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Found 2 results

  1. cthuhulu

    Hindy legendary module

    Who else is salivating over getting the legendary module for their Hindy? The boat will basically be fireproof and will be able to deal with enemy torps better at the cost of the concealment module. Can’t wait to try it out.
  2. I believe the base that has a Hindy in their port, would likely agree that her DPM is borderline OP - especially so given her survivability. DM likely has a higher DPM potential - but she is far more fragile, and requiring careful positioning to survive into the late stages of a match (although that same positioning often limits her available targets) - whereas Hindy doesn't care, she'll jink around in the open - dodging the potential, and often bouncing the shells that make contact. Case in point - in this match Hindy takes on a GK, a Conq, and a couple of DMs - and brings the hurt to each of them - racking up 259K in damage, and arguably carrying the match strictly through her raw DPM. If you have a special module for spotter plane kicking around your inventory, and have been looking for a place to use it - the Hindenburg is a very strong candidate. IMHO - the up-coming nerf isn't going to hurt Hindy very much - she will still be the T10 cruiser with the strongest carry potential in the game. Enjoy the match.