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Found 6 results

  1. I've been playing Wows since October 2015 and since around November I'm absolutely in love for the german ships (cruisers and battleships). Now that I finally got my Hindenburg the fun in the game is focused in upgrading my Roon captain to the Großadmiral rank (19 point captain). In the mean time I found interesting to share with the community my thoughts on what I consider the best line in the game: The germans. First things you should know before starting your grind the the great Hindenburg is that the germans are very unique in its ship characteristics. Your main strenght relies in your artillery, without a good artillery and aim these cruisers become utterly useless. Your AP rounds are the strongest in the entire game and, even though low tier has better results with HE, you need to know how they work because, starting on tier five, you will probably forget your HE (It's a trap, don't do it). However the main weakness of these ships is in their armor. German armor is among the worst in the game and the basic with german cruisers (along with knowing AP usage) is ship angling, without it you won't be simply useless, you will be demolished from the surface. With that being said I think it's time for me to review the individual ships (yeah, this was the intro, so be ready for some huge texts). The Hermelin, Dresden and Kolberg won't be reviewed by the simple fact that they are all just HE spammers, a lot of guns and are placed in a tier where strategy is often forgotten in battles. If any kind soul wants to write them down below, feel free I refuse to review the Karlsruhe for the simple fact that I consider it, by far, the worst ship in the game. For this reason I believe that I haven't played it correctly and once I have time to start playing it I'll post a good review here in the Forum. Königsberg Nürnberg Yorck Admiral Hipper Roon Hindenburg Special Hints: I hope you all have good games, captains!
  2. Finally got the Legendary module. Set it up per Flamu with a few tweaks of my own: Note that the legendary mod is in slot 5. You give up concealment, giving you a concealment value of 13.7 km. Damage control mod 2 in slot 4. I use hydro mod 1 in slot 2 or you can place damage control mod 1. You can place MBM1 or spotter mod 1 in slot 1. Slot 6 you can emphasize reload speed or range. MBM3 gives you a base of 9.7 seconds at a max range of 17.8 km. Also place India Yankee and Juliet Yanke Bisstwo flags CO skills are as follows: So add the Basics of Survivability. Here's the result of the second match with this build. I didn't use Damage control to see how well it works. Only 2 fires at 1798 fire damage. The only ship I found you have to worry is the Conqueror at close range since I forgot that a Conq can cit a hindy with HE under 10 km. Just remember you're fire resistant, not invulnerable. Secondary fire becomes less scary since you're not going to get set on fire that easily. Too bad WG didn't put this in the BB. imagine having this module on the Kurfurst or Republique. So it's definitely worth getting it use in ranked clan Battles.
  3. Hello all, In preparation for the new ranked season I looked to see if any CC's/Good Players had Ranked ship suggestion videos for this season. Pretty much I may have a few T8 Battles (not many I expect due to past ranks) but will be spending a lot of time at T10. My goto ship is the Hindenburg. I love that cruiser. I also have all the other T10 Cruisers with the exception of one, the Worcester (no Stalingrad either I guess). My question to the community is if the new reload booster makes the Henry a decent ship to use over the course of battles. I don't play the Henry a lot, and in past Ranked battles I have seen people use her. Thoughts? Suggestions? Links to new Ranked Battles Ship videos?
  4. Hey guys! I did, and re-did, and re-did the math for fire duration on the Hindenburg with the legendary mod, basics of survivability, and India Yankee. According to my math it should decrease the fire duration to 7.5 seconds, but the fires last 12. Here's how I calculated it. Legendary mod: Decreases fire duration by 40% (.40) BOS: Decreases fire duration by 15% (.15) India Yankee: Decreases fire duration by 20% (.20) Total: decreases fire duration by 75% (.75) 75% 30 seconds (the fire duration of cruisers) is 22.5 seconds. subtract that from the 30 and you get 7.5 seconds. But it's 12. I'm REALLY BAD AT MATH so I'm sure I messed something up. Please share your knowledge. -Orrin
  5. Being a Man in the High Castle fan, with the announcement of the upcoming Season 3 announced for October 5th, 2018, I've been reading news and information about the series. Then I log into WoWs and was last on my Hindenburg, and in the NYC port... and just thought for a moment. And then resolved: Thank GOD the Allies won the war! Man in the High Castle is a great creative dystopian alternate history series. What do you think of it? Is anyone else a fan?
  6. I believe the base that has a Hindy in their port, would likely agree that her DPM is borderline OP - especially so given her survivability. DM likely has a higher DPM potential - but she is far more fragile, and requiring careful positioning to survive into the late stages of a match (although that same positioning often limits her available targets) - whereas Hindy doesn't care, she'll jink around in the open - dodging the potential, and often bouncing the shells that make contact. Case in point - in this match Hindy takes on a GK, a Conq, and a couple of DMs - and brings the hurt to each of them - racking up 259K in damage, and arguably carrying the match strictly through her raw DPM. If you have a special module for spotter plane kicking around your inventory, and have been looking for a place to use it - the Hindenburg is a very strong candidate. IMHO - the up-coming nerf isn't going to hurt Hindy very much - she will still be the T10 cruiser with the strongest carry potential in the game. Enjoy the match.