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Found 3 results

  1. Am I the only one scratching my head about the Henri IV acceleration NERF? Like, who was complaining about this? Why was this necessary? The ship isn't exactly outperforming other classes and its speed is the only thing keeping it attractive to the niche' playerbase that mains in it. In a meta where fires and fire damage and HE spamming paper boats are out of control, why did the Henri get nerf'd? If anything needs to be Nerf'd its the Smolensk, Kremlin, and the fire mechanic in general. Hosho is a little stupid still as well because there is no AA at tier 3/4 to defend against it yet...let's Nerf Henri....because reasons....?
  2. so here's all my Henri IV replays uploaded to youtube by several guys there, if you want convincing on getting the Henri IV this is one thread you can binge watch my vids at enjoy~ /^.\\ b 1. 1.5. same replay but commentated - (commentator: M3TALSPAR7AN) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. 2.5. same replay but commentated - (commentator: M3TALSPAR7AN) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. commentated - (commentator: RogueFlameHaze) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7.
  3. The high tier French cruisers I've played so far (Charles Martel, Saint-Louis) have been really fun because of the reload on the guns, the speed, and the range. The Henri looks like a change from the playstyle I've grown accustomed to, is it a radical change or will it be easy to adjust to?