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Found 68 results

  1. Is there anywhere published HOW to skip bomb? I find they are very erratic, bounce OVER targets and nowhere do I see what the 3 bars of the aiming reticle represent Would appreciate advice on technique
  2. I'm struggling with my Jutland, I have no clue what game play to use when I'm in it, and until I figure it out I'm never going to get to Tier 10. Any advice or hints would help.
  3. metus_regem

    Help picking a BB line

    Greetings, thank you for taking the time to look at this... I'm trying to figure out the right BB line for me to go down, I've got USN/KM/RN BB's upto T4/5, but I'm trying to figure out what line I really want to invest in, I don't mind starting a new tech line if that helps. Right now my favorite ship to play is the Graf Spee, I don't mind the lower speed of her and I love her hitting power (ability to punch above her weight class), so I guess what I'm asking is, is there a line that can give me a similar feel (between T1-10, not just T10) to the Graf Spee all the way up the line?
  4. Olá pessoal, sou relativamente novo no WoW e sempre vejo nas batalhas jogadores usando belos conjuntos de Apliques e Emblemas, com formas, cores e símbolos diferentes daqueles de fundo preto e bordado dourado que possuo. Gostaria de saber como adquirir novos modelos de apliques e emblemas diferentes daqueles a venda por dobrões ou carvão na loja do WoW, para personalizar melhor meu perfil no jogo. Fico grato se puderem me ajudar com esta dúvida. In game meu nickname é LordSaintt.
  5. I recently got into Japanese destroyers in the iOS version of WOWS, WOWS Blitz. Blitz has a somewhat similar gamestyle, except destroyers are more prevalent, all ships get a heal and some weird consumables, and cv’s still use rts style. Are Japanese destroyers fun or competitive in the current WOWS Pc Meta?
  6. The captain skill rework has been out for nearly a week now and the battle lines are being drawn as BB's start to sit further and further out to make use of Dead Eye. Boggzy invites Doyl3 of [O7] Devastating Strike to discuss his skill guide and frequent co-host Borla of clan [KSC] to find out what all of these new skills mean for the meta of randoms and competitive and why you DON'T HAVE TO CAMP IN SPAWN as a BB ... Anchor: https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-066-Captain-Rework-w-Doyl3-of-O7-epetv9 YouTube:
  7. Can I get your opinion on a Graf captain build ? I so far on my 11pt captain have:Air Supremacy, Improved Engines, both secondary mods (Cause graf zeppelin), and Survivability expert. Graf mostly relies on her plane speed, namely her fast torpedo bombers, so would proximity fuse make sense as my next skill ? Dive bombers aren’t a main damage dealer, so bomb upgrades aren’t a focus, and my planes normally fly out of aa with only orange to red damage on one plane so armor isn’t a major problem, would getting demo expert make sense, or just proximity fuse ?
  8. My laptop had to be reset which, of course, meant reinstalling the game and Modstation. Prior to the reset all worked as billed. Now, after uninstalling and restalling both WoW and Modstation, I still can't get the mods to show up. I even excepted both in my TotalAV AV. At a loss to what to do now. Thanks CaptBli
  9. Hey there. I got a new PC and am instaled the game and modstation yesterday. Modstation found the client no problem and I try to install the mods. Modstation downloads them and I start the game but the mods are not installed in the client. Previously when I installed the game and modstation everything worked smoothly. Here are a coupled mods from modstation installed for the port interface as a test but they dont show up when I open the game. I checked similar posts on the forum but I cant find a "res_mods" folder where my game is installed to check the mods. I also dont have a path.xml in the base game folder. What to do?
  10. The title is pretty self explanatory. After grinding down the American cv line from Langley I have finally aquired the Blue Ghost. I have upgraded the bombers and have a 4 point captain now along with researching the torpedo bombers, my question is what planes should I spec or should I follow jack of all trades that American carriers, what captain skills and ship upgrades should I get, and are there any need to know tips on lex that I didn’t learn on ranger.
  11. Penguinattack27

