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Found 1 result

  1. Battle of Jutland We will try this on this next coming Friday on Nov 30th 11/30/18. 9:30-11:30PM US Eastern standard time , 8:30-10:30 PM US CENTRAL TIME, 7:30-9:30 PM US MOUNTAIN TIME, 6:30-7:30 PM US PACIFIC TIME , 11:30AM -1:30 PM in Sydney Australia 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM in Perth Australia. This will be in the training room labeled "battle of jutland". search for training rooms by Outwardpanicjoe. if anyone is interested in helping to make new events or suggestions feel free to join the workshop discord https://discord.gg/ygjyP2G the event for this will be in the same discord for voice. TRAILER V General rules for the event: Try to stay in a battle line formation as much as possible. Battleships/battlecruisers will be using AP only. Each team will have 2 commanders of the line one in the lead and one to the rear of each battle line. If one of the commanders is taken out of the battle, the ship next in line takes command as flag ship. Chapter 1- First Contact UK mission - The British will have their battlecruiser Division out and will try to eliminate all of the German battlecruiser fleet - chase them across the map, if you have to. Don't lose more than 4 battlecruisers in the engagement. If you get down to 4 battlecruisers or are engaged by the German High Seas Fleet, fall back to the map border. UK Ships - You will have 9 ships at your disposal. Since we don't have any battlecruisers for the UK other then the Hood, we will use 9 Ishizuchi as a stand-in. If you have a white camo, use that to cover the ship and put on a jutland banner. Like this picture V. Kaiserliche Marine Mission - The Germans will have their battlecruiser squadron scouting ahead while the main fleet stays behind in formation at spawn. If you come across the UK battlecruisers, engage them and take out 5 of their cruisers by luring then into the guns of the high seas fleet. Kaiserliche Marine Ships - Since we don't have any WW1 era German battlecruisers in here yet, so we will just use a combination of Konig alberts/ kaisers with A hull but upgraded engines with speed flags and Graf Spees that equal 5 battlecruisers as stand ins. Use of torpedoes is prohibited. Germany will also have 5-7 battleships of tiers 3-5 (preferably Konigs and Kaisers) as backup in formation for a trap so the battlecruisers can lure them in to the crossfire. Chapter 2 - The Grand Battle UK mission- The battlecruisers are on the retreat intercept the german fleet and engage them from a battle line and surround the german fleet and pumble them into submission. Attempt to sink the rest of the German navy before they can try to escape to the map border. UK ships- 10 battleships and 2 other classes. 3 Queen Elizabeth classes including Warspite, 3 Orion class BBs , 2 Iron Dukes, 2 Bellerophon's, and 2 Other can either be a tier 2 dd or a tier 2 cruiser for spotting and supporting fire no torpedos. Kaiserliche Marine Mission- Form a battle line and intercept the Grand Fleet. Try to sink 3-4 ships, or just inflict more casualties than the royal navy has before trying to retreat and avoid getting crossed by the T. Kaiserliche Marine Ships- 9 battleships and 3 other types of ship. 3 Konigs, 3 Kaisers, 3 Nassaus. And 3 other types, being tier 2-3 cruisers and DDs for spotting and artillery support Torpedoes may only used in a fleet retreat and is limited to 1-2 reloads . Chapter 3 - The Night Battle UK mission- During a night battle, it is too dangerous for us to deploy our dreadnoughts due to the German’s superior night fighting equipment. Instead, you will command three destroyer flotillas, each led by a light cruiser. You will chase down the german fleet, your mission is to sink at least one battleship and damage at least five ships before the german fleet can make it to the other side of the map border. UK Ships - 9 Medea class DDs and 3 tier 2-3 Light Cruisers. Kaiserliche Marine Mission- German mission is to to break though the british destroyer flotillas- Try to not lose any battleships but a minimum of three battleships should make it to the safety of the map border. Use your escorts to help scout and protect yourselves from the British DDs. Kaiserliche Marine Ships- 6 German BBs a tier 3-5 with at least 3 Nassaus preferably and for the battleships escorts you can have any tier 2-3 german cruisers and tier 2-3 german dds you must have a minimum of 2 ship from both classes light cruisers and DDs.