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Found 19 results

  1. The one premium, the Saipan, in my opinion is truly the bane of any carrier player who's gotten up to Tier VII on any of the lines. Don't get me wrong, I don't think Saipan is totally overpowered, I think it's incredibly strong, even captained by a mediocre player, but it definitely can be abused by someone who's seasoned. For instance, if you division pair the Saipan with AA ships, usually Kutezovs, Kidds, Atlantas, etc you get some imbalanced matches if you queue solo. I remember one match an Atlanta parked directly next to the Saipan behind an island and prevented anyone from getting near him from sea or air. Division issues aside, what am I, as a Ranger, Hiryu or Kaga supposed to do against the 3-0-1? 12 Tier IX Fighters against Tier VI and Tier VII planes barely equal to that amount. It's not even the health of the plane squadrons, it's how fast they can cover a map. This is huge for scouting, as a 2-0-2 ranger you at least had a shot. Now you are stuck with 1 fighter squadron against potentially 2 that will be much faster and strafe you to oblivion. Don't bother trying to sneak bombers, they can cover the maps so unfairly fast at lower tiers it's barely worth trying. Most often I park my bombers near AA ships in the lemming train, and then try and micro my fighters into strafe matches and hopefully come out slightly better than my opponent. Even with the 2-2-0 Saipan still can be microed easily, since anything you face will have at least an even amount of slower squadrons moving around. Even if they lock your fighters up in a dogfight, no problem. Strafe out and don't lose a plane, foolproof escape. Compared to the Enterprise and the Kaga, Saipan has a matchmaking bonus too. Consider this, Enterprise has tier VII planes, but will almost always be downtiered against tier IX and X AA. Despite having Beefy squadrons, it gets chewed through, but it is a high skill, high reward kind of ship. Similarly with Kaga, which has a slight favor of being able to see tier V's, but can see up to tier IX's. Saipan can see tier IX's but has tier IX planes, that are balanced relative to the AA at those tiers. Not necessarily as powerful as an Essex or Taiho, but you still have a fighting chance, something any Kaga going up against Iowas or Enterprise seeing Des Moines with downtiered planes doesn't have the luxury of. The issue with the Air Supremacy Skill is the biggest force in my opinion that makes Saipan Overpowered. I honestly think the devs only considered the 3 fighter squadrons when testing it. That would still make it competitive with speed and scouting, but more balanced in terms of CV vs CV. I understand the AA aspect, but the speed you get far outweighs the plane reserves of the other carriers at the same tier. I think this is the main reason most people don't complain about the Saipan, as it doesn't always get a lot of damage out, it's just so annoying and laborious to play against it as a carrier. TL;DR Saipan is annoying to play against mostly due to the Air Supremacy skill, speed and scouting ability, ability to shut down another CV with low effort, and the strafe out mechanic is unbalanced
  2. I recently got the Ranger at T7 and the game has just about become unplayable. If you're playing another Ranger it's just good old-fashioned CV play. But if I'm playing against a Kaga or Saipan, they just CV snipe one game after another. It's not even fun to play at this point. I recognize it's a legitimate strategy to take out the enemy CV but that's ALL they do, even avoiding isolated BBs. The broken factor is that there is no punishment if they fail. The last game I played I leveled TWO FULL WAVES of fighters, bombers, and torps when they tried sniping and they STILL came back a third time in the late game with full squadrons. Seriously? Is this all it's come to? I recognize that US fighters are better so a change of tactics is in order but this has gotten ridiculous. Simple solution: give US CVs (or maybe all CVs) T7 and up AA defensive fire. If nothing else, it will be a deterrent and make sloppy players learn real tactics.
  3. New CV Captains? Need to Learn Manual Drops? Only have 3 minutes?! This video is for you!
  4. Why is this possible wargaming :/

    Why would this EVER be allowed? Sure ok 4 CV game tier 6 & 7 is already broken. But comon wagaming 4 CV game with a hiryu, kaga and two effing langley?????!!!?????
  5. Top 10 Undiscovered Shipwrecks of WWII from War History Online Astoria and Musashi have been found since this list was first published. But not Lexington CV-2? Sheesh!
  6. Saipan vs Hiryu

    I was playing my hiryu when a saipan engaged my fighter squadrons, exited the lock by strafing, then strafed my stunned squads. It was really frustrating because I couldn't do anything against his squadrons, what am I supposed to do in these scenarios?