    Need Help With Vibrus Unitus

    So I'm probably going to get a serious amount of flack for this, but I'm a cv main and cruiser secondary. I won vibrus unitus in one of the free santa's containers from the free random bundle. I have no experience in battleships at all. My question is what in the world do i do, where do i start if unitus is a worthwhile battleship, and if not is there a way to get doubloon's for it ? If you offer assistance thanks for helping.
  12. Finally accumulated enough coal over time to buy any coal ship; T10s will require a little steel (that I already have) to make up the gap, but that gap's getting smaller every day, and I'm not exactly in any massive rush to get one right away. But reckon I should get SOMETHING before the 12/19/2020 coupon expiry, so probably whatever I get, by the time I get it shouldn't cost any steel to make up the difference. One important preface/caveat; these ships will likely be port queens/snowflake slot for the foreseeable future. I'll almost certainly be running credits loss in co-op playing any of them. And I simply have little to no experience playing any of those national/lines in randoms (only really done German cruisers seriously, and still working on learning/refining on that) so it's not like I'm going to suddenly hop into my first American, Russian or Japanese cruiser game ever right in T10 and just make a fool of myself and be a liability to my team. In the future though, after I finish KMS cruisers (have Roon, haven't been playing her or randoms in general for about a month because of back to back grindy co-op dockyard/directives, and now key battles... when there is a little downtime or lul between these, I'll actually put in some games with her and unlock the Hindenburg), I'm going to start actually learning/playing some other national line starting from low tier, and then when that one is done, probably another national line etc... So at some point in the future when I'm comfortable with that kind of ship, I'll play them, but for now; this is more of me trying to not waste the coupon before it expires The ships I'm looking at, and the reasons why... Thunderer : Heard this ship is OP, I'm moderately paranoid that it will be removed like Smolensk which I've also frequently heard is really really good, and I've read some speculation that Thunderer is next in line for this. Can be used for T10 snowflake so that's a big plus Yoshino, Moskva, Salem : triple comment! all these three have T10 snowflake. good. When I get into ranked in the future (which I'll first do with hindenburg when I get her) I think any of these three has a higher chance of being comfortable for me to actually play much sooner than an entirely different class (BBs/DDs) competently/competitively. I am presently leaning most towards Moskva for characteristic similarities (in Range/RoF terms) to KMS cruiser tech line and presumably smoother playstyle transition because of it. Pommern : I love my Gneisenau. I only play it in co-op/operations at the moment but I love it so much. Pommern is just a bigger Gneisenau afaik. There's a decent chance that German BBs will be my first PvP BB line. But to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure if my next line will be another cruiser line, or German BBs. I really want this ship 'in general' but am less worried about it being suddenly removed than the Thunderer, Also unfortunately, Pommern can't T10 snowflake. so maybe I can wait on it? Like Pommern can be my 2021 coal ship, but get someone else now? Also Pommern might in some ways be the most painful to get of any of these because I love the Torpedo BB concept so much that I'd be much more tempted to put in games with her and either lose credits in co-op or annoy my team in randoms if I start playing it without doing the requisite amount of T5-8 techline KMS BB practice/learning in randoms first Georgia : I just hear people talking about how good this ship and see memes about it all the time that I can't leave it out of the consideration pool. no T10 snowflake unfortunately. I think I hear some rumblings/concerns about it being removed soon too? And the final option Wait : until next armory changes are announced. I suppose I might miss out on the coupon doing this. But it is a foolproof solution for the Thunderer concern, and I'd also feel really dumb if I just get something for the sake of getting something right before the coupon expires and then like a week later Smolensk is back, or something new even more ridiculous is available. I suppose Pommern is the one I'm most excited about actually playing, Cruiser Trio (more Moskva than the others) is the one most likely to be effective/useful to me in the short term (ranked), and Thunderer/Georgia are the least exciting but most practical and rational long term decision? (learning HMS or USN BBs is not very high on my priority list, probably going to be another line or 2 before that, but the impression I get is those two are OP credit farming/game winning machines in the hands of people who can play them) note: I didn't forget about Marceau; I know that's an option, I don't do that much DD, and am less interested in branching out into PvP as a DD driver than I am branching out into more cruiser lines, or BBs. And when I do play DDs in co-op or ops, or when asymmetric was around, smoke's super important to me. Any and all thoughts/feedback/advice welcome and appreciated!
  13. Hello All! Long time casual player (been around since just after open beta yet only around 4k battles), but this is my first post on the forums proper. I just managed to grind out the Anchorage event totally yesterday, and have been trying to figure out my new prize. I have grinded the American CA line up to the New Orleans, but I stopped there and have kinda switched back to British CLs since I seem to click with that playstyle more. I WANT to get better with the Anchorage, and by extension the high tier American CAs, however, because I recognize the utility and firepower they can bring into a game. I understand that islands are important, however the angling and visibility gets me every time. I seem to always be too far back and then proceed to eat citadels from the weirdest angles, or I get too close to the island and I am unable to provide any fire support. I wonder if I am maybe getting too close to caps and being prioritized; but I feel like if I sit back any further I become useless. It's totally different from the German CAs and British CLs that I am used to. With the Germans, generally medium range and kiting means you can tank quite a bit, even in open water, and DPM down targets. Especially effective when you have a friend to act as a meat shield. With the British CLs, I feel like I can be aggressive (where I am comfortable), using my stealth, gun arcs, and smoke-hydro to really get into a cap or provide support for my friendly DDs. But with the Americans, it's different, and the New Orleans doesn't really totally prepare you for T8 and upwards in terms of armor and capabilities. Also, I'm a numpty casual and aggressive "I don't know my name but I must kill" kind of person, so there's that. Thank you all in advance!
  14. _8V92_Detroit_

    Roma/Littorio fails

    I got Littorio a few weeks ago, and initially loved it. First dozen games I was averaging 106k and 72% WR. Now with 38 games I'm suddenly down to 79k average and 46% WR...and I don't feel like I'm playing any different than I was at the start. The guns just fail to perform, and i can't seem to aim anymore either. I don't consider myself a great player, but I'd like to think I'm above the average 49% potato. But now I go from being able to manage 90-100k pretty easily to struggling to manage 40-50k a match. What am I doing wrong? I've got a stealth build, since the isn't much else to build her for. With a 12 point captain, I have PT, AR, superintendent, CE, and high alert. Doesn't help that all but 2 matches I've played in the past almost 2 weeks have been total blowout games... 20200906_213748_PISB708-AZUR-Littorio_46_Estuary.wowsreplay 20200906_212139_PISB708-AZUR-Littorio_15_NE_north.wowsreplay 20200906_205743_PISB708-AZUR-Littorio_14_Atlantic.wowsreplay
  15. Hey guys, I was wondering if I could rollback my account to a point about a month ago, but I don't see an option to do that in Player Support (the closest options available are to reset or delete my account, which I don't want). If this is possible, could anyone tell me where I should submit a support ticket with this request? Thank you in advance!
  16. kiriantris

    Almost 200k...

    Hi Everyone, looking for a little advice... I almost hit 200k (184k) for the first time. There were some things I did wrong which prevented me from reaching that milestone, but what that is I'm not sure. Half the reds yolo'd into my lap and I was high tier. I should have been able to squeeze more out of this... I watch a good amount of replay videos out there, but that tends to skew more on "watch this random person get an outrageously high damage value". So maybe I should just be content with my score. I would ask my clan for advice but, we are a serious potato fleet. So here is my question: In my GK, would it be better for me to hold my fire until I am almost handed an opportunity to deal massive damage, or should I be trying to shoot as soon as my guns are reloaded even if the shot looks unlikely to pen? Often, I end up holding fire for someone who never turns. Is it my map awareness? Did I take myself out of the action for too long? Did I choose targets poorly? Any advice is appreciated. Replay if interested. 20200729_214322_PGSB110-Grossdeutschland_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay
  17. I may need a new gear... Any suggestions to what Laptop and where to get it? Price range $1,500 to $1,800. Along with good cooling fans (I learned my lesson this time). Let me know... Its probably faster to buy a replacement then actually repair it This morning I woke up to a surprise... That vain you see there (its suppose to be smooth)? Yup is a good crack of the shell bottom, just under/close to the mouse pad... In a panic, as per the PIC, I just slapped on some duct tape as a temporary fix... What happened ? Dont know, that is what I am asking on you guys for any ideas as to what happened? It was fine a few days ago... I did not even noticed or hear it crack, I just happened to check under and there it was... Now, if you guys were in my situation... What would you do ?? Is there a way to fix this? Help and advice is welcome... @Snargfargle What would you do if this happened to you ?
  18. Since the 0.9.6 update this is happening, I have no idea why. [DownloadFailed] Download the configuration failed. Url: 'http://dl-wows-cdx.wargaming.net/projects/mods/ModStation/release/' [AggregateException] One or more errors occurred. [WebException: ReceiveFailure] The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive. [IOException] Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. [SocketException] An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host I tried reinstalling it, but still the same problem.
  19. When installing regen assistant the game will sit on the loading screen and never fully load. Latest patch, NA server, launched through steam.
  20. Shyuuga_Heero

    Damage meter stuck?

    Hi. I am using the damage meter to track my damage received/done from/to other ships. It says I can drag them to anywhere on my screen but it does not allow me to do so. Does anyone know a fix for this? I am able to move other parts of my screen like the win countdown timer. Thank you.
  21. I'm unable to open the mod tab to select mods to install. I'm able to select the client and settings tab. Anybody else having this issue?
  22. The bleeping Colorado, I am terrible with it and the grind is killing me. I want to the NC so much that I'll deal with it for another 100k XP or so, but UGH! I've read the reviews and watched the youtube 'how to's' but I just can't get a handle on how to be consistently successful with the Colorado. I mean, I get it - it's rather slow but has good armor and good guns and should be a good tanking ship, but I just can't git gud with it! I've tried being agressive, albeit selectively, not YOLOing - those days are behind me (or reserved for when I take the Biz out for a sail ). But I end up getting focused and burnt and sunk fairly quickly. I've tried hanging back and playing the sniping game, but I often end up getting left behind and/or chased down from behind by Gneisenaus and Sharnies. What can I do to make the grind to the NC less painful? Can anyone offer up some advice on how to approach battles with the Colorado? FYI - this is my second attempt at grinding the Coco - I gave up when I was an ultra-noob for the same reasons I'm struggling now, 700+ battles later! EDIT - my Colorado is fully upgraded.
  23. Hello, I was in my armory and it says "you already have this bundle" for the new soviet bundle. I dont have the bundle or any of the ships, could someone please explain this issue?
  24. Will a tank build be better than a secondary build? I have PM, AR, JoAT, SI. Should I go Fire prevention and Concealment expert OR Manual Fire Control and AFT. Will concealment expert even help in 7v7 ranked? if not should I just get AFT and fire prevention because I feel that with the HE spam FP will be a good idea. AFT without MFC useless? Any help appreciated!
  25. DaLazyReaper

    Unplayable game???

    So, apparently I was stuck loading in the screen for one entire battle, then the game crashed. Now I've been trying to reenter the game, but it's a black screen constantly. Now I most likely will face punishment for something that's out of my hands. Any help please?