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Found 3 results

  1. High tier here meaning t8-t10 I made some polls long ago about the which destroyers, cruisers, and battleships looked the best, but new ships have been added since then and my polls are probably forgotten so I decided to make another one now, with a large group of polls covering most of the high tier ships in the game so far in this very thread. If more ships like Italian DDs are introduced after, then too bad cause I won’t come back for those. Cause once Italian BBs release and I get them, I’m leaving the game soon after (it was a fun four-or-five years and I don’t regret it) ships too visually identical to the original are excluded (twin vs triple turret is a distinct enough difference imo tho) ps damn the list is huge, f to phone users
  2. Halasham

    High Tier BBs play?

    Hello everyone. Am I mistaken or does aggressive play in BBs become nonviable around T9? I've gotten to T9 with the Soviet & German BBs now and I'm beginning to suspect that to be the case. At first I thought it was just the poor balance of the Bismark and the F.D. Grobe being more of a defensive ship. Now having had the Vladivostok for a while and getting the Sovetsky Soyuz I'm thinking I should just move my Soviet commander to my Lenin and ignore the tech tree from now on. I don't really have anything negative to say about the Soyuz, really from the gameplay I get before the ubiquitous issue at this tier it's been a great ship. The issue I've been having is no matter what if I'm not actively trying to keep the closest hostile ship at just barely within the furthest extremes of my main battery range. Sometimes all at once sometimes over the course of several volleys from a DD I can't find but unavoidably I'm torpedoed for the majority of the damage done to me unless there's a BB that can overpen my armor. I'm just reaching the conclusion that at this tier the DDs are stealthy enough and their torpedoes powerful enough to serve as a hard counter to how I enjoy the game.
  3. anonym_MbpaxbbAUblh

    Are high tier french cruisers good?

    I am currently at Tier 6 - La Galissonnière. I have played the tier 5 Émile Bertin and it was great. Its AA were very good. But I feel the tier 6 is a bit inferior. Should I go up the tech tree (Tier 7,8,9,10)? Is it worth the grind?