  7. Fifty battles each; Tier 7 carriers, (appologies for the wall-o-text.) This is not meant to be a reflection on the ships themselves; Ranger, Hiryu, and Saipan; but merely my personal opinion and experience playing them. First; some brief background on myself as a carrier player; At first I didn’t want to touch carriers; but with other players saying you should at least try each type, and with the introduction of the original carrier challenge early in 2016, I decided to throw my hat in. For those who may not be familiar with it; the original carrier challenge was a mission to score 300,000 damage against other carriers, and 300,000 damage against battleships, (or ‘other’ ships; I don’t clearly remember.) Completely cold turkey; I used free experience and jumped past the Tier 4 Langley and into the Tier 5 Bogue; because Battle off Samar, (Taffy 3,) and the capture of U-505, (USS Guadalcanal.) Let me emphasize that I had ZERO carrier experience the first time I took Bogue out; I had watched several training videos, and had ideas from history about what carriers should be able to do, but that was it. Mind you; this was also back when Bouge was using the aircraft that Langley has now. I never even considered using the Stock Bogue, (more the fool I was then,) quickly abandoned Air Superiority as incapable of inflicting any meaningful damage, (long before I realized the importance of spotting; but I still consider AS to be all but useless,) and spent the next 600,000 points worth of damage beating my head against the wall learning to play carriers. I don’t recall it was that difficult as a whole, but I certainly learned a lot of lessons in Bogue; some good, and perhaps some bad. In any case; It is my opinion that the original Carrier Challenge; with its emphasis on attacking carriers; is as least partially responsible for what is now called carrier sniping. Ryujo came afterwards. Langley, Hosho, and Zuiho LONG afterwards, but that is another story. Ranger and Hiryu were purchased originally when there was a discount on carrier purchases; Lexington and Shokaku as well. Saipan, of course, is a non-tree premium, and I don’t recall any more exactly why I decided to purchase it. Saipan was played the most, Ranger and Hiryu a minimal amount. Eventually I decided to play all of them up to the same level; and arbitrarily decided on 50 games… …at that point, for all intents and purposes, I intended to park all three, except perhaps for additional use in co-op. Ranger; my original Bogue captain wound up in Ranger, and from there, would captain Saipan. I didn’t want to use Stock, and at the time didn’t feel like I could be effective with Strike, so I used the Balanced Ranger loadout, (2-0-2) I felt I did passably well with it; but again, the frustration at not being able to inflict damage on the enemy team in any meaningful way depressed me, and the ship was parked. When I took it back up to play to fifty games, I went totally Strike, (0-1-3) and felt I did better, but not so much that it helped my win rate and the average of my other statistics. Ranger’s Strike load out is potentially VERY powerful; but my all but lacking ability to manual bomb, and average at best manual torpedo drop skills, (and of course, no fighters for better defense of the bombers,) hurt my use of it a lot. I do feel however; that a straight-up tactic of ‘find something vulnerable and attack it!’ made Ranger the easiest to use of all the Tier 7 carriers. Hiryu; my Ryujo captain went into Hiryu. Across all my Hiryu games I used Strike, (2-2-2) Unfortunately I never felt comfortable using this carrier. The amount of micro-managing needed to do well quickly outstripped my abilities, and this was the most brutal grind to fifty games of any of the three ships. Sure; I had the occasional, partially brilliant, game; but that was more a matter of being carried, or the incompetence of the Reds, than of any ‘skill’ on my part. Hiryu, as many have said, has a good balanced loadout; but because of my weak micro-managing and manual attack skills; I was never really able to take advantage of that. Saipan; as I said; my Ranger captain switched out between that ship and Saipan. I started using Saipan before the changes in skills were made, and so was never really able to use the +1 aircraft to fighter and dive-bomber squadrons Air Supremacy skill before that. I found that in this case alone, I was comfortable using the Air Superiority load out; (3-0-1) pretty much because the eight-plane dive-bomber squad with its extremely tight attack circle compensated for my weak manual attack skills. Eventually I did switch to Strike, (2-2-0) but never felt comfortable using it. If I ever do play Saipan in Randoms again; it is likely I will return to the Air Superiority load out, even though the average damage with that is low. Why not? At least I felt I was effective with it; and if I can’t get the torpedo squads to work through lack of skill, why use them? Carriers in general. I’m not really sure where the players are who complain about getting hammered by carriers are; I don’t seem to encounter such. Instead; I see players who take proper evasive action against torpedo attack; players who launch and use their catapult fighters; players who ‘ctrl-click’ air squadrons for increased defense; players who employ the Defensive Fire consumable; and who intelligently cluster together for increased anti-aircraft defense… …that is besides the higher levels of AA tier seven and up; and all of the games where my Tier 7 carriers were actually bottom tier, often even by -2. I do keep a close eye on the mini-map; and there were times when I could get in an attack against a lonely, higher-tier ship, but those were quite rare. After getting captains with Air Supremacy in them; Langley, Hosho, Bogue and Zuiho I pretty much only use in co-op anymore; to avoid any accusations of seal-clubbing. Independence (1-1-1) and Ryujo (1-2-2) seem to be the upper limit of my carrier skill set in Random games. Either defeated by my own skill weakness, (freely admitted to, and clearly shown in the attached image,) or the competence and defensive strength of the Red players; I doubt I’m going to be using my Tier 7 carriers, (or anything higher,) in Random games any more.
  8. Hiryu in ranked?

    Is hiryu a good ship for ranked? I just got the ship, and almost have enough upgrades for the FC mod. What loadout should I use? Should I even play CVs in ranked. I've retrained my comander and have the fighter upgrade.
  9. These 3 clips are from the 2011 movie Rengō Kantai Shirei Chōkan: Yamamoto Isoroku, depicting the Battle of Midway from the Japanese point of view. Wikipedia Article History.Net article Isoroku Yamamoto article, also from History.Net
  10. OH king neptune

    So complaint or not i got an annoying experience i felt like sharing. I played a game tonight that was more exciting than most others so far. I was tied 4 kills to a tirpitz on my team and we were chasing down a Hiryu carrier about 8km away. Now the Tirpitz was outside his range so i opened fire on the CV with my great 152mm guns. And to my surprise, they just kept pouncing off the flight deck. I had team mates yelling to use HE but i cannot due to the British cruisers lack of it. He was running so my torpedoes couldn't catch him, and as the clock ran down i only ended up doing 8k damage to the Hiryu and that was a total of 84 hits. Congratulations if its a bug or not but with no way to conceive the angle of impact due to very high shell arc I do not understand how my 152mm guns weren't able to pen a 18mm flight deck of a Hiryu. I got the replay file and are willing to feel horrible about it. But please laugh at this HORRIBLE amount of bouncing that rivals a group of kids in a bounce house. i have uploaded the replay to youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjzl2SW_D6Q&feature=youtu.be
  11. The title is what I want to say. Nowadays Hiryu's Hinomaru which is Hiryu's trademark was deleted. So I request the skin for Hiryu.
  12. As many have noticed, a couple patches ago WG removed the Hinomaru for undisclosed reasons. I'm not speculating as to why, I'm simply petitioning to bring it back. I know a lot of people liked it, both for purely aesthetic pleasure as well as for historical accuracy. I know I for one would really like to see it come back, it really made the ship stand out. For any who are not aware, the Hinomaru is the red sun that is on the Hiryu's deck, and it was there historically. The image below is what the Hiryu used to look like. If you are to go in-game and look at it now, you'll notice that it is no longer there.
  13. So I'm currently in a crisis of what to do. Due to recent purchase and upgrade of my Hakuryu which finished the whole IJN line (yay) So now in my pocket I have 5 mil I can spend those money on a Nagato since ranked or a Hiryu a good carrier. Or I can keep playing on my ARP Myoko which is currently hating me. But here is the interceptor shooting down my sanity I just finished my Hipper and can get a Roon and now I have to think about that. I want to get the Hiryu for ranked but idk if carriers will be at Rank 10+. Last season there were no Carrier above Rnak 10. Nagato sounds solid but DD spam can happen again. Or I can buy the Roon and save my soul which should I do?
  14. Hiryu vs. Ranger, a comparison

    Hiryu vs Ranger, A Commentary on the two non-premium Tier VII CVs By Gavroche The Anecdote: Okay, so today I sniped a guy in my Hiryu. I felt kinda bad, but since they were playing in an Air Superiority Ranger I didn't really feel all too sorry about my decision. But then they say to me "nj, it's hard to play against all these squadrons" . And that made me think: "Wow, that was a really casual decision to just delete that CV..." (And I felt kinda bad cause they probably just wanted to be left alone in peace) Admittedly they didn't really play the best, but shouldn't an AS Ranger counter a Hiryu? Like a farragut fighting a mutsuki? The AS loadout on the Ranger kinda sucks. The Question: So is the Ranger just so um... 'special' that any equivalently skilled Hiryu can absolutely crap on them? The Answer: Basically yes. The Reasoning: Well, the basic reasoning in this situation is that the Hiryu can field two squads of fighters, and the Ranger can field two squads of fighters. When he tried to counter my strike, I just clicked on his fighters with mine, which stalled them for almost 20 seconds as they were massacre my planes, but which allowed my strike planes to destroy them. This mean that the Hiryu can always take control of the skies (albiet only temporarily) whenever she wants, even against an AS Ranger. The Hiryu's 2/2/2 setup is just superior to any that the Ranger has since the Hiryu balances a strong fighter group alongside a sizeable strike package. The Ranger on the other hand, is forced between pure Air Superiority or pure Strike, along with a very unsatisfactory "balanced" loadout thrown in the mixture. The ships themselves are very similar, both with rather underwhelming AA and concealment. The Mathematical Section: From the pure numbers we see: Ranger(AS)Ranger(S) Ranger(B) Hiryu Fighter 672 0 336 456 Torp 0 59202 59202 68536 Bomber 90000 135000 45000 36800 We should take the Dive Bomber numbers with a grain of salt, the actual damage of the dive bombers is much, much lower due to dispersion and misleading bomb damage numbers. We must also note that the IJN bomb damage is closer to reality, in part due to the lower damage numbers, but also due to the tighter dispersion. We can easily see that the AS Ranger has only about 1.5x more fighter dps than the Hiryu with the same number of squads, yet has nowhere near the same strike ability, with 0 torpedoes, and "only" 2.5x the theoretical bomb damage. The Strike Ranger is better, although it forgoes any sort of fighters, it has comparable torpedo damage (13.6% less), and a whooping 4x the amount of dive bomber damage. This is important as it allows easier stacking of fires, and forcing out damage controls. The Balanced setup has 73.7% of the fighter dps, and with half the number of squads, 86.4% of the torpedo damage, and only 122% of the DB damage, in a less flexible setup. The Unmathamatical Section: Of course, the stats never tell the full story. Some things are just unquantifiable, firstly the American squads are much more survivable than Japanese squadrons, yet how much more survivable depends on a whole host of other factors. Against most tier VII and below ships that aren't American cruisers, both carriers can move their planes with more or less impunity against the AA of one or even two ships. In a tier IX game with Baltimore and Iowas, both the Hiryu and the Ranger need to be circumspect about their squads. It's only against ships which have a medium amount of AA that the increased survivabilty of the Americans take part. Similiarly, the multiple squad flexibility of the IJN is also not easily defined. The two TBs allow for some brilliant cross stroking techniques against DDs, but at the cost of the density of a U.S. squad. Against cruisers and battleships, it is generally unwise to separate your TBs, as that exposes them to more AA. I mentioned previously that I prefer the strike loadout on my Ranger, even though it forgoes any fighters. The success of this loadout depends heavily on the skill levels of each of the carriers in question, with an unskilled carrier on the other side, the ranger is far more powerful than the Hiryu. Yet, it's very easy to have a good attack run ruined, simply by fighters showing up and preventing you from picking the targets you want to hit, and instead limiting you to targets you can hit. Or, fighters parked over a previously hit ship will prevent the follow up DoT effects that a carrier player need to do well. Even more limiting is that your AA is nowhere near strong enough to stop a Hiryu from sniping you. If a skilled Hiryu decides that you're threatening to her or her team, and if you haven't a decent AA cruiser by you, they will be able to snipe you. It will only take one wave. In Conclusion: The Ranger is not a very good ship. Her only strength over a Hiryu is her Strike loadout when she's matched up against a bad enemy CV, which is not something you want to count on. She's rather good at CV sniping, but that only works against competent player when they're in a strike Ranger and nobody on their team will give them AA. That being said, sometimes, you do get matched against bad CV players, people who will fall for being CV sniped. And, even I'll admit that the Ranger is excellent in those situations, she will effortless burn, flood, and torp BBs down, and her hanger capacity and large number of squads means she can do it to multiple people multiple times... Just don't try to take her into any Ranked battles ;) Good luck, and (hopefully) good sealclubbing. You'd think that they'd learn to not use their damage control parties from one set of dive bombers by watching the other 4 battleships that did that before hand. Apparently not.
  15. I just got my Shokaku! I saw that it had the same air groups and questioned: "Is it worth it?". My short answer is yes! It is a huge upgrade from the Hiryu.. the Shokaku is better than the Hiryu in the same way that the Fletcher is better than the Benson. Same ship, better stats. Shokaku pros: Much better planes! It has planes that are a HUGE upgrade over the Hiryu! These are listed in Hiryu cons. Better HP! It has much more HP and can take a huge beating before going down! Better armor by far! It's the first protected carrier you get in the Japanese CV line. It has the most armor of all the CVs in the line. 19-215 mm vs Hakuryu 13-130mm. It's T8, so it gets the concealment upgrade. With camo, the detection drops to 10.8km, With the captain skill, it can go down to a stunning 9km! Plus it has type 10 camo: Shokaku. -5% ship repair, -3% detection, -4% enemy accuracy, +50% XP. AA defense. It has 57 rating AA without upgrades or a captain, ranges: 3.1 - 5.0km base. Shokaku cons: MM. It can see T10 CVs and won't see anything below T6, so every CL will have defensive fire. Stock configuration: It's the same as the T6 CV the Ryujo, along with the tier 6 torpedo bombers from the Ryujo and tier 7 fighters from the Hiryu, it's a real pain stock. Anticipation of Taiho. Air detection range: Like all IJN CVs, it has a horrible air detection range to make up for its surface one.. it's worse on the Shokaku than the Hiryu. Not a shock for any IJN CVers, we deal with it every tier. Now, this is where most people do the other ship's (Hiryu, in this case..) pros and cons, but the pros and cons of the Hiryu are almost the exact opposite of the Shokaku pros/cons.. so here's a quick Hiryu pro's: It's absolutely beautiful. There, that was easy!
  16. So... 5.3 IJN CVs...

    So today I log on and get my daily 1.5 xp in my Ryujo, finally getting enough xp for the second torp plane upgrade. Oh wait... WHERE DID THEY GO!?!? o can live with that, playing it stock wasn't terrible, and I will admit that Japanese CVs far surpassed the American ones. So I take a look at what other changes have been made.... Woooow wargaming, what have you done now? half of the Japanese CV line gets stuck with the same torpedo bombers as found on the tier 5 IJN CV. The Hiryu has to make do with Tier 5 torpedo planes and not very good ones at that. The stock Shokaku grind has the same terrible torpedo bombers. IJN planes were weak enough as it was, why would you go make them weaker? Trying to go up against tier 6,7,8 and even maybe tier IX and X in tier 5 planes is laughable, your planes would never get their torps out. I would agree that IJN CVs needed a minor nerf, but this has gone too far. Nor does it seem natural too, a good balance reduces the stronger aspects of a ship, not exaggerating the weaker points. The upgrade on the Shokaku increases The survivability of TB squadrons by 500, damn near 50%. It's just not right. It seems Wargaming is trying to force Carriers into playing fighter load outs or something.
  17. Ok what gives with the IJN fighters? Upgraded fighters on Hiryu and they seem to lose to everybody. When I had them at stock, they were winning. Is this a game glitch? I have read on forums here that the same phenomenon was happening to players in the Hosho. I have the fighter survivability perks on module and most (except the last two) on the ship captain. My planes should not be losing to lower tier CVs, and I would think would be a saw off against same tier (same ship anyways). I get losing to a Ranger but when both my fighter squads go down in a heap versus another Hiryu, while focusing on one squad, it should be a wash. (1 plane left either side) Not complete annihilation. Please help or provide feedback.
  18. Since yesterday's focus, written by NGTM_1R, was Hiryu, I wanted to post this yesterday to go along with it. Unfortunately, there was a blackout yesterday and so here I am posting it today. This is a diorama of Hiryu in her final moments during the Battle of Midway, made by SHiGE of Marutake International. He made it himself using a plastic model, some electronics and crafting goods. Hiryu was part of Japan's Kido Butai which spearheaded the IJN's campaign across the Pacific from Pearl Harbor to Midway. During the fateful battle that turned the tide of the war, Hiryu was the last Japanese carrier to sink. She managed to avoid the fate of the other carriers and continued fighting for a few days more before she too joined them. In the end, she was hit by four one thousand pound bombs, all at the front, which disfigured the bow of her flight deck and started uncontrollable fires. For reference, the bombs hit Hiryu around these locations: The entire front of the flight deck is no more as the holes and the elevator fuse into a massive gaping, smouldering cavity. The bow-side elevator has fallen over.