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Found 3 results

  1. With the Armistice having it’s 100th anniversary today, I felt this is a fitting time to make my proposal. We have to always remember the lessons of this tragic conflict and the series of events it triggered so we can avoid the same mistakes in the future. With the Halsey and Yamamoto Campaigns and the respective legendary Commanders, WG has shown there is interest in this type of content, and relatively long and complex campaigns with big rewards. It is my belief that slowly but steadily we will be getting Campaigns for the major naval Nations represented in World of Warships. A German Campaign presents additional difficulties due to the stigma of Nazi Germany. While some may argue that Yamamoto is present in the game despite the various war atrocities Imperial Japan committed before and during WWII, I don’t think this would be the case with a WWII German Commander for a series of reasons: · Commander in Chief, though nominally, was Adolf Hitler. This included the Kriegsmarine of course. · While not as much as other Arms of the German Armed Forces, many prominent members of the Kriegsmarine were connected to the regime and post war were accused and convicted for war crimes. · While recent legislature allows for the depiction of Nazi imagery in “sensitive” countries like Germany, I don’t think it would be a sound decision to allow for Commanders like Donitz or Raeder, both convicted war criminals, to be depicted ingame. With that out of the way, let’s see why Franz von Hipper could fit the gap of a Legendary German Commander and what a German Campaign would offer to the game. · Long and pretty full service in the Imperial German Navy; He served on torpedo boats, cruisers and battleships. · No relation to Nazi Germany whatsoever. · Major role in the battle of Jutland as commander of the German battlecruisers. · Ended up becoming the commander of the High Seas Fleet, albeit briefly. · Nice moustache and goatee. As you can see there a quite a few reasons that would make Hipper a worthy Legendary Commander. However there is a big BUT. His career doesn’t cover WWII which is the time period the bulk of the game is centered on. To me however this looks like a very interesting opportunity for a unique Campaign. Make the Campaign be available from Tiers V upwards. At the moment only Science of Victory can be completed by relatively new players, with Honourable Service, Yamamoto and Halsey Campaigns being Tier VIII+. Furthermore at tiers V-VII there are quite a few dreadnoughts and super-dreadnoughts, making a Campaign of the era more fitting. The Campaign can be made a tad longer than normal to account for the lower tiers that can access it, and maybe instead of a 15 point Hipper, have him be 10 or 11 points. In addition to that, a commemorative permanent camo for the cruiser Hipper can be made, as homage to its namesake. Let’s say we get that far with Hipper, what would his special skills be, and what would he bring to the table? I believe that the Germans could benefit from an improved Adrenaline Rush and Expert Marksman, similarly to Jean Jacques Honore. As for his special abilities when specific achievements are attained the following would be quite interesting: Devastating Strike: The Devastating Strike talent grants Franz von Hipper’s ship +5% speed, which can be stacked up to two times for a total bonus of 10%. High Caliber: The High Caliber talent activates upon earning a High Caliber Achievement with Franz von Hipper. After activation, the ship’s main battery reloads 25% faster, torpedoes reload 15% quicker and the secondary battery reloads 20% quicker. I believe these special abilities would make him suitable for almost every German ship someone would use, regardless of line. To conclude, I believe such a suggestion has merit, at least with regards to the way I picture the Campaign will be structured. Admiral Scheer can also be a good candidate for such a Commander with similar advantages as Hipper. Thanks for reading and as usual let me know about your opinion, arguments, critique.
  2. anonym_Hf93Jbjm9WjT

    Devblog ST. Balance changes

    In summary : Hipper ROF and turn buffs, Shimakaze concealement buff, Midway hangar nerf, Orion sigma nerf. edit : just noticed, somebody else has already posted this info (an hour ago).