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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I have noticed a drastic ping pike from 30ms to 1800ms plus during some games. Sometimes, it would spike up and drop down to around 100ms. Other times, it would stay up for the duration of the battle. Making it really difficult to participate with any positive outcome. I have checked all the active connections, and problem solved the possible culprits that could have caused this. Sadly, I have come to realise that it is the connection itself to the game server itself. Anyone else have had such issues in the past? I have never experienced such massive ping jumps. FYI, I am connecting from UK to NA servers.
  2. Hi, can anyone suggest how I can lower my PING time when playing WOW? So to be exact, let me give you some context. I own a gaming laptop which runs WOW very well. My FPS is 61 to 81 FPS, yes i know that sounds strange, but it is. My PING time however hovers between 80 to 100ms, mainly staying @ 100 to 108ms. So today I contacted my internet provider and increased my internet speed from 40x40 to 230x120. My internet provider uses fiber. I connect my laptop using Ethernet cable. Everything connected to my router uses WIFI. Now as you all know once you connect your PC or laptop to a Fiber Optic Router, you get the full bandwidth, regardless of what you have connected to your WIFI on your router. However, when I started to play a match in WOW my ping time was the same, 108ms. Can some of you tech gurus please help me? As the extra cost of upping my internet speed has not reduced my PING time. Please help! Thanks all.