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Found 1 result

  1. anonym_MbpaxbbAUblh

    Which tech tree should I go up?

    I have these ships (All under Tier 1 to 4) Japan - Umikaze, Chikuma, Wakatake, Tenryu, Kawachi, Isokaze, Kuma USA - Sampson, St. Louis, S. Carolina, Wyoming, Langley USSR - Novik, Bogatyr Germany - Hermelin, V-25, Dresden, Kolberg, Nassau, Karlsruhe UK - Black Swan, Wemouth, Caledon France - Friant, Duguay-Trouin As I am gaining XPs to go up, I am not sure which country's tech tree should I follow. I have heard about Yamato but not much familiar with most of the high tier ships. Which ones should I sell immediately and which ones do I need to buy at present (T-1 to 4)?? I just don't want to waste a slot for a bad ship. Currently I feel Kolberg and Kawachi are worst. Also I am not good at CV. Should I sell Langley? Please suggest!! Also suggest best ships in each tier and in each class of each country if possible as of 2017.