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Found 2 results

  1. Lose_dudes

    Low effort animation

    Chance time! on Scratch and 3 more pages - Personal - Microsoft Edge 2020-11-24 18-11-08.mp4 Chance time! on Scratch and 3 more pages - Personal - Microsoft Edge 2020-11-24 18-11-08.mp4 Henry faces off with anime girl #2 in the bowels of the anime orbital station. Will he escape? Or will chance time(word edition) screw him over?...
  2. Hello all, In preparation for the new ranked season I looked to see if any CC's/Good Players had Ranked ship suggestion videos for this season. Pretty much I may have a few T8 Battles (not many I expect due to past ranks) but will be spending a lot of time at T10. My goto ship is the Hindenburg. I love that cruiser. I also have all the other T10 Cruisers with the exception of one, the Worcester (no Stalingrad either I guess). My question to the community is if the new reload booster makes the Henry a decent ship to use over the course of battles. I don't play the Henry a lot, and in past Ranked battles I have seen people use her. Thoughts? Suggestions? Links to new Ranked Battles Ship videos?