additionally the rudder shift time displayed in port is the time it would take the rudder to shift from max Port to max Starboard. From neutral to max Port/Starboard it is half that time. With a full rudder shift setup the Conqueror has 8.3 seconds (4.15 from neutral), that's good for a BB, 10.4 seconds (5.2 from neutral) with only the unique module. For context with no rudder shift modules at all it is 17.3 seconds (8.65 from neutral). What I have found so far is this module is great for active evasion when operating at a distance, due to shell flight times at distances of 15km (conditionally 12km depending on velocity) or more you can with active management and performing serpentine maneuvers (think "~~~" and you have an idea) simply dodge shots. Under fire from ships like a Minotaur/Worcester/DM/high arc DDS, ships that have a tendency to walk their gunfire to you, you can frustrate their aim by presenting a target that is rapidly shifting back and forth much more than your size would imply. Due to travel time they have to constantly update their aim far more intensely versus another BB, which leads to far more misses. The downside is this sort of maneuvering requires near constant input maintenance from you, so it can be easy to sometimes simply fail to sustain the turning when you have to focus your activity/attention on something else. It is definitely more demanding of constant attention and fine control than a Conqueror without the module. Evading BB salvos, if you have experience rudder juking BB salvos in cruisers you have a good foundation for applying this to the Conqueror with this module, it essentially becomes a fat cruiser after all. The same basic principle applies here, watch them close, jam the rudder the instant they fire (assuming distance allowable, otherwise it becomes predictive guessing), the one downside is the other usual accompaniment of dropping speed is far less sustainable in the Conqueror, so you are probably going to have to rely purely on just rudder for some instances. Bow on or stern also applies, feint softening the angle to bait the shot and shift back far quicker than they anticipate, the aspect profile greatly helps here. However this has obviously much less success against Yamato and Musashi because of all the 32mm plating you are slathered in. I have not had the (mis)fortune yet of seeing how this setup fares against CV strikes as CVs aren't common and I want these events to occur naturally in the course of gameplay rather than trying to force it in a potentially unrealistic/untenable situation. In short the basic evasion principles that you would normally employ get turned up to work very well with surprising agility. You can be a surprising evasion tank at a distance and pull rapid back and forth movements to keep DDs guessing if a situation demands you charge down a DD in smoke. You can bait torps by looking like you have committed to a turn you can't easily correct (however it still wont save you against point blank, you need to make them blink, so it's imperative you have a read on the driver). As for torpedo avoidance in general I haven't noticed any difference, if you have made passive torpedo evasion a routine I can't find a way to quantify the difference, with passive torpedo evasion I have no way of gauging whether the module helped or not. Active evasion, yes it helps, but in most of those situations either the DD launched too soon giving you the window, or even with the increased agility the DD held it's nerve and you are still eating torps. Now the downsides, well the pictures show the biggest one, you lose the concealment. The Conqueror doesn't have the armor plating, HP or cool-downs to sustain itself under concentrated fire, it will die quicker than the other BBs even with that heal. Concealment is a major factor in staying alive and going dark when necessary for recuperating. The additional factor which for some may not be as pertinent is you lose the significant ability to surprise ships by cruising in dark to around 12km delivering a punishing AP strike and then slipping away, this is however pertinent to me because I employ AP, so keep that in mind I feel this module reduces the capacity of the ship to make these sort of sneak attacks. This all leads to what I consider the biggest "downside", the playstyle the module encourages emphasizes distance based gameplay to maximize time to evade and maintaining that crucial stealth buffer, which drastically cuts back surprise AP strikes. So in short: It encourages sniping, and cuts down on AP opportunities, lending itself to the stereotype of a "Sniping HE spamming BB from the border". The other final downside is the playstyle requires a lot more active maneuvering input than what some people may be used to with a BB, please don't misinterpret me, this is not me saying BB drivers are lazy sailors. It is more the fact that your rudder shift is so long that you can easily spend around 15 seconds not inputting because you are simply waiting out the actual rudder. Unlike this build where you could be actively shifting every 6-8 seconds, so it's requires significantly more player input and up-time to maximize the potential of compared to the standard stealth build. So all in all I don't consider the upgrade a useless option, I think it offers an interesting alternative, it may not be conforming to the stealth meta as people want/expect but it definitely provides benefits that I feel one cannot properly grasp just by looking at numbers and drawing a conclusion from that. But the playstyle it encourages/shapes is not going to be for everyone. Finally repeat, have not run against CV strikes so far, so that is an element to consider that I can't give my opinion on yet, depending on how you wish to weigh that. I welcome any input from others, especially if others have played the Conqueror with the Unique module